How Jot builds a smoother experience for simpler coffee

Yuxin Zhu

Yuxin Zhu

Welcome to the first post in Replo's series of D2C Teardowns! Since Replo customers build for e-commerce, we wanted to start a series of articles showing how popular brands structure their sites.

Jot is a fast growing D2C coffee brand selling small bottles of coffee concentrate, which you can dilute with either water or milk. Unlike other D2C coffee companies that sell either whole beans or bottled coffee, Jot's "Ultra Coffee" is 20x more concentrated than traditional coffee.

By selling highly concentrated coffee, Jot's business is better for the environment and gives coffee drinkers more choice over how they make their americano, espresso, or cappuccino. It’s also cheaper to package and ship compared to other drinks.

For anyone who doesn’t have a coffee setup and just want a simple cup of coffee in the morning, Jot could be the perfect choice. In some ways, the product line shares similarities with Commeteer - however, the important difference is Jot’s streamlined product flow is made to make the purchase even simpler, and that’s what makes it so interesting.

D2C Education in action

Across the entire homepage, the team at Jot makes it clear how flexible their coffee concentrate is. Jot has visual queues throughout their store, and they show exactly how customers can use Jot to make their favorite caffeinated drinks.

The three different coffees you can make with Jot
The three different coffees you can make with Jot

Driving order value while keeping the decision simple

Jot doesn’t try to overwhelm users with 20 types of roasts, beans, or coffee notes. They know who their target customer is, “those who take their coffee easy”, and they want to make the experience of checking out as seamless as their coffee. There’s one big button in the header, and it’s one click to add a monthly subscription of all three flavors to the cart.

Screenshot of the Jot Quick Buy button

Removing user friction

Alas, there's just one tiny bit of friction: just how much is an actual tablespoon? How do I know if my coffee isn’t going to be too diluted or too concentrated? For that, Jot has a simple answer — a $3 tablespoon measure. Pretty genius - a low effort way to address a common customer concern. Usually you see content on the page to solve common customer issues, but Jot actually does it with a product!

Screenshot of the Jot tablespoon product

And it’s that easy. From here on out, it's one click of the Shop Pay button, and a few days before Jot lands into one of my morning brews. Overall Jot does an excellent job of simplifying the coffee buying process, and in a world as complex as coffee, sometimes a simpler buying process is better.

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