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How Birthdate personalizes a single product with 356 product pages

Marie Papazian

Marie Papazian

Birthdate Candle product image

Birthdate Co. is a candle and tarot book brand that focuses on providing personalized gifts based on horoscope readings. The company uses all-natural ingredients to create their signature candles, including all-natural soy, coconut, and apricot wax with natural fragrances and oils. The jar into which each candle is poured is 100% recyclable glass, and the candle wick is 100% cotton.

Birthdate Homepage showing two popular products, Birthdate Candles and Birthdate Book

From initial page load, the Birthdate landing page emphasizes its mission to “Give them gifts they’ll never forget,” by printing out the words large, in bold, and directly at the center of the page. Right under the title copy, there are two relevant links to the Birthdate Candle and the Birthdate Book - Birthdate knows exactly what most customers are looking for, and showcases their most popular products front and center.

Though Birthdate uses a regular Shopify Product Description Page for the Birthdate Book, the flow for the Candle is subtler - the homepage links to a regular Shopify page, where the user can learn more about the candle, but the "Shop Now" button opens and interface that allows the user to select their birthday. This then redirects to one of 365 products in the store: there's one for every day of the year, for example April 10th or June 9th. Birthdate is actually using Shopify products in an innovative way, by making each product itself intrinsically personalized.

Birthdate Candle date calendar

There are other ways to do this in Shopify (for example, using Product Variants), but Birthdate's use of one product per day makes sense: the customer will never want to view all of them on the same page, and certianly not in a traditional variant dropdown - they almost always have a date in mind from the start.

Most of the rest of the landing page is more standard - there are image portals that lead users to different pages of the website, for shopping for Candle Gift Sets, Book and Candle Bundes, Tarot Trio candles, and the Mercury Retrograde candle. The Birthdate website makes it clear which products are on sale, placing a 15% off and 20% off at the top left-corner of the bundles and sets portals - a clear incentive to drive the customer towards the bundles and sets, if the two featured products at the top hadn't yet caught their eye.

Birthdate product list

Upon scrolling down the landing page, Birthdate uses the classic technique of social proof, highlighting reviews written by satisfied customers. The ‘Five Star Reviews’ concept parallels the horoscope product theme, and is purposefully placed on the landing page to doubly exhibit Birthdate’s success as well as its star-driven brand.

Below the product review section, there is a section that highlights Birthdate’s Instagram page, and promises to give users, “daily updates from the stars.” These Instagram posts describe horoscopes, zodiac signs, and also Birthdate product sales, and furthers Birthdate's consistent star theme.

Birthdate reviews section

Through Birthdate's various personalization opportunities, users can shop for a gift that is truly catered to their loved ones. The website leverages Shopify primitives offer multiple opportunities for this personalization, such as the gift card and birthday and birth-sign options. All the work that the Birthdate team put into setting up the small parts of their online store results in a great, cohesive brand, and a unique flare to your next gift-giving mission.

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