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How Eat Your Coffee uses social proof to change the way we consume coffee

Marie Papazian

Marie Papazian

Eat your coffee in the wild

Eat Your Coffee is a naturally-caffeinated snack bar company that promises a cup of coffee in a single snack bar using ethically-sourced, gluten-free ingredients. Eat Your Coffee prides itself on only using direct-trade coffee beans and paying farmers fair wages for every sourced coffee bean while caffeinating its many customers. With Eat Your Coffee, customers can get their daily caffeine fix with a simple snack. Since its inception, Eat Your Coffee has been featured on Buzzfeed, CNBC,, and Eat This Not That!

A new form factor backed by social proof

Eat Your Coffee structures its site in a way that is inviting, user-friendly, and informational. Right on the landing page, Eat Your Coffee zooms in on its product, describing its bars as, “Snacks caffeinated with real coffee,” and giving customers a look at their yummy flavors. Their messaging is clear and consistent across the page, highlighting the energizing benefits of their snack products and explaining the contexts in which customers may want to try it out.

As you scroll down the landing page, there’s a Bestsellers section that highlights the brand’s highest selling snack bar flavors, including Peanut Butter Mocha and Fudgy Matcha Latte Snack Bars, with a “Shop Now” icon to encourage customers to take a closer look.

Eat your coffee bars

Eat Your Coffee makes sure to explain its appeal directly on its website, answering the question, ‘Why eat your coffee?’ with a few highlights, such as fueling a workout, beating an afternoon slump, and boosting productivity. Eat Your Coffee has a good sense of its target audience, and includes pictures of customers, mostly young people in athletic clothes, enjoying their snack bars across their landing page.

Eat your coffee social proof

The same overview graphic can be found on multiple pages of the Eat Your Coffee website, including under Overview tabs at the bottom of each individual snack product page. This Overview tab reiterates the same five reasons to try an Eat Your Coffee snack bar. This drives home the product’s intended impact, and helps you further understand the product’s benefits.

Eat your coffee ingredients

A healthy snack you can eat on the go

Eat Your Coffee understands that its customers probably care just as much about the health of its products as the taste. At the bottom of product pages, there are three total tabs: Overview, Our Ingredients, and Nutritional Info. The Our Ingredients tab outlines the four simple and healthy ingredients that are found in an Eat Your Coffee snack bar. The Nutrition Info tab, offering easy access to a bar’s nutrition facts, helps health-conscious users understand exactly what they’re ordering.

The shopping experience is very straightforward. Just go to the shop tab, and you’ll be met with two options: Snack Bars and Snack Bites. The Snack Bars are all sold in different bulks containing varied numbers of snack bars. Each individual flavor is sold in packages of 6, 18, or 36 bars, and the Mixed Bars pack is sold with either 18 or 36 bars. The EYC Gear page includes fun stickers and a tote bag to flaunt Eat Your Coffee pride.

Once you select your snack bar pack and type in the order quantity, just add the item to your cart and check out Eat Your Coffee even has a Try 3 Free feature, where customers can purchase 3 different snack bar flavors with only $3 shipping cost. Once customers sign up to become a ‘Friend,’ they’ll get ‘Beanefits,’ such as Free Shipping, 15% off every following order, and surprise gifts and swag.

Eat Your Coffee offers a simple, fun, and welcoming process for purchasing an energizing snack. The site importantly offers accessible nutritional and ingredient information for its health-conscious users. Overall, the Eat Your Coffee website does a great job of portraying a welcoming and thoughtful tone, encouraging anyone in the mood for an energizing pick-me-up to start eating their coffee.

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