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Recharge & Shopify

Manage your subscription business within Recharge’s powerful merchant portal all while enabling your customers to fully manage their subscriptions directly from your store.

Add to Your Shopify

How Recharge works on Shopify

The Recharge and Shopify integration allows you to add Recharge data and actions anywhere on your Shopify storefront. This avoids lengthy developer integrations often required to integrate e-commerce software together.

This integration is perfect for an fast-growing e-commerce brand, agency, or founder looking to build fast, beautiful, and high-converting Shopify stores.

Beyond integrating Recharge on Shopify, you can add 100s of other integrations directly into your storefront using a platform Replo. Replo enables you to build highly customized Shopify content entirely without code.

What You Can Do with Recharge & Replo


Add bundles with subscription offers to cart


Create landing pages with subscription options


Reduce churn & increase LTV via Shopify landing pages


Upsell existing customers with exclusive subscription offers

How to Integrate Recharge on Shopify