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BenchMade Modern

BenchMade Modern

BenchMade Modern: Home Decor Perfection in Dallas!











BenchMade Modern: Home Decor Perfection in Dallas!

BenchMade Modern is a furniture company located in Dallas, Texas that specializes in custom-made sofas, sectionals and other pieces of modern designer furniture...

BenchMade Modern is a home decor and furniture company that is focused on providing high-quality, custom-made pieces to customers...

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BenchMade Modern is a furniture company located in Dallas, Texas that specializes in custom-made sofas, sectionals and other pieces of modern designer furniture. With an impressive selection of performance fabric, velvet, and leather upholstery materials and endless color options, the team at BenchMade Modern works hard to bring their clients’ visions to life.

Quality Craftsmanship from Design to Delivery

Each piece of furniture from BenchMade Modern is meticulously crafted by highly-skilled artisans who take tremendous pride in their work. From the initial design process through delivery and setup of the finished product, each stage is handled with the utmost attention to detail. And since all of their products are handcrafted in the USA, you can be sure that you’re getting a truly unique piece of furniture that will last for years to come.

Elevate Your Home Decor

Whether you’re looking for a new sofa or sectional for your living room or want to add some stylish accent pieces to your bedroom or dining area, BenchMade Modern has something to suit every style and budget. They also offer an array of bedding and bath linens designed to elevate your home decor while providing superior comfort.

Shop With Confidence

At BenchMade Modern they take customer satisfaction seriously and stand behind each product they create with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re not pleased with your purchase for any reason they will happily provide a full refund or assist you with any necessary repairs. With commitment like this it’s no wonder why so many people turn to BenchMade Modern when it comes time to upgrade their home furnishings.

Upgrade Your Space: Welcome to BenchMade Modern

BenchMade Modern

Dynamic Product Options Increases BenchMade Modern's E-commerce Revenue

BenchMade Modern has found success in the furniture space by using a powerful technology called Dynamic Product Options. This all-in-one solution is an ideal way to manage customizable product options and create configurable and bundle products of any complexity. With its support for dependent custom options, templates, color and image swatches, quantity and tier prices for options, onetime fees, tooltips, absolute values – this technology helps BenchMade Modern make sure that their customers are getting exactly what they need at the right price. As such it’s no surprise that this innovative approach has significantly increased e-commerce revenue for BenchMade Modern.

BenchMade Modern Maximizes E-Commerce Revenue with Affirm PayOverTime Messaging

BenchMade Modern, an e-commerce brand, has implemented a technology called Affirm pay‑over‑time messaging to increase their revenue in the bedding and bath space. Founded by Max Levchin, co-founder of PayPal, this payment solution allows shoppers to make purchases over time without any gimmicks like deferred interest or late fees. By providing honest financial products that improve lives, BenchMade Modern is able to maximize their digital sales and offer customers more flexible payment options. With Affirm’s transparent approach to payments, it's no wonder why so many people are buying from BenchMade Modern!

Instagram Shopping: How BenchMade Modern Boosts Revenues

BenchMade Modern knows that shoppable Instagram and User Generated Content (UGC) can be game changers when it comes to increasing e-commerce revenue. With Foursixty, the brand is able to turn their Instagram, UGC, and ambassador content into shoppable galleries for its online store, email campaigns, and Shop App. This allows customers to have an engaging social shopping experience that inspires purchase intent and boosts sales in the furniture space. By leveraging this technology, BenchMade Modern not only puts a spotlight on their beautiful products but also gives shoppers a convenient way to enjoy the convenience of buying directly from Instagram.

Bedding Bath: Increased Sales with BenchMade Modern's Clever Store Design

BenchMade Modern, an e-commerce leader in the bedding and bath space, has recently implemented a new technology to their store design that is taking the shopping experience to another level. Through Octane AI Quiz & Surveys, customers can answer personalized questions and are then shown products specifically tailored to their needs. This cutting edge approach not only offers shoppers convenience but also increases sales for BenchMade Modern! With this innovative solution, customers receive recommendations based on their preferences so they always find exactly what they're looking for - making it easier than ever for them to make purchases from BenchMade Modern.

Boost Your Bedding Bath Sales with BenchMade Modern

BenchMade Modern is an e-commerce brand, dedicated to providing customers with high quality bedding and bath products. To increase their online revenue in the space, they have turned to Mobile App Builder ‑ Shopney – a technology that creates world-class mobile apps better than any traditional website. With this app, shoppers are able to enjoy push notifications which provide unlimited automated marketing campaigns for free – thus increasing conversion rates drastically. By using this innovative solution, BenchMade Modern is now able to boost its sales of bedding and bath products like never before.

BenchMade Modern Boosts Home Revenue with TripleWhale Technology

BenchMade Modern, the highly-regarded e-commerce brand in the home space, is using cutting-edge technology to increase its revenue. TripleWhale’s comprehensive platform enables BenchMade Modern to track finances and optimize their return on investment (ROI). TripleWhale provides real-time insights into sales figures, store ROAS (Ad spend/Sales), Facebook ROAS, new subscribers, and more that allow BenchMade Modern to make data-driven decisions quickly and accurately. With this powerful technology at their fingertips, they are able to maximize profits while staying ahead of their competition. The results have been remarkable: BenchMade Modern has seen a significant rise in both overall revenue and customer satisfaction since implementing TripleWhale. This innovative solution also helps them keep an eye out for emerging trends so they can remain competitive in the ever-changing world of online retail. It's clear that BenchMade Modern is leveraging modern technologies like TripleWhale to stay at the forefront of today's digital landscape – resulting in increased success for their business and customers alike!

BenchMade Modern Uses Technology to Boost Home E-Commerce Revenue

BenchMade Modern is an e-commerce brand that specializes in home furnishings. To increase their revenue, the company has implemented Zendesk's store management app for Support and Chat. This technology allows BenchMade Modern agents to access all necessary information quickly when responding to customer inquiries. Agents no longer have to waste time switching between systems, leaving them more time to focus on building relationships with customers and resolving issues faster. With this innovative solution powering their business operations, BenchMade Modern can successfully expand their reach in the home space while still providing excellent service.

Increase E-Commerce Revenue with Shop Protector: BenchMade Modern's Proven Solution

Benchmade Modern is utilizing a powerful technology called Shop Protector to increase their e-commerce revenue in the home space. This store management tool, specifically designed for Shopify stores by a team of web security experts, eliminates fraud and spam threats that can hinder online business growth. With its silent background monitoring capabilities, Shop Protector ensures all transactions are secure while also providing detailed analytics so businesses can measure performance objectives more accurately. By leveraging this cutting edge solution, BenchMade Modern has successfully seen an uptick in their e-commerce success rate as well as greater customer satisfaction ratings.