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Character Empowers Chicago Homes.
Home Improvement
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Character is the next-gen home improvement destination based in Chicago. Offering a wide selection of tools, supplies, and how-to guides, Character makes home improvement projects easy and enjoyable for everyone...

Increasing Revenue and Optimizing Conversion with Character

Character is a home, home improvement, and home supplies company that is focused on providing customers with quality products at competitive prices...


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Character is the next-gen home improvement destination based in Chicago. Offering a wide selection of tools, supplies, and how-to guides, Character makes home improvement projects easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Finding the Right Supplies

Character offers an extensive range of home improvement materials to suit any project. Whether it’s a small fix or major renovation, Character’s selection of supplies will help make the job much easier. With unbeatable prices and free shipping on orders over $50, Character has everything you need for your home improvement project.

Quality Tools for Every Job

For those ready to tackle their own projects, Character provides a wide selection of quality tools. From drills and saws to screwdrivers and hammers, Character has all the essentials for any job. Plus, their knowledgeable staff can answer questions about specific tools or provide advice on which tool is best suited for a particular task.

How-To Guides

For those who need extra guidance with their home improvement projects, Character offers helpful how-to guides that cover everything from hanging pictures to replacing a window pane. With detailed instructions and step-by-step photos included in each guide, customers can easily tackle even the most complicated tasks with confidence. For more difficult jobs, customers can also get tips from experienced professionals in the community who are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide advice.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

At Character customer satisfaction is always top priority. With knowledgeable staff members always available via chat or email to answer questions or assist with orders, customers can feel confident that they are receiving quality service each time they shop at Character. And with easy returns and fast shipping times customers can rest assured that their projects will be done quickly and safely without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality materials or tools in the process.
Whether you need supplies or tools for your next project or just want some expert advice on tackling a job yourself, look no further than Character – the ultimate destination for all your home improvement needs!


Character Stores Up Profits with Zendesk Support and Chat

With the help of technology from Zendesk, Character has been able to revolutionize their e-commerce store management in the home space. By providing agents with access to all the information they need when replying to customer inquiries without having to leave the conversation, Character is now able to focus on building relationships and resolving inquiries faster than ever before. This efficient system for handling customer support means that Character can enjoy increased profits and improved customer satisfaction. With Zendesk's cutting edge tech, Character is well positioned to continue their success in the home e-commerce market.

Character Boosts E-Commerce Revenue with Top Tech Solutions

Character, an e-commerce brand in the home improvement space, is utilizing tech solutions to maximize their online success. Through's Gift Card and Store Credit platform, Character can easily manage gift card sales, store credit management, rewards programs, referrals and refunds for customers - all of which lead to increased customer retention rates and longer customer lifetimes. With these advanced tools at its disposal, Character is able to make sure that shoppers are rewarded with store credits or discounts when they spend money on the website – thus boosting revenue.

Character's Home Improvement Revenue Soars with Junip Product Reviews UGC

At Character, the e-commerce brand, they understand that customer reviews are critical to increasing revenue and success in the home improvement space. To help them achieve their goals of growth, Character has adopted a technology called Junip ‑ Product Reviews & UGC to assist in store design category. This cutting-edge platform allows Character to gather, manage and display reviews from customers quickly and easily. It is speed tested and designed to automatically match the branding and CSS of Character’s website out of the box. Junip also offers mobile first review forms which make it easier for customers on any device to leave feedback about products or services. With this powerful tool at their disposal, Character can continue to drive sales as well as build trust with customers by highlighting honest opinions about their products.

Character E-Commerce Skyrockets with Recharge Subscriptions

Character, the e-commerce brand that specializes in home supplies, has taken its revenue to new heights by leveraging a technology called Recharge Subscriptions. This scalable solution helps brands turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers and provides customizable capabilities for creating the perfect subscription experience. By integrating this powerful tool directly into their store, Character is able to increase sales and continue providing outstanding products and services to their customers. With Recharge Subscriptions, Character is better equipped than ever before to make sure their valued customers have everything they need!