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Floyd: Furniture for Keeping in Detroit

Sustainable Designs for Urban Living

Floyd is a Detroit-based furniture company that designs products that last and fit in any space...

Floyd Embracing Technology to Increase Revenue, Optimize Conversion, and Acquire Customers

Floyd, a home and furniture company ( is using technology to drive customer acquisition, increase revenue, and optimize conversion rates...


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Sustainable Designs for Urban Living

Floyd is a Detroit-based furniture company that designs products that last and fit in any space. Founded by Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell, Floyd creates furniture made from waste materials that are simple to assemble, easy to move, and shipped straight to your door. With their modern designs, Floyd provides a timeless solution to urban living.

Home Furnishings with a Purpose

At Floyd, sustainability is at the core of every product they craft. Their mission is to reduce waste by upcycling furniture materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Each piece is designed with quality in mind; all products are made to last through years of use. From tables to beds, Floyd has something for every home.

Built for Your Lifestyle

From the start, the founders of Floyd envisioned furniture that was easy to assemble and move around. As such, each product is designed with convenience in mind – no tools or special equipment required! By creating pieces that fit into any space, Floyd makes it easy for customers to switch up their decor without having to buy new pieces every time they move.

Creating Lasting Connections

It’s not just about the product; Floyd also focuses on creating lasting relationships with their customers through exceptional service and support. The entire team strives to provide an outstanding experience from start to finish – from browsing online catalogs to receiving personalized assistance when needed. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, it’s no surprise why so many people have come back time and time again! Floyd's thoughtful designs offer innovative solutions for modern lifestyles while keeping sustainability top of mind. Through upcycling materials and creating long-lasting furniture pieces, they continue to revolutionize the way we think about home furnishings - transforming urban living one piece at a time!


Floyd Home Furniture Revenues Soar with Innovative Product Protection

Floyd has taken their e-commerce merchandising to the next level by leveraging Mulberry's innovative product protection plans. Customers can now rest assured that their furniture will remain in great condition for years to come, as these extended warranties offer an extra layer of security beyond the manufacturer warranty period. By offering this type of product protection, Floyd is able to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales revenue through increased consumer confidence in their products. As a result, Floyd continues to be one of the top players in the furniture space when it comes to e-commerce success, setting new standards for customer service and satisfaction.

Boost E-Commerce Revenue: How Floyd Uses AppHub's Address Validator

Floyd, an e-commerce brand specializing in furniture, has adopted the latest technology to increase their revenue. Using Address Validator by AppHub, they have been able to reduce failed deliveries and customer dissatisfaction with shipping services. This service validates addresses given by customers before orders are shipped out, ensuring that packages arrive safely at the right destination. As a result of using this tool, Floyd saves on redelivery fees and decreases the number of support tickets related to address issues. With Address Validator helping them improve customer satisfaction and stay ahead of competitors, Floyd is positioned for more success in the e-commerce space.

Floyd Takes E-commerce to the Next Level with Affirm PayOverTime Messaging

Floyd, an e-commerce brand in the furniture space, is taking their customers' shopping experience up a notch. They recently incorporated innovative technology called Affirm pay‑over‑time messaging into their platform, which allows more people to buy products easily and conveniently over time. Founded by Max Levchin of PayPal fame, this new system offers transparency and honesty when it comes to payments - no deferred interest, compounding interest or late fees! This revolutionary payment method has been helping Floyd increase its revenue stream from online sales while expanding its customer base. With the help of Affirm's pay-over-time messaging, Floyd is revolutionizing e-commerce for the better.

Floyd Boosts E-Commerce Revenue with Advanced Tech Solution

As an e-commerce brand, Floyd knows that driving customer loyalty and increasing revenue are key to success. That's why they've decided to implement advanced technology like Gift cards & Loyalty Program from This innovative platform provides customers w/ store credits, rewards, referrals, refunds, and loyalty programs that help increase retention rate and lifetime value of shoppers. By utilizing this sophisticated solution in the furniture space, Floyd is able to drive more sales and boost their overall e-commerce revenue.

Floyd Increases E-Commerce Revenue with Conversion Tracking Technology

Floyd, a leading e-commerce brand in the home space, is using Elevar Conversion Tracking technology to drive more revenue and improve their customer experience. This sophisticated tracking system uses server-side data layers to monitor customers' shopping behavior and turn it into trackable events that can be attributed accurately. Additionally, Floyd has integrated real-time event monitoring and 40+ digital marketing platforms such as Facebook Conversion API, Google Ads, GA4, TikTok, Klaviyo and Pinterest for optimal performance. With this advanced level of conversion tracking technology at their fingertips, Floyd's e-commerce success continues to grow!

Floyd Harnesses Kustomer to Increase E-Commerce Revenue

As one of the leading e-commerce brands in furniture, Floyd is leveraging Kustomer's digital customer support platform to maximize their revenue. With sophisticated AI and data powering the engine behind its knowledge base, agent tools and administrative controls, Floyd has been able to streamline their operations while scaling personalized customer service with ease. This enables customers to have an enjoyable shopping experience that keeps them coming back for more! The powerful Agent Dashboards unify all your communication channels into one unified view which makes it easier for agents to manage conversations quickly & efficiently. Additionally, this helps Floyd save time and money by allowing them to pass off repetitive tasks like order tracking or refunds on products automatically. With Kustomer, Floyd can stay ahead of competition as they increase their e-commerce success.

Floyd Leverages Technology to Boost Furniture Revenue

At Floyd, technology is used in every way possible to ensure their customers have the best experience. One such technology they use is Narvar Returns and Exchanges, a store management tool specifically designed for Shopify merchants looking to save sales, reduce costs and convert refunds into retained revenue. With this tool, Floyd offers highly customizable experiences with convenient return options that maximize customer lifetime value and take advantage of reverse logistics. This ensures an enjoyable shopping journey for all customers who purchase furniture from them which helps drive up e-commerce revenues.

Floyd's Revenue Soars with E-Commerce Customer Service Solution

As an e-commerce brand, Floyd has found a powerful tool to increase their revenue in the furniture space – Return Magic. This top-rated return solution takes the pain out of returns for both merchants and shoppers by providing tailored branded return portals that can be customized with colors, text, CSS, and more. Not only does this allow customers ultimate convenience when it comes to refunds on original payment methods or gift cards, but also increases gift card refunds which helps improve cash flow. With this technology at their fingertips, Floyd is seeing soaring success from its customer service solutions.