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Human Essentials

Human Essentials

Zero-Waste Deodorant: West Vancouver's Human Essentials!
Personal Care
Bath And Body

Human Essentials is a West Vancouver-based company that offers a zero-waste deodorant featuring biodegradable packaging and natural ingredients...

Human Essentials: Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion and Acquiring Customers

Human Essentials is a leading provider of personal care, bath and body products...


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Human Essentials is a West Vancouver-based company that offers a zero-waste deodorant featuring biodegradable packaging and natural ingredients. Their innovative personal care and bath and body products are made with sustainability in mind, so users can feel fresh without feeling guilty about their environmental impact.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Human Essentials seeks to provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional deodorants that contain harsh chemicals and unsustainable plastic packaging. The company's zero-waste deodorant uses natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter to keep your skin soft and smelling great. Plus, the product is packaged in biodegradable material, so it won't end up in landfills or oceans.

Quality You Can Count On

At Human Essentials, quality comes first. Their deodorant is formulated using only the highest quality ingredients and tested for safety and effectiveness before being released on the market. Plus, they offer a money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with the product.

Supporting a Good Cause

Human Essentials also strives to make a positive impact on society by supporting various charities around the world through their Giving Back program. For every purchase of their zero-waste deodorant, they donate 10% of the profits to organizations dedicated to improving access to healthcare, education, clean water, sanitation, and other basic needs for people in need. From providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional deodorants to giving back to those in need, Human Essentials makes sure its customers have access to quality personal care products that help make the world a better place. With their zero waste deodorant featuring biodegradable packaging and natural ingredients, you can feel fresh without feeling guilty about your environmental impact!

Human Essentials

Boost Bath Body Revenue with Human Essentials and Stamped Reviews

Human Essentials is revolutionizing the bath and body space by incorporating a cutting-edge technology called Stamped Product Reviews & UGC into its e-commerce store design. This innovative tool helps increase revenue for the brand by providing high-converting product reviews, NPS, photo & video reviews, Instagram Shoppable Gallery, Community Q&A, Checkout Reviews, and more. All of these features are fully customizable to match the look and feel of Human Essentials's store design. Additionally, customers can enjoy moderated comments on their reviews that help build trust in the brand. By harnessing this powerful technology from Stamped Reviews, Human Essential has been able to greatly boost both customer satisfaction ratings as well as overall sales figures in the bath and body space.

Human Essentials Maximizes E-Commerce Revenue with Subscription Solution

Human Essentials has revolutionized their bath and body product sales by utilizing the subscription management solution, Recharge. This technology not only allows Human Essentials to increase e-commerce revenue in this space, but it also enables customers to manage their subscriptions directly from the store. The scalability of this platform helps brands grow a successful subscription business that can be completely customized without compromising on customer experience or satisfaction. Through its seamless integration, Human Essential's clients have found great success using Recharge Subscriptions and have been able to maximize their profits through repeat orders and recurring payments.