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Live Comfortably in Lunya's Luxe Sleepwear!
Women’s Clothing

Lunya is a disruptor in the women’s clothing industry, inspiring their customers to feel powerful and confident in their everyday lives. Based in Santa Monica, California, Lunya designs comfortable and functional sleepwear for women that looks as good as it feels...

Lunya’s Strategy to Increase Revenue, Optimize Conversion, and Acquire Customers in Clothing, Women’s Clothing, and Leisurewear

Lunya is a clothing company that specializes in women's leisurewear. They are dedicated to creating comfortable and stylish clothing for women of all shapes and sizes...


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Lunya is a disruptor in the women’s clothing industry, inspiring their customers to feel powerful and confident in their everyday lives. Based in Santa Monica, California, Lunya designs comfortable and functional sleepwear for women that looks as good as it feels.

Redefining Sleepwear & Intimates

Dedicated to creating clothing that is as beautiful and effortless as it is comfortable, Lunya has become well known for its high-quality materials and stylish designs. With an emphasis on comfort and function, the brand ensures that each piece not only looks great but also feels great - perfect for relaxing after a long day or catching some restful sleep.

Taking Leisurewear to the Next Level

Lunya’s innovative approach to leisurewear transcends typical loungewear looks with statement pieces like robes, jumpsuits, pajamas and more. Crafted from lightweight fabrics that are soft to the touch yet still durable enough for everyday wear, each collection is designed to provide maximum comfort while making a style statement. With sizes ranging from XS-XL, there’s something for every woman looking to add a little extra flair to her wardrobe.

Shop with Confidence

Lunya strives to make sure that all of their customers have the best experience possible when shopping online or in store. Their team is always available via phone or email if you need help finding the perfect fit or just want some advice on which pieces will look best together. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $75 so you can get your new wardrobe staples delivered straight to your door!

Feel the Difference

When you shop with Lunya, you can trust that you’re investing in high-quality sleepwear made from premium materials that won’t stretch out or fade over time. Experience the difference for yourself by browsing their selection of stylish pajama sets and cozy loungewear today!


Lunya Boosts Revenue with YOTTAA Insights

As a leading e-commerce brand in the clothing space, Lunya strives to maximize revenue and engage shoppers. To do so, they have implemented technology from YOTTAA Insights. This innovative tech helps analyze their site performance compared to competitors, identify 3rd party technologies that could be slowing down their page speed, and measure how this impacts conversion rates and bounce rate. By leveraging these insights, Lunya can ensure customers are getting the best shopping experience possible while increasing overall revenue.

Lunya Leverages the Power of Technology for Increased Revenue

Leveraging the power of Disco's machine learning and data from transactions across their network, Lunya is able to reach a higher number of potential customers in the clothing space. By partnering with other consumer brands on Disco, Lunya can lower cost-per-acquisition (CPAs) as well as gain access to valuable shopper insights that will help them drive collective growth. Through this technology, Lunya is able to increase its e-commerce revenue by targeting high-intent shoppers who are more likely to make purchases. With this advanced marketing and conversion tool, Lunya continues to grow while staying ahead of industry trends.

Lunya Enhances Customer Experience with Gift Card Loyalty Program

As an e-commerce brand, Lunya has made a conscious effort to innovate the way customers shop for their leisurewear. To improve customer retention and loyalty, Lunya has implemented’s advanced solutions for gift card sales, store credit management, rewards programs, referrals, refunds, and loyalty programs. Now shoppers can enjoy personalized experiences catered to them as well as receive rewards in exchange for their loyal patronage of Lunya's products. This technology allows Lunya to optimize its revenue potential while also providing customers with a unique shopping experience tailored to their needs. With this new system in place, Lunya is able to ensure that every customer feels appreciated and encouraged to return time and again without having to worry about points or other types of discounts.

Revolutionizing E-Commerce: Lunya Maximizing Revenue with Klarna OnSite Messaging

Lunya, an e-commerce clothing brand, is revolutionizing the way it markets and converts customers. Utilizing a technology called Klarna On‑Site Messaging, this innovative approach allows them to customize messages featuring their partnership with Klarna - ranging from banners promoting payment options to personalized promotions on product and cart pages. By highlighting buy now pay later (BNPL) options while shoppers are still shopping, Lunya can increase conversions at checkout. This cutting edge strategy helps ensure Lunya remains ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving e-commerce space.

Lunya Boosts E-Commerce Revenues with Returnly by Affirm

Lunya, an e-commerce brand specializing in women’s clothing, has taken their store management to the next level with Returnly by Affirm. By utilizing this technology, Lunya has been able to reduce costs associated with returns and exchanges for customers while also increasing customer retention rates. Shop Pay Installments is even helping to save Lunya $50 a month! With Returnly by Affirm on their side, Lunya is well positioned to continue seeing gains in revenue from their e-commerce operations.

Lunya Uses Innovative Technology to Boost Leisurewear Revenue

Lunya, an e-commerce brand that specializes in leisurewear and loungewear for women, is leveraging innovative technology from POWr to increase their revenue. This technology allows Lunya to easily customize their website and create stunning designs with no coding required. With the help of POWr's powerful features, Lunya has been able to optimize their e-commerce experience by making it easier for customers to find what they're looking for quickly, as well as providing more options through interactive product galleries, customized checkout pages, and integrated third-party plugins. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, Lunya continues to stay ahead of the competition while ensuring a seamless online shopping experience for all its customers.

Lunya Leverages Wishlist King to Increase Leisurewear Revenue

Lunya, the e-commerce brand leading in leisurewear, has adopted a powerful store management technology called Wishlist King. This invaluable tool allows customers to keep track of their favorite products and makes it easy for them to purchase when they're ready. Lunya also benefits from valuable insights into what's popular among shoppers and can craft wishlist related emails that gently push buyers over the line. With an easy hands-off setup process, Wishlist King is quickly becoming essential for any online merchant looking to maximize revenue.

Lunya Leverages Yotpo to Boost Store Design Revenue

Lunya, the e-commerce brand for women's clothing, is taking its store design category to new heights with the help of a cutting edge technology called Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews. This nifty app gives brands access to data-driven tools that collect high quality reviews and display them directly on their website. Doing so allows Lunya customers to make more informed purchase decisions based on real customer feedback — increasing their confidence in the product and boosting revenue. With the advanced features from Yotpo, Lunya can create an engaging shopping experience for each customer while also driving sales all at once!