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Olive and June

Olive and June

Los Angeles Women Get Mani Magic with Olive & June!
Nail Care

Olive and June is a Los Angeles-based beauty company that specializes in providing women with nail care products and services. With affordable prices, this company has made it possible for anyone to get pampered and have the perfect mani-pedi experience...

Olive and June Increasing Revenue, Conversion, and Acquisition in the Nail Care & Beauty Vertical

--> Olive and June is an online retailer that specializes in nail care and beauty products...


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Los Angeles

Replo's Olive and June Deep Dive

Olive and June Online Store

Olive and June is a Los Angeles-based beauty company that specializes in providing women with nail care products and services. With affordable prices, this company has made it possible for anyone to get pampered and have the perfect mani-pedi experience. The company has created a wide range of products designed to make maintaining, styling, and decorating nails easier than ever before.

All You Need for Perfect Nails

Olive and June offers an array of essentials for a perfect manicure or pedicure experience. From nail files to gel polish remover kits, the company provides everything needed for at-home nail care. The most recent product launch is the Olive & June At Home Manicure Box - an all-inclusive kit containing all the tools you need to create salon-quality nails right in your own home. The box includes polishes, stickers, stencils, tools, and more so you can achieve that perfect manicure without ever having to leave your house.

Services To Fit Any Budget

In addition to products, Olive and June also provide professional nail services at their salons throughout Los Angeles. Whether it’s a simple trim or an intricate design, their experienced technicians will make sure you walk away with beautiful nails that are sure to make heads turn. Best of all? Their services are incredibly affordable so everyone can enjoy the luxury of having a professional manicure or pedicure done without breaking the bank.

Making Mani Magic Happen

At Olive & June, they believe that everyone deserves to feel like their best selves - no matter who they are or where they come from. That’s why they strive to provide high quality products and services at prices that fit into any budget. So if you’re looking for a way to get pampered without spending too much money, then look no further than Olive & June! ##oliveyourmani

Olive and June

Olive and June Increases Revenue with Smarter Compliance

Olive and June, the leading e-commerce brand in the beauty space, is finding success by embracing smarter compliance solutions. GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management technology allows Olive and June to stay compliant with data protection laws across multiple countries, such as those located in the EU/EEA, Brazil, California (US), Canada or Japan. This comprehensive solution helps protect customer privacy while allowing Olive and June to increase their store management performance - all contributing to greater revenue growth for the company. With this powerful combination of security and convenience, Olive and June customers can enjoy an even better shopping experience knowing that their personal information is safe.

Boosting Nail Care Revenue with Klarna On-Site Messaging

Olive and June is revolutionizing the nail care e-commerce space by incorporating Klarna On‑Site Messaging into their store design. This technology provides Olive and June customers with customized messaging that includes banners promoting payment options, personalized promotions on product pages, and highlighting buy now pay later (BNPL) opportunities during shopping. With this innovative feature, Olive and June has seen considerable growth in its revenue from customer conversions at checkout. By utilizing Klarna On‑Site Messaging, Olive and June continues to be a leader in providing exceptional customer experiences for all of their shoppers.

Boosting Beauty Brand Revenue with AfterShip Order Tracking SMS

Olive and June, a leading e-commerce brand in the beauty space, has implemented technology from Aftership Order Tracking & SMS to help increase their revenue. With this store management platform, Olive and June is able to create an exceptional post-purchase experience for customers by providing branded tracking pages and shipment notifications. The integration of over 1,000 global carriers allows them to monitor shipments and identify exceptions while also reducing buyer anxiety through AI-powered features. This advanced order tracking software helps Olive and June continue to provide excellent service, delivering products on time and ensuring customer satisfaction. As such, it's clear why they've chosen Aftership Order Tracking & SMS as an essential part of their business operations - bringing success one step closer!

Olive and June Puts Kustomer in the Driver Seat for E-Commerce Revenue

At Olive and June, they understand that customer support is key to any successful e-commerce operation. That's why they've partnered with Kustomer, a digital customer support platform utilizing data and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized support at scale. With this technology, Olive and June can increase their e-commerce revenue by ensuring customers receive the best service possible. From automated responses to powerful agent dashboards unifying all of your conversations into one view, Kustomer helps drive success across multiple platforms. By leveraging the power of Kustomer, Olive and June is setting itself up for long term growth within the nail care space.

Increase E-Commerce Revenue with FormPopper Technology

Olive and June, the premier e-commerce store for nail care products, is using advanced technology to increase their revenue. The brand has implemented FormPopper into their store design category, a companion app created by Promeate that allows customers to fill out feedback surveys and questionnaires without leaving the website. This enables Olive and June to get an accurate understanding of what their customers need or want in order to create better product offerings. Through this innovative technology, Olive and June continues to offer exceptional customer service while increasing their sales opportunities.

Olive and June Nail Care Revolutionizes E-Commerce Shopping Experience

Olive and June, the go-to source for all things nail care, has revolutionized its e-commerce shopping experience with Bold Product Options. This innovative technology allows customers to customize their orders and build exactly what they are looking for. With upsell and cross-sell options available, Olive and June is able to increase average order value while also providing a seamless frictionless ordering process. Customers can easily access advanced conditional logic which helps them get the perfect product that meets their individual needs - no matter how specific! All of these features add up to an elevated online shopping experience unlike any other in the industry. Get your nails done right at Olive and June today!

Increase E-Commerce Revenue with Upsells

Olive and June, an e-commerce brand in the beauty space, has implemented Bold Upsell ‑ True upsells! to optimize their sales process. This technology helps them increase revenue by setting up cross-sells and upsells within minutes. They can also use it to encourage customers to spend more money so they reach free shipping minimums or even offer multiple upsells using upsell funnels. Furthermore, this powerful tool ensures that the offers are tailored to each individual customer so they don't feel overwhelmed. As a result, Olive and June is able to enjoy increased online sales and maximize their profits.