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Toronto's Paume: Eco-Friendly Skin Care Solutions
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Get Clean & Glowing With PAUME!

Paume is a Toronto-based company committed to providing consumers with clean, safe, and sustainable hand care products. Founded in 2020, the mission of Paume is to create personal care products that are better for both your skin and the planet...

PAUME is an online shopping destination for health, wellness, and beauty products. With a focus on natural ingredients, PAUME makes it easy to find and purchase clean and green products from trusted brands...


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Get Clean & Glowing With PAUME!

Paume is a Toronto-based company committed to providing consumers with clean, safe, and sustainable hand care products. Founded in 2020, the mission of Paume is to create personal care products that are better for both your skin and the planet. All of their hand sanitizers and moisturizers are made with plant-based ingredients and come in eco-friendly packaging.

Keeping You Healthy & Sustainable

Paume products are designed to help keep you healthy while also being mindful of the environment. Their range of hand sanitizers contain naturally derived alcohols that kill germs without drying out your skin. They also use organic oils and botanical extracts to add extra nourishment, leaving hands feeling soft and hydrated. In addition to offering high-quality products, Paume focuses on sustainability by using minimal plastic packaging wherever possible. The majority of their bottles are made from post-consumer recycled plastic or paperboard, which can be easily recycled after use. This helps reduce waste in landfills as well as our carbon footprint.

Elevating Your Skin Care Routine

At Paume, they believe that taking care of your skin should be an enjoyable experience, not a chore! Their collection of hand lotions and creams have been specially formulated with natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and shea butter to intensely hydrate your skin while providing long-lasting protection against dryness and irritation. The luxurious texture of their hand creams melts into the skin quickly without leaving any greasy residue behind so you can get back to your daily activities without worrying about sticky hands or smudged fingerprints on your devices! Plus, all of their products have a light scent that is pleasant without being overwhelming or artificial smelling.

Get Premium Hand Care Delivered To Your Doorstep

Paume makes it easy for you to get access to premium quality personal care products with free shipping on orders over $80 within the U.S.. Whether you need a quick boost of germ protection after a trip outside or want to give yourself an extra dose of luxury with one of their decadent creams - they’ve got you covered! So why not try out some high quality health and beauty products today?


PAUME Increases Revenue with Redirector Technology

PAUME, an e-commerce brand in the personal care space, is utilizing a revolutionary technology called Redirector to increase its store design and revenue. Redirector allows PAUME to create complex rules that can redirect customers or display localized information based on their geolocation and browser language. With its HTML editor, banners can be created for potential customers in their native languages with special local offers. This helps ensure that each customer has a tailored experience when they visit the site, leading to increased engagement and sales for PAUME.

Increase Your E-Commerce Revenue with PAUME

PAUME, an e-commerce health and wellness brand, is utilizing a powerful technology to increase their revenue - Stamped Product Reviews & UGC. This innovative platform offers high-converting product reviews, NPS surveys, photo and video reviews, Instagram Shoppable Galleries, Community Q&As, Checkout Reviews and more. With its fully customizable on-site display widgets tailored to fit the look of your brand, you can easily moderate and comment on reviews as well. PAUME has seen tremendous success in leveraging this tool for increasing their e-commerce profits – take advantage of it too!

PAUME Increases E-commerce Revenue with Subscriptions Technology

With its latest technology, PAUME is revolutionizing the e-commerce space in skin care. The brand is using Bold Subscriptions to create an interactive subscription experience that customers are sure to love. With a few clicks, customers can easily subscribe to one product, a collection or even their entire store. Plus, this innovative platform auto installs into any existing theme and looks beautiful on each page of the customer portal for maximum customization. Customers also benefit from flexible frequency logic and discounts available when subscribing. It's no wonder why PAUME has seen increased revenue since launching Bold Subscriptions!

Increase PAUME's E-Commerce Revenue with Completo Upsells

PAUME is leveraging a powerful technology to boost their e-commerce revenue - Completo ‑ In Cart Upsell. This innovative marketing and conversion tool helps keep customers updated on the shipping costs, ultimately driving up sales in the health and wellness space. With this strategy, PAUME can offer free shipping by setting cart goals that encourage shoppers to add items until they hit the threshold for free delivery. The unexpected cost surprise at checkout is eliminated, making it easier for customers to complete purchases without interruption. As a result of using Completo ‑ In Cart Upsell, PAUME has seen an increase in customer satisfaction due to improved shopping experiences as well as increased profits from higher order totals.

PAUME Increases Revenue with Innovative Brand Partnerships Technology

PAUME, an e-commerce brand in the skin care space, is utilizing Disco for Brand Partnerships to drive revenue and growth. This cutting edge technology leverages machine learning and data from transactions across a network of consumer brands to find high-intent shoppers on paid channels. By using this innovative approach, PAUME can access detailed shopper insights to lower their cost per acquisition (CPA) and create more successful partnerships. With Disco's platform, PAUME is able to reach new customers and expand their presence in the e-commerce market.

PAUME Boosts e-Commerce Revenue with Sezzle Technology

With the rise of health and wellness brands across the globe, PAUME is taking a leap into the future by introducing technology that helps their customers to “buy now and pay later”. This technology, called Sezzle, allows customers to purchase items on credit without interest or added fees. By allowing customers to try products before committing to an upfront payment, PAUME has seen a surge in sales revenue as more shoppers are able to make purchases they may have been unable to previously afford. As well as providing financial flexibility for consumers, this innovative approach also benefits businesses like PAUME who can increase both their order value and customer loyalty thanks to consumer confidence in their product offering. With Sezzle's help, PAUME is continuing its mission of bringing the best health and wellness products within reach of everyone - no matter what your budget.

PAUME Drives Skin Care Revenue with Innovative Quizzes

PAUME, an e-commerce brand in the skin care space, has found success by utilizing a revolutionary technology called Quiz & Surveys to increase their store's design and help drive revenue. By using this quiz platform, customers are able to answer questions that give them personalized product recommendations based on their individual needs. This increases customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales for PAUME's e-commerce store. With these innovative quizzes, PAUME is now able to reach more customers and maximize its potential within the skin care industry.

Boost Your Skin Care E-commerce Revenue with PAUME's Route Protection Tracking Technology

PAUME, the e-commerce brand in the skin care space, is leveraging its store management capabilities by harnessing the power of Route ‑ Protection & Tracking technology. This powerful tool allows merchants to go beyond traditional email and SMS platforms to turn single purchasers into lifelong customers. With package protection, real-time tracking, remarketing and sustainability options at their fingertips, retailers can drive customer loyalty while increasing sales revenue. By utilizing this comprehensive solution from PAUME, merchants have access to a network where their customers already track packages - further maximizing convenience and satisfaction. Unlock your business potential today with PAUME's Route ‑ Protection & Tracking technology!

Boost PAUME's Skin Care Revenue with TCC Technology

PAUME, the leading e-commerce brand in the skin care space, is leveraging the power of Slide Cart & Cart Drawer - TCC technology to create a more efficient and seamless shopping experience for its customers. This innovative platform replaces the traditional cart page with an on-page enhanced version that allows shoppers to access their carts from anywhere on the website. Additionally, this technology adds targeted upsells and cross-sells that encourage customers to increase their orders. As a result, PAUME has seen a significant jump in revenue due to this cutting edge marketing and conversion tool. By using Slide Cart & Cart Drawer - TCC, PAUME continues to be one of the most successful online retailers in the industry today.