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Clayton's Summersalt: Stylish, Sustainable Swimwear.

Sustainable Style with Summersalt

Summersalt is a Clayton-based clothing company that is dedicated to providing stylish and sustainable fashion for women. Founded in 2019, Summersalt aims to bring an ethical approach to fashion with their range of activewear, outerwear, and swimwear...

Summersalt Increases Revenue and Acquires Customers in the Activewear, Clothing, Outerwear, Swim Vertical

Summersalt is a direct-to-consumer fashion brand that focuses on stylish swimsuits and activewear...


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Sustainable Style with Summersalt

Summersalt is a Clayton-based clothing company that is dedicated to providing stylish and sustainable fashion for women. Founded in 2019, Summersalt aims to bring an ethical approach to fashion with their range of activewear, outerwear, and swimwear.

High Quality Fabrics

Summersalt’s fabrics are made from recycled materials to reduce environmental impact while still offering the same level of quality as traditional fabrics. Their fabrics are also breathable, durable, and soft against the skin – perfect for any outdoor activity or even just lounging around on a lazy day.

Flattering Swimwear Styles

In addition to their range of activewear and outerwear, Summersalt also offers a selection of flattering swimsuits designed with every body type in mind. With over 250 styles available in sizes XS to 4XL, there is something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for something simple and classic or bold and daring, Summersalt has got you covered.

Sustainable Fashion with Style

At Summersalt, they believe that fashion should be both stylish and sustainable. With their high-quality fabrics and flattering designs, they have created pieces that not only look great but are kind to the environment too. So if you’re looking for wardrobe essentials that are both fashionable and eco-friendly, then Summersalt is the perfect choice!


Grow E-Commerce Revenue with Summersalt and LeadsRx Attribution Monitor

Summersalt, an e-commerce clothing brand, is taking its sales and conversion optimization to the next level. With the help of LeadsRx Attribution Monitor technology, they are able to track which marketing touchpoints bring in bigger orders and more buyers. This data-driven approach helps them make informed decisions on how to grow their customer base and increase revenue. As a result, Summersalt can focus their efforts on strategies that will yield maximum returns for their business.

Shop Smart Save More: Summersalt Utilizes Gift Card Loyalty Program

Summersalt is a leader in the activewear space and is using technology to increase their e-commerce revenue. By taking advantage of advanced solutions like Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs from they are able to improve customer retention rate and lifetime value (LTV). Summersalt shoppers will benefit from store credits instead of having to use points for rewards, allowing them to purchase more product at less cost. Get ready to shop smart and save more with Summersalt's innovative approach!

Summersalt Gets a Boost with Kustomer Platform

Summersalt, an e-commerce brand specializing in clothing, has recently implemented the use of Kustomer, a digital customer support platform that provides personalized support at scale. With advanced data and artificial intelligence capabilities, Kustomer's knowledge base, agent tools, and administrative controls have become essential to Summersalt's store management strategy. As a result of using this powerful tool, Summersalt is now able to deliver superior customer service while increasing their revenue growth within the clothing space. The company credits much of its success to the innovative technologies offered by Kustomer.

A Revolutionary Step for Summersalt: Loop Returns Exchanges

Summersalt is taking a revolutionary step in the e-commerce clothing space by incorporating Loop Returns & Exchanges technology into its store management system. This cutting edge software helps Shopify brands improve their returns experience, driving customer lifetime value and saving more sales with an automated platform that creates a shopping experience inside the return process. With this powerful tool, Summersalt joins the ranks of other top brands like Allbirds who have retained over $700 million in revenue through their usage of Loop's services. By investing in Loop Returns & Exchanges, Summersalt demonstrates its commitment to creating an exceptional online shopping experience while increasing revenues.

How Summersalt is Making Waves with Product Reviews

Summersalt, an e-commerce brand in the swim space, is using technology like Product Reviews to increase their revenue. This sales and conversion optimization tool helps customers make informed decisions when it comes to purchases. By providing invaluable customer feedback and ratings on products and services, prospective shoppers can get access to credible information prior to making a decision. With this extension, Summersalt ensures that buyers have all the facts before deciding what product or service best suits them. It's no wonder why they're making waves!

Summersalt Increases Revenue with Yotpo Loyalty Rewards

Summersalt, an e-commerce brand in the activewear space, is leveraging the power of technology to boost sales and increase revenue. By utilizing Yotpo's Loyalty & Rewards platform for store management, Summersalt can give customers a personalized loyalty experience and improved retention rates. With access to 20+ out-of-the-box campaigns designed to drive transactions and engagement, along with detailed program analytics allowing them to understand consumer behavior, Summersalt has been able to launch quickly and iterate endlessly. This agile approach has enabled Summersalt to create greater customer loyalty while increasing their overall profitability.

Summersalt Soars With Technology To Increase Swim Revenue

Summersalt, an e-commerce brand specializing in swimwear and other products related to swimming, has recently implemented a technology called Elfsight. This powerful app helps the company increase its revenue by providing users with easy access to their shopping cart, making it more efficient than ever before. Customers can now easily browse through Summersalt's selection of items and make purchases quickly and securely. Additionally, the application also allows for customization options like adding photos or videos that customers can use as inspiration when selecting what they'd like to buy. Ultimately, this implementation of Elfsight will help Summersalt reach new heights and maximize sales within the swim space.