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Tomboy X

Tomboy X

Tomboy X: Comfort & Confidence in Stylish Clothing, 3XS-6X!














Tomboy X: Comfort & Confidence in Stylish Clothing, 3XS-6X!

Tomboy X is the premier destination for high-quality apparel made to fit those who identify as tomboys. Based in Seattle, they offer a variety of clothing that ranges from 3XS to 6X, providing comfort and confidence to all shapes and sizes...

Tomboy X Increases Revenue and Optimizes Conversion to Acquire Customers in the Clothing Vertical

Tomboy X is an online clothing retailer that specializes in providing durable, comfortable clothing for all genders...

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Tomboy X Online Store

Tomboy X is the premier destination for high-quality apparel made to fit those who identify as tomboys. Based in Seattle, they offer a variety of clothing that ranges from 3XS to 6X, providing comfort and confidence to all shapes and sizes.

Quality Apparel for Tomboys Everywhere

Tomboy X offers an array of clothing for any occasion. From bras and underwear to loungewear, pajamas and swimwear, their collection has something for every tomboy. All items are made with quality materials so customers can feel comfortable knowing their apparel will last. Every piece is carefully designed to flatter the body and provide ultimate comfort no matter what the activity may be.

Comfort & Confidence at Any Size

Tomboy X's mission is to ensure that everyone gets the chance to experience comfort and confidence in their own skin. They understand that many tomboys have difficulty finding clothing that fits properly or expresses their individual style, which is why they strive to create pieces that meet both needs. Their sizing range of 3XS - 6X helps them achieve this goal by offering apparel that fits a variety of body types without sacrificing quality or style.

Shop with Purpose

When you shop at Tomboy X, you're not just buying clothes—you're supporting a movement. The company prides itself on being inclusive, diverse and empowering its customers to express themselves however they choose. To further this mission, they donate 10% of profits from each purchase to organizations like OUT Youth Austin and The Los Angeles LGBT Center which promote acceptance and equality for all members of the LGBTQ+ community around the world. Tomboy X makes it easy for anyone looking for high-quality apparel that fits both their style and size preferences. Whether you're shopping for a swimsuit or something more comfortable like loungewear, Tomboy X has something for every occasion! With quality fabrics and inclusive sizing options, customers can trust in knowing they'll always look good while feeling great about where their money is going!

Tomboy X

TomboyX Taps Into Tech to Increase Revenue

As an e-commerce clothing brand, Tomboy X strives to provide their customers with the best onsite experience and ensure they have the confidence to purchase. To do this they've tapped into a technology called Product Reviews App which allows them to publish authentic review content in the store design category. This advanced feature includes Attributes that elevate product reviews and turn user generated content (UGC) into shoppable galleries. With this technology, Tomboy X has been able to increase their e-commerce revenue in the clothing space.

E-Commerce Brand Upgrades with Address Validator by AppHub

Tomboy X is an e-commerce clothing brand that understands the importance of customer satisfaction and cost savings. To help ensure their customers get their orders on time, Tomboy X has implemented a technology called Address Validator by AppHub to ensure accurate shipping addresses are used for deliveries. This software helps reduce failed deliveries due to incorrect information, decrease redelivery fees, eliminate costly support tickets, and ultimately boost customer satisfaction. With this new system in place, they have seen increased revenue from their online sales as more customers can trust them to deliver what they ordered on time. So if you're looking for quality clothing backed up by reliable delivery systems then shop with confidence at Tomboy X!

Increase E-Commerce Revenue with Klarna OnSite Messaging

Tomboy X, an e-commerce brand in the clothing space, is leveraging a powerful technology called Klarna On‑Site Messaging to boost revenue. This innovative solution enables Tomboy X to create customized messaging from banners that promote their collaboration with Klarna and payment options available, to personalized promotions on product pages, cart pages and more. By highlighting "buy now pay later" (BNPL) options while customers are still shopping, conversions at checkout can be significantly increased for Tomboy X. With this cutting edge tool, they can ensure their customers have access to the best experience possible when buying from their store.

Tomboy X Boosts E-Commerce Revenue with Loop Returns Exchanges

Tomboy X, an e-commerce brand specializing in clothing, is using the latest store management technology to increase their revenue. Called Loop Returns & Exchanges, it has driven more than 22 million returns and retained over $700 million for Shopify's most beloved brands like Allbirds. This automated platform helps improve the customer experience by creating a shopping experience inside the returns process. With this cutting edge tool at their disposal, Tomboy X is sure to make waves in the online retail space and boost its profits substantially.

Tomboy X Increases E-Commerce Revenue with Innovative Store Management Technology

Tomboy X, an e-commerce brand specializing in clothing, has increased its revenue by utilizing a unique store management technology called Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals. This innovative solution enables the company to create loyalty programs that reflect their distinct brand identity, offer rewards for engagement and motivate repeat purchases from customers across the customer lifecycle. Additionally, Tomboy X is able to reduce acquisition costs through referrals, reviews and other advocacy-based actions while creating an advocate community which introduces new customers to their business. Through this integrated approach of using cutting edge technologies like Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals, Tomboy X continues to experience success both online and offline.

Tomboy X Boosts E-Commerce Revenue with Open SignIn Social Login

Tomboy X, an e-commerce brand in the clothing space, is using a technology called Open SignIn ‑ Social Login to increase their revenue. This store management category solution offers customers the ability to login using various third party authentication services, resulting in increased registrations and improved customer experience. Setup and customisation are easy and very attractively priced, plus it supports multipass for Shopify Plus stores as well. With this powerful tool at their disposal, Tomboy X has seen a marked improvement in their e-commerce business.

Tomboy X Increases Revenue with Product Reviews

Tomboy X, an e-commerce brand in the clothing space, has implemented a technology called Product Reviews to optimize sales and conversions. This extension creates detailed customer reviews for customers seeking useful and credible information about Tomboy X's products and services before making their final purchase decisions. With this implementation of product reviews, Tomboy X is able to maximize its revenue from loyal customers who rely on other people's opinions as reliable sources of information. The utilization of Product Reviews helps Tomboy X stay ahead of the competition by offering customers more accurate information when deciding which products are best for them. Investing in this technology allows Tomboy X not only increase revenue but also build trust with customers through quality customer engagement that leads to better retention rates.