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Touchland: Personal Care in Miami, Fearlessly!
Personal Care

Touchland is revolutionizing the way people approach personal care. Based in Miami, the company creates products that are both hydrating and effective, so users can enjoy healthy living while still feeling all the sensations life has to offer...

Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion, and Acquiring Customers with Touchland

Touchland is a leading provider in the personal care industry, offering innovative products that help people stay healthy and sanitized...


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Touchland is revolutionizing the way people approach personal care. Based in Miami, the company creates products that are both hydrating and effective, so users can enjoy healthy living while still feeling all the sensations life has to offer.

Hoping to Connect on a Sensory Level

The team at Touchland understands how important it is to connect on a sensory level with our environment. From those who refuse to be held back by any perceived limits or restrictions, to those who seek comfort and security through allowing themselves to feel everything life has to offer - Touchland has created something for everyone. Their mission statement reads: “We make hand sanitizer for the ones who love to feel it all; the ones who live life sensorily, curiously and fearlessly, but not recklessly.” Not only do they want their hand sanitizers to keep you safe from germs, but also provide comfort and pleasure when used.

A Focus on Hydration & Effectiveness

Touchland prides itself on creating products that are both hydrating and effective at killing germs. Their signature product, KUB Hydrating Hand Sanitizer, contains aloe vera and glycerin that work together to help hydrate your skin while killing 99.9% of all germs. In addition, their formulas contain 70% ethanol alcohol which helps ensure maximum effectiveness against bacteria and viruses. They have also developed a range of scented options such as cucumber melon, coconut lime verbena, sweet orange blossom and lavender mint, so users can choose a scent they like best while still receiving benefits from the ingredients in their formula.

An Innovative Product Line

In addition to their signature KUB Hand Sanitizer line, Touchland also offers a variety of other products designed with personal care in mind. This includes KUB Foam Soap Dispensers which feature a touch-free system perfect for high-traffic areas where hygiene is essential; KUB Power Mist Sprays that allow you to spray your hands without having to contact anything; and KUB Refills for both hand sanitizer and foam soap dispensers that make refilling easy and cost-effective. Each product is designed with convenience in mind so customers can get clean quickly and easily while feeling great about what they’re using on their skin.

Empowering Consumers Everywhere

Touchland is committed to empowering consumers everywhere by providing them with safe yet luxurious personal care products that promote healthy living without sacrificing enjoyment of life’s little pleasures along the way. With an innovative product line backed by scientific research into safety measures taken during development processes - users can rest assured knowing that they are getting quality products made with integrity every time they shop with Touchland!


Touchland Boosts E-Commerce Revenue with Revolutionary Technology

Touchland, a leading e-commerce brand in the personal care space, is using an innovative technology called Smile to increase their revenue. With this unique approach to store design, customers are able to express how they feel about their shopping experience through emojis. This provides Touchland with valuable feedback and insights that can be used to improve the customer journey. Additionally, it's also proven to be an effective way for brands to get more positive reviews from customers. By leveraging this revolutionary technology, Touchland has been successful in driving greater engagement and increasing its e-commerce revenue within the personal care space.

Elevate Your e-Commerce Revenue with Touchland

Touchland is an e-commerce brand that knows how to make the most of its revenue. They use a technology called Powerful Contact Form Builder, which allows them to create professional-looking forms without any coding. This feature helps boost their sales in the personal care space by allowing customers to upload files and display contact forms on all pages within the store. With this powerful tool, Touchland has been able to increase their customer base and improve their overall performance in the business sector. Get ahead of your competition today and experience the convenience of using Touchland's advanced software!

See How Touchland's Revenue Soars with Product Reviews UGC

Touchland, an e-commerce brand in the personal care space, has tapped into a powerful technology called Product Reviews & UGC to increase its revenue. With TrustSpot’s User Generated Content (UGC) marketing platform, Touchland can generate authentic content from actual customers that can be used on their online store and in their marketing. This includes product reviews, photo reviews, video reviews, Q&As and more – all of which help boost sales. Thanks to this easy-to-use app for collecting, curating and displaying customer feedback, Touchland continues to see an impressive return on investment through increased traffic and engagement.

Increase Revenue with Blockify IP Protection

Touchland, an e-commerce brand in the personal care space, uses Blockify ‑ Fraud IP Blocker to streamline store management and increase revenue. With this technology, Touchland is able to manage and filter out unwanted visitors while keeping their website safe and secure. The app allows them to set rules such as blocking or redirecting certain IP addresses, cities/ states/ regions, or countries - which helps protect against fraudulent activities. This has been a great asset for Touchland’s online business as it increases security and peace of mind that customers will be getting quality products safely delivered on time. By utilizing this advanced technology, Touchland can ensure they are not only protecting their site from fraudsters but also making sure each customer receives top notch service when shopping for their favorite items!

Grow Your E-Commerce Revenue with Touchland

Touchland, the leading e-commerce brand in personal care products, has recently implemented Route ‑ Protection & Tracking to help increase revenues and drive customer loyalty. This innovative technology combines package protection, real-time tracking, remarketing and sustainability into one seamless experience for customers. With this powerful tool, merchants can turn single purchasers into lifelong customers - quickly and easily. By leveraging the power of Route's network, Touchland is able to provide its customers with an unparalleled service that allows them to track their orders every step of the way. For those looking to grow their business in the e-commerce space, choosing Touchland is a no brainer!

Touchland Uses Tech to Increase E-Commerce Revenue

Touchland, an e-commerce brand in the personal care space, has found success with their use of ShipBob Fulfillment technology. This powerful order and shipping platform helps the company increase their online sales by providing world-class logistics for all its sales channels and customizing options such as packaging, inserts and more. With same-day pick, packing and delivery using any speed customers choose, Touchland can ensure orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately every time. For larger orders from B2B/Wholesale customers, ShipBob takes over retailer compliance as well - giving them a complete solution for boosting their revenue potential.

Unlock Increased Revenue with Touchland's Loyalty Rewards Program

Touchland, the leading e-commerce brand in the personal care space, is leveraging technology to boost revenue. With their Loyalty & Rewards program, customers are able to easily deploy a loyalty program and unlock insight with their shoppers. As soon as you sign up for this free app, you'll have access to turn-key welcome email and transaction email templates that make marketing easy. Take advantage of Touchland's Loyalty & Rewards program today and start unlocking increased revenue!

Touchland Unlocks Subscription Success

Touchland, an e-commerce brand in the personal care space, is taking their business to new heights with Recharge Subscriptions technology. This powerful subscription management solution allows Touchland customers to fully manage their subscriptions on the store directly, creating a personalized and scalable experience that builds loyalty and drives revenue growth. With its highly customizable capabilities, Touchland can create precisely the customer journey they have envisioned - one that turns one-time shoppers into loyal customers. By leveraging Recharge's integrated solution, Touchland has been able to unlock unprecedented success in selling products online.

Boosting e-Commerce Revenue: How Touchland Uses Technology to Increase Profits in Personal Care Space

Touchland, an e-commerce brand in the personal care space, has gained remarkable success by utilizing a store management technology called Wishlist Plus. This powerful tool allows customers to bookmark their favorite products, creating continuity between devices and ensuring they can pick up where they left off when they return. Additionally, Wishlist Plus makes it easy for Touchland to launch event-triggered email campaigns through its ESP and share lists via email, text message and social media. The collaboration features are incredibly useful for sales and customer service teams who strive to increase revenue. Thanks to this technology, Touchland is able to convert more leads into paying customers with ease.

Increase Your Personal Care Revenue with Touchland's Image Upload Technology

Touchland is revolutionizing the personal care e-commerce space with its cutting edge image upload technology, Upload‑Lift. With this tool, customers can easily and quickly upload files to product, contact, cart and order status pages without any theme modifications or extra work. Plus, you can configure the allowed file types so your customers are only uploading what you want them to. And if that weren't enough, it also includes an image editor for easy cropping of images in whatever format you need! With all these features making it easier than ever before for customers to purchase from your store, don't miss out on this opportunity to increase revenue with Touchland's image upload technology!