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True Gum

True Gum

Enjoy True Gum in Glostrup: Plastic-Free, Vegan and Biodegradable!

True Gum is a Glostrup-based food company that offers plastic-free, vegan and biodegradable chewing gum and plant-based mints free from sugar. Their products are a kinder alternative for people and for the planet...

True Gum: Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion and Acquiring Customers

True Gum is a food brand committed to providing natural and sustainable chewing gum. The company's website offers a wide range of products such as sugar-free gum, organic gum, and vegan gum...


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True Gum Online Store

True Gum is a Glostrup-based food company that offers plastic-free, vegan and biodegradable chewing gum and plant-based mints free from sugar. Their products are a kinder alternative for people and for the planet.

A Gum That Gives Back

The goal of True Gum is to reduce plastic waste by providing an environmentally friendly product that still satisfies the cravings of sweet tooths everywhere. They offer a variety of flavors, all made with natural ingredients that are both vegan and gluten-free. The gums are made with natural xylitol instead of sugar, which helps to reduce cavities, plaque build up and tooth decay. Plus, for every pack of gum sold, True Gum donates 2% of their profits to charitable organizations such as the World Land Trust and Plastic Oceans International. This effort helps support international initiatives in sustainability and ocean conservation.

Plastic-Free Packaging & Sustainable Production

True Gum's products come in compostable packaging made from recycled paper or bioplastics derived from vegetable sources like cornstarch or tapioca root. The production process also takes sustainability into consideration: the gum base is produced in Sweden using renewable energy sources like wind power. On top of that, True Gum recently launched a refill program which allows customers to purchase refills for their existing packs – reducing waste while also helping them save money in the long run! It’s clear that they are devoted to protecting the planet while satisfying our cravings with delicious treats.

Delicious & Healthy Treats For All

True Gum's products taste great and provide a guilt-free indulgence without compromising your health or the environment. With flavors ranging from Spearmint to Cinnamon Apple Crisp, there's something for everyone in their lineup! And because they don't contain any artificial colors or preservatives, these gums are safe enough even for young children to enjoy.
So if you're looking for a tasty treat that won't harm either your teeth or the environment, look no further than True Gum! Their delicious vegan gums and mints will satisfy your cravings without damaging our planet - what more could you want?

True Gum

True Gum Boosts E-Commerce Revenue With Redirect Technology

True Gum, an e-commerce leader in the food space, has implemented a powerful technology known as Cozy Country Redirect to their store design category. This exciting new development allows True Gum to instantly and automatically redirect customers to stores that are optimized for their home country. By taking advantage of this cutting edge solution, True Gum is able to increase revenue while providing superior customer service by ensuring customers have access to localized shopping experiences.

Boost Your E-Commerce Revenue with True Gum

True Gum, the leading e-commerce brand in the food space, is leveraging Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket to increase their revenue. This powerful technology offers a unique way of engaging customers and giving them incentives to purchase. The spin wheel helps engage visitors and turn slow sale days into exciting ones while also converting more visits into sales. Additionally, it boosts your email and SMS list like a Pro - so business owners don't need to worry about losing potential buyers after they leave the website. With True Gum's innovative use of Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket, you can make sure that every visitor leaves feeling satisfied and ready to buy!

True Gum Takes Social Proof to New Heights

With their commitment to providing customers with the highest quality product, True Gum has implemented Mintt's Instafeed - Instagram Feed technology into their e-commerce strategy. This helpful tool allows them to showcase photos and reels from their own Instagram page on the store page, helping build social proof for potential buyers. This feature works quickly and efficiently in less than one minute and helps convert visitors into loyal customers by creating a sense of trust between them and the brand. By using this innovative tool, True Gum can increase their e-commerce revenue within the food space and make sure that every customer is getting the best possible experience when shopping with them.

True Gum Boosts E-Commerce Revenue with LangShop

True Gum, a rising e-commerce brand in the food space has tapped into the power of AI Language Translate LangShop to enhance their store design and boost their sales. With this innovative technology, True Gum is able to translate all store content in one click – from images and dynamic content to Shopify Checkout pages – without any word limits. Furthermore, local currencies are automatically converted based on customer preferences which helps maximize conversion rate. It's no wonder that True Gum continues to experience strong growth thanks to its strategic use of cutting edge language translation tools.

True Gum Ups its E-Commerce Game - Improved Shopping Experiences and Insights Power Revenue Growth

True Gum, an e-commerce brand in the food space, has successfully increased their revenues by taking advantage of technology. By leveraging a specialized store design category called Boost Product Filter & Search, True Gum shoppers can enjoy improved shopping experiences with customizable filters and smart search bars that help them find anything within milliseconds. Smart eCommerce merchandising settings and insightful reports provide even further benefit to customers. In short, True Gum's commitment to utilizing advanced technology for better customer service is driving increased revenue growth.