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How To Add a Recharge Subscription to a Shopify Landing Page with Replo

Marie Papazian

Marie Papazian

Racharge Integration in Replo

Since Replo launched, an integration with Recharge has been one of the most common requests from Replo customers. Today, we’ll take a close look at Replo’s direct integration with Recharge, and how it allows Recharge customers to iterate quickly on landing page campaigns while selling subscription products.

What is Recharge?

Recharge is a leading Shopify subscription platform for online businesses, enabling brands to offer a visual representation of their subscription offerings. The Recharge platform has different rule sets to control the subscription process, and the Recharge Subscriptions app allows you to keep tabs on your customer lifetime value by maintaining your buyer's relationship. Recharge Payments has a client base of over 10,000 businesses.

Brands can embed the Recharge Widget onto their product page to allow customers to easily sign-up for a subscription. These subscriptions can fall under a few categories, like “Subscribe & Save” and “One Time Purchase,” and users can also easily select shipping and billing frequency through a drop-down menu. There’s even a way to preview the subscription widget before making any changes to your online storefront, using subscription widget customization.

How to Use Recharge in Replo

You can also use Recharge in Replo pages! Replo integrates directly with Recharge to enable adding dynamic Recharge Subscription Widgets to anywhere you show a subscription product in a Replo page.

To add a Recharge subscription widget, navigate to the Replo page to which you’d like to add a subscription product. Next, add a product component and select the product that has a subscription configured in Recharge. Add to cart buttons in Replo (which can be configured using Replo Interactions) will now add the selected subscription selling plan to the cart.

Customizing the Recharge Widget

Recharge has widget templates which allow you to design the subscription options on the product display page in different forms, with no difference in functionality between styles.

Recharge offers four total widget templates. To select different widget templates, click "storefront" in your merchant portal and choose Subscription widget. Next, Choose your Template type in the drop-down menu under Product page purchase options and click Save. Learn more in the Recharge Documentation.

Controls to add custom CSS to the Recharge Widget

The Recharge widget in Replo can also be customized using custom CSS. To add custom CSS, click "Config" tab after selecting the Recharge widget in Replo, then add any CSS as needed. CSS class names to select for are available in the Recharge documentation.


Recharge offers a flexible way to add subscription features to your Shopify page through Replo. Next time you're building out your storefront, consider using these steps to iterate quickly and customize your Recharge subscription widgets.

Interested in using Recharge subscription widgets in your landing pages? Get started with Replo and reach out to support@replo.app with any questions!

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