7 Tips For Black Friday Landing Page Optimization

Noah Gilmore

Noah Gilmore

Black Friday is always one of those big events every year. It ushers in the holiday shopping season, but also brings with it a chance to retool your site and ever-important landing page. Your landing page presents an opportunity to reach your customer, focus on conversion rates and on the importance of CTAs. Successful brands implement many of these strategies alongside targeted copy. Together, all of this works to highlight your brand and product.

We have the tips and tricks to optimize your landing page for this Black Friday and beyond.

Replo Reviews: Black Friday Landing Page Optimization

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and marks the start of the holiday shopping season for most. Retailers and businesses often tailor their sales around this time of year to offer products at discounted prices. Over the years Black Friday has grown in popularity and online presence.

At one point Black Friday was often seen as a mad dash to your local mall or stores, but in recent years much of this time has turned to online shopping. Some retailers also do not have brick and mortar stores, so this provides an opportunity for them to gain customers and increase sales before the end of the year.

Many also see Black Friday as merely the start to a much longer discount period. Cyber Monday offers an alternative to shoppers looking to benefit from discounts, but perhaps were unable to shop in store. Similarly, more and more retailers are jumping on the bandwagon and extending their Black Friday deals well into the next week.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is where a user lands once clicking on a link. This is traditionally the first place they will see your content and potential products. Some use the landing page as a homepage, while others use it for specific product pages. However, traditionally a landing page is meant to be ‘the’ page to house a specific CTA (call to action).

This means that the intended focus is on whatever your objective or CTA for that page is. And, traditionally, this means that landing pages are great options if you’re looking to increase your conversion rates.

Basically, there are many ways to structure your landing page! However, they become crucial when running a campaign, or if a big event like Black Friday is coming up.

Why Are They Important?

Landing pages become especially important to your overall strategy because they serve as a specified place to direct traffic. Let’s say you’re running a wide reaching campaign with multiple sources of traffic from social media to Google or even affiliate links. The goal is to direct all of this traffic to your site, but that can get overwhelming over time!

A landing page simplifies the approach by sending those specific customers to the areas that have been targeted. Some may be sent to you homepage while others maybe to a product.

How To Design The Best Black Friday Landing Page

Below we’ve included a how-to guide to spot and create the best Black Friday landing page possible.

1. Make Your Goal Clear And Simple

This is the time to get organized! You can streamline your system and overall efforts by getting very clear with your overall goal. Do you want to sell a specific product to a specific client? Write that down and think about how your landing page will communicate that.

This is also the place to consider CTAs and consider if your current ones are working. You’re going to want them to be quite pronounced and easy to find. Afterall, no one wants to search endlessly for an “add to cart” button that should be prominently displayed. The end goal is always seeing your customer through to the end transaction, so why not make the process as simple as possible.

2. Emphasize The Benefits

As with most things in life, you always want to put your best foot forward. This is especially true when looking to emphasize the benefits of your brand or product to a customer. You’re certainly not going to put any bad reviews front and center on the homepage nor would you put any product downsides. Basically, you want to present clean copy and images on a landing page. You can do this by doing some much necessary research to understand how your customer shops and what they are looking to buy.

For example, let's say you’re selling a new lipstick on your site. You want to emphasize how it looks on different skin tones, if it’s matte or hydrating, and how long the wear is. Think about what questions your customer may have and if you can answer them before they even have to ask.

3. Promote Star Products

There’s always going to be some products that stand out more than others. Don’t feel the need to push products that you don’t think are the “star” ones. Push or emphasize products that you know people are visiting your page for. Make it easy for them to find them or even display them with a little tag that says “best seller” or “most purchased.”

This will help the shopping experience immensely for your customer as many look to reviews and other purchases to help them decide. Perhaps even think about calling attention to popular reviews. Use them as your own case studies to help promote those stellar products.

4. Make Fast Loading Pages

No one wants to spend the time on a slow page that doesn’t load images or product descriptions. Avoid unnecessary drop-offs or high bounce rates by investing time, and even some money, into your website. You can improve page loading speed by:

  • Compressing images
  • Enabling browser caching
  • Reducing redirects
  • Minifying HTML code

5. Run Page Loading Tests Often

Test once and then maybe test a few more times! And often at that. This will show you how your customer sees the page and if they are running into any problems, especially given their download speed or even their wifi connection. While they may experience a problem on their own end, don’t add to it by having a buggy page full of hidden content. You are trying to put your products forward in the best light possible, which means doing your due diligence behind the scenes.

Consider testing or running page load tests quite often, especially ahead of a busy shopping period. It will make a huge difference in the quality of your site and overall customer preference of it.

6. Keep A Simple Design

Intricate and loud designs are not always the best option. Simple designs keep the focus on the products and your brand rather than something more outlandish like a particular font or image. Keep in mind that your customer is looking to understand your brand, but that doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Start simple and you can always add features or fine tune elements over time.

For a head start on some example designs you can implement, check out the Replo Library of templates. Here you can filter based on category.

7. Pay Attention To The Mobile Layout Too

Mobile designs and layouts are the way of the future, so be sure to focus on your mobile offerings as much as your website. More customers are using their phones to shop, especially as they scroll through social media or shop on google. You’ll make the process that much easier by paying attention to how your mobile layout looks.

For example, our templates and approach is meant to be:

  • Integrated With Shopify - Build right in Shopify, with access to all your Shopify data
  • Unified Design System - Keep all your content on-brand with a personalized shared template library
  • Made for Marketing - Integrated with all your favorite analytics apps and metrics
  • Power of the Web - Build anything with the full power of HTML/CSS on a visual canvas
  • Built for Speed - Ultra-small bundle size optimized for fast-loading landing pages
  • Multiple Projects - Move sections easily between multiple Shopify stores

Why Black Friday Landing Pages are Important

Think of your landing page as the piece of your site that unifies the whole approach. Perhaps you have an amazing product, but if your customer can’t find a cohesive way to see it, it’s as if they never will then. By this, you should consider how important it is to frame the content around your product. Entice the customer and usher them through the journey in a way that feels intuitive. Your goal should be to help them complete the buying process with as little issues as possible.

These tenets will become incredibly important around Black Friday, mainly because the competition becomes that much bigger! Many brands, even your direct competitors, are all vying for traffic and to boost sales this time.

You can stand out by tailoring your content to Black Friday offerings. Present all promotions and CTAs up front so that the customer is not overwhelmed or underwhelmed during this time period.

Endless Landing Page Design Options With Replo

If you’re interested in redesigning your page, or if you're designing one for the first time there are easy options to consider. Long gone are the days of spending hours building a website just to realize something isn’t working. Now, there are templates galore to push your website to the next level.

At Replo, we have the templates from top Shopify brands to use for your store whether on mobile or desktop. Check out our Library and even filter by categories like: Accessories, beauty, CBD, fitness, health, hair care and many more.

To get started on your website, schedule a demo call with Replo today. We’ll discuss your needs and explain our process from start to finish!

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