How Bee's Wrap uses its online store to highlight a sustainability mission

Marie Papazian

Marie Papazian

Bee’s Wrap Product Image

Bee’s Wrap is a sustainable food wrapping company, offering storage and wrapping materials that are created using beeswax and other plant-based waxes. Bee’s Wrap hopes to eliminate everyday plastics used in kitchens, such as wraps used for cooking and storage. Their overall mission is to remove a big percentage of kitchen waste, and to introduce easy eco-friendly habits into the mainstream, and in this D2C Teardown we'll look at how the Bee’s Wrap team leverages their online store to highlight that mission.

Bee’s Wrap’s website leans towards its ambitious mission from the beginning, using imagery, targeted copy, and educational blurbs to convey the importance of its eco-friendly impact. The copy on the landing page is simple, digestible, and most importantly, catchy. The phrase, “Small Swap, Big Impact,” encapsulates the company’s overall value system, that small changes can introduce important steps towards more sustainable lifestyle practices.

Small Swap, Big Impact convey's Bee's Wrap's overall values

As users scroll down the page, they’re met with beautiful imagery of the wrapping creation, such as beehives and spinning wheels. But customers also see an upsetting but impactful fact about the large scale of humanity’s everyday waste: every minute, a truck-full of plastics is dumped into our oceans. Even though this fact is negative, highlighting it provides context for the customer about why it makes sense to buy sustainable wrapping - addressing a common customer objection right off the bat.

Bee’s Wrap's 1% for the planet feature

Bee’s Wrap embraces its eco-friendly mission by participating in partnerships with conservation and environmental cleanup organizations, such as 1% for the Planet. Every Honeycomb Roll purchase leads to a percentage donated to socially responsible conservation organizations, so customers will feel like their positive impact on the environment is twofold.

The headline copy is large, eye-catching, and readable at a quick glance. A much smaller blurb below the headline, which reads, “ditch disposables and keep food fresh with Bee’s Wrap reusable food storage,” elaborates on its headline copy in the case that readers would like to learn more. A CTA button below the blurb, with the phrase “Show New Arrivals,” leads users through the website and to product pages where they can purchase various sustainable and organic items such as dishcloths, sandwich bags, and labels.

Each product page is elaborate and intentionally-designed. Product descriptions are informative and detailed, outlining information such as product usage, measurements, materials, and where it was made. A link to a size chart makes online shopping even easier by including important measurement information such as sizes related to, “half a lemon,” “half a bell pepper,” or, in the case of the Large Wrap, “a big block of cheese.”

Bee’s Wrap's product page featuring tabbed content

With so much information on each product page, Bee’s Wrap makes use of tabs to make sure customers can find the information they need. If you're interested in using the same content on your Shopify pages, learn more about using tabs in Replo.

Upon clicking the “Add to Cart” icon, users are immediately brought to their shopping cart, where they can pay with their credit card information, Amazon Pay, Facebook Pay, and PayPal. There’s even an option to request special packaging by checking the gift order box. Another box allows users to add a message to go along with their gift or special instructions for product shipping and wrapping.

Bee’s Wrap offers an engaging way to give back to the planet, while also taking home useful and sustainable kitchen tools. Bee’s Wrap incorporates educational, as well as charitable, website components, bolstering its mission to introduce eco-friendly lifestyle habits into the mainstream.

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