How to create a product landing page that boosts your subscriber growth rate?

Karan Chaudhary

Karan Chaudhary

Create a product landing page that boosts your subscriber growth rate

Create a product landing page that boosts your subscriber growth rate

CRO for the DTC industry is an ongoing task, but what can brands do to get more subscribers from their product pages?

The answer lies in the subscription widget. A well optimized subscription widget can help your brand get more subscribers as compared to customers => bringing in higher LTV.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while designing a well optimized subscription widget in 2023

1. Communicate full value of your subscription

You can use your subscription widget to write in detail about your subscription’s value and why it will help the customer yield maximum results.

The idea is to convince the visitor to click subscribe over one-time purchase by highlighting maximum value.

Brand: The Nue Co.

2. Give rewards by gamifying subscription

Subscriptions don’t have to be set-&-forget. You can gamify your subscriber journey by giving them free gifts from time to time.

This subscription by Feels Good highlights free gifts with a 30/45 pack which can encourage customers to opt for a higher AOV.

Check out how one of our merchants Campus Protein is giving free gifts to maximize subscriber value.

Brand: Feel Goods

3. Offer prepaid payment options with higher discounts

Prepaid subscriptions bring better cash-flow for your business and also allow you to give higher discounts because of improved CAC/LTV ratio.

If you want your customers to save more then make subscriptions a lucrative option and offer them this prepaid model where customers pay for a fixed duration up-front in exchange of higher discounts.

Brand: Asystem

4. Bring greater flexibility to subscription

Subscription options don’t have to be rigid else they become less preferred due to commitment-phobia.

You can fight this phobia by clearly communicating on your widget that subscriptions can be skipped, paused, cancelled or modified any time.

In fact a good subscriber portal should completely allow your subscribers to do all of this at the click of a button.

Brand: Liquid IV

5. Experiment with widget colors and styles

Your subscription widget should be the most eye-catching part of your PDP. Look at how Obvi plays with its colors and makes it widget stand out. A widget that looks good sells good and that’s the main idea here.

Playing with branded colors, custom css and complete widget customisation can help you boost your subscription AOV.

Brand: Obvi

Your product landing page will convert more subscribers when you choose the right design, , right words and A/B test your way to success.

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