Replo Raises $4M+ to Empower Mid-Market and Enterprise E-commerce Companies

Darie Nanie

Darie Nanie

Replo Raises $4M+ to Empower Mid-Market and Enterprise E-commerce Companies

New Low-Code Platform Replo Helps E-commerce Companies Build Customizable Shopify Stores with Ease and Raises $4M+ in Funding

Replo Low-Code Platform

Replo, a two-year-old low-code web platform and marketplace that enables businesses to build customizable Shopify stores with ease, has raised $4.2 million in seed funding from Figma Ventures, Y Combinator, Infinity Ventures, La Famiglia, Guillermo Rauch (Vercel), and strategic investors from the e-commerce industry. Co-founders Yuxin Zhu and Noah Gilmore, both former senior engineering and management executives at Uber and PlanGrid, respectively, have identified a problem that mid-market and enterprise e-commerce companies encounter: lack of funds and developers to build an online presence.

Founder, Noah and Yuxin first met in 2011 when they were both freshmen studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley. They lived in the same dorm and were project partners all through college.

Replo Offers Low-Code Solutions to Create Customisable Shopify Stores

Replo solves this problem by offering a low-code platform and marketplace for Shopify users, with hundreds of built-in templates, section library, and integration with Shopify stores. This allows users to customize their website pages by changing texts, building out sections, changing products, or saving sections of text to a library for use on other pages. Replo also offers a free trial with unlimited features and previews, with the next level starting at $99 per month. Sign up on this link to give it a try.

With over 1,000 brands and agencies onboarded and 400+ paying customers in the last three months alone, Replo has gained popularity among mid-market and enterprise e-commerce companies. The company targets businesses that sell between $1 million and $100 million per year, offering a low-cost, efficient solution to launch content and build out e-commerce experience.

Replo Connects with Shopify, A Major E-commerce Marketplace

Replo’s integration with Shopify is a significant milestone for the company, as Shopify processed $175 billion in online sales in 2021, with “millions” of merchants using its platform. While Replo is not alone in building infrastructure for Shopify merchants, it is a noteworthy player among other startups, such as Triple Whale, Postscript, Shop Circle, and Popup, that raised funds for their respective tools to help Shopify merchants.

Replo Plans to Use Funding to Expand its Platform and Marketplace

With the recent funding, Replo plans to expand its platform and marketplace, hiring more engineering and product development talent to manage the increasing demand. The founders plan to build a community and support channel to ensure that businesses can use Replo independently, without relying on the founders. Zhu stated that “word-of-mouth is very much a positive and a negative,” and that Replo needs to build a community that supports businesses in their endeavors.


Replo’s low-code platform and marketplace offer a solution to a long-standing problem faced by mid-market and enterprise e-commerce companies: lack of developers and funds. With over 1,000 brands and agencies onboarded and 400+ paying customers in the last three months alone, Replo is a game-changer for businesses looking to launch content and build out their e-commerce experience. The company’s integration with Shopify and recent $4.2 million seed funding are a testament to its success and potential for further growth.

Article originally featured on Sovereign Magazine

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