◢ Replo Weekly: 81 Days Until BFCM, You Ready?

Sanjay Jenkins

Sanjay Jenkins

Hey Replo Crew!


Some of you might think that number represents Kobe Bryant's record scoring against the Raptors in January 2006.

But the reality for us in the ecommerce game?

It's how many days are left until Black Friday.

Ecommerce Super Bowl. Biggest retail season of the year.

If you haven't started preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday - how can we help?

If you have, what else can we do to help?

Whether you need a landing page for your holiday offers or you're prospecting new customers ahead of time and need to revamp your funnel... and anything in-between, around, adjacent to, or even distantly related to being prepped for BFCM... we've got your back all the way.

If you're on Shopify Plus, you absolutely need Replo Turbo. Email Justin Wiley to get onboarded.

For everyone else - PDPs coming real soon + new templates, tools, and resources from Replo and our partners to help you have the best year yet.

Let's break records.

Replo Integrations

Replo Integrations

Turbocharge your Landing Pages

Yuxin (co-founder of Replo here) here! Over the last few weeks, we've been talking to a ton of brands operating at the highest level. Things we've focused on include strategies for higher conversion rates and running A/B testing post-Google Optimize's sunset this month.

We're looking for a limited number of design partners to bring sub-second page speeds, built-in A/B testing before BFCM this year. If you can spare the time, I'd love to chat with you personally to see how we can work together. Chat soon!

Replo Integrations

Replo Integrations

Your Favorite Review App Integrates With Replo


It gets strangers to trust you a little bit more. Helps them feel confident when they spend their hard-earned cash on your products.

Crazy good social proof even has the power to create a cult following. Build up some raving fans.

That's why it's so critical for your favorite review apps to integrate easily into your landing pages.

If you're making offers people would feel silly saying no to on your pages but you don't have the reviews and feedback to back it up, you're limiting yourself (and your conversion rates)!

Replo has a strong list of review app integrations that work easily out of the box and we've put together that list - click the button below to see the list.

Here's the key thing to remember: if your preferred review app isn't listed on our integrations list, we can still work it with if it has an HTML or Liquid embed. And if it still doesn't work, message into our 24/7 support and we'll be more than happy to see if we can build that integration for you.

After all, the more we can help your customers trust you and help them buy more from you... the more you'll trust us.

Replo Events

Replo Events

Get Clear On How Your Customers Shop Your Site: Mastering Heatmaps With Dylan Ander of Heatmap.com

If you know who your customers are and have real data on how they shop your site...


You have the ability to make changes quickly to your site based on that data to improve your ideal outcomes (ex. getting more people to buy your products)...

You, my friend, have a money printing machine.

On September 14th, Dylan Ander of Heatmap.com will help you build this machine.

Dylan has generated billions (with a "B") in sales and used the principles of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to do that for his own companies and his clients' businesses.

In the Mastering Heatmaps event, he will:

  1. Show you how to measure data on your website to see how people navigate it
  2. Help you see exactly how the data shows what parts of your pages drive the most valuable signals, like purchases
  3. Give you the tools to take that data and create the next set of optimizations and tests to make more money over time!

If you want to learn CRO from a true master of the craft, and get tactical advice on how you can improve your website ASAP, this is a can't miss event.

Replo Events

Replo Events

Live CRO Teardown with Oddit: Hosted By Replo and Triple Whale!

We're thrilled to host another Live CRO Teardown event featuring Shaun Brandt, the co-founder of Oddit.

This time, we're co-hosting with our amazing friends over at Triple Whale - the eCommerce hub for brands of all shapes and sizes. 

During the event, Shaun will be sharing his decade-long expertise in designing digital experiences for the world's top brands.

He will provide actionable tips to optimize your website, improve conversion rates, and build brand trust.

Bring their website's URL and a notepad to take notes.

You will receive personalized advice completely free of charge.

We've seen Shaun's work transform businesses in under 30 days. You might be a few simple optimizations away from experiencing life-changing scale.

RSVP to the event below - can't wait to help you have the best year yet.

New Ad Creatives

New Ad Creatives

BREAKING NEWS: New Ad Creative Format Just Dropped... Here's What It Means For You!

This isn't the first time we've shared something Savannah Sanchez has created.

Her UGC agency + media buying practice consistently creates and catapults trends across social media for just about every vertical you can think of.

No different this week. For the last few months, we've seen creative formats from Fake Podcasts to branded "Tik Tok Made Me Buy It" videos that have all worked for some time.

As with every one of these formats, the half-life is usually short.

That's by design, however.

What makes Savannah and her team so good is that they are quick to recognize the things making moves organically.

They fast follow with an ad format that they can deploy across their clients, capturing the moment the format works, and still being ready to ride the next wave.

The point of us sharing this tweet isn't to tell you to try this ad format. You can, if you have the bandwidth. if you do, report back with the stats.

The point is to get you to think about making creative that feels like the content your audience is already consuming.

Advertising is paying for attention. But by nature of the format, you are paying to interrupt attention.

That's why metrics like "thumb-stop ratio" matter at all - you're trying to get people to stop consuming what they were consuming and focus on your thing instead.

If you make your ads feel like the content your consumer is already watching, you will get them to consume more of your ads over time. 

More consumption means more shots on goal - you're more likely to convert someone who knows you well than someone learning about you for the very first time.

So try the fake tv broadcast format out if you want. But if you can't get on this wave, remember...

There's always another wave coming. You just have to be ready to ride it.

Replo Changelog

Replo Updates

Wondering what updates have happened on Replo in the last few days? You can now follow along with changes to Replo on our Changelog, which we update on a weekly basis or you can spot new features by following us on Twitter!

We also recently launched a new partner program! Earn up to $3000/customer you refer to Replo. You can signup for our partner program here!

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