Replo Weekly: Chopping Wood, Carrying Water

Yuxin Zhu

Yuxin Zhu

Replo Superfriends!

Last week was CRAZY.

We won't rehash the tragic details, but by golly was it a rollercoaster week.

And while all the chaos of the world was happening, we were all also... working.

Building our brands, brick by brick, pixel by pixel.

During moments like this, we are reminded of a Zen Koan that serves as a guiding light in all parts of our lives.

"Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water."

No matter the circumstances of the external environment, we do what we must do to keep moving forward.

Now, we aren't suggesting that you ignore the happenings of the world or not react or engage with it.

Do what you must.

Rest when needed, emotionally, physically, mentally.

Find your center along the way.

Chop wood. Carry water.

July is almost here - we're halfway done with 2023.

Most of the world is going to start losing steam.

Taking their foot off the gas.

Getting comfy.

But Q4 is coming.

No let up.

Time keeps moving forward.

We hope to help you do the same.

Leveraging Customer Reviews For eCommerce Success with Opinew's Tomasz Sadowski

Design To Convert Podcast

Leveraging Customer Reviews For eCommerce Success with Opinew's Tomasz Sadowski

Social proof! Clarity on fit and sizing! Risk reduction!

These are some of the reasons why reviews are crucial to any ecommerce store's tech stack. 

Don't believe us?

Find someone close to you that shops on FashioNova.com. Watch them shop.

We're willing to bet good money that very few conversions happen on Fashion Nova where the buyer does not check the reviews before adding to cart.

So many businesses are a few review program optimizations away from unlocking the next level of scale.

As with many types of apps in the Shopify ecosystem, there is a seemingly endless collection of review apps to choose one.

We had a ton of fun talking to Tomasz, who started Opinew as a college project, and grew it, sold it, and still gets to run the biz. 

He spoke candidly about the challenges brands face when setting up a strong reviews program and choosing an app. That candor was followed up with universal applicable tactics to help brands build a reviews system that best fits their unique needs, even if you don't use his.

What we loved the most about the openness is that you would not expect it to come from the founder and leader of a business in one of the most cutthroat verticals in the ecommerce ecosystem.

The level of honest was refreshing and we're humbled that Tomasz brought such nuanced takes to our show.

If you're a long time newsletter reader but you have not listened to or watched Design to Convert yet, we promise that you'll have a great time by starting with this episode.

Watch DTC on Youtube.

The Freedom LP Pack 🇺🇸: FREE Templates You Need To Win July 4th Promos

Replo Offers

The Freedom LP Pack : FREE Templates You Need To Win July 4th Promos

Getting holiday promotions right is vital, especially during the "summer slump" in retail.

To make it easier than ever for you to win one of the biggest US holidays of the summer, we've put together the Freedom LP Pack - a collection of 10+ conversion-optimized landing page templates AND 4th of July sections that will make it easier than every to run the biggest summer marketings ever!

Let freedom ring and the Shopify cash-register go cha-ching (we had to) by using these templates to bring your holiday promotion funnels to life.

From Gift With Purchase promos to Limited Time Offers and Bundles, this template pack gives you everything you need to get your campaigns live in just a few clicks.

The best part? This template is FREE FOR ALL REPLO USERS!

Find the template pack in our Template Library within the Editor.

Make this Fourth of July the best promotional holiday of the summer and get the Freedom LP Pack today!

Facebook Ads Audit: Optimize Your Creative Ads With PaidAdvertising.Com

Events by Replo

Facebook Ads Audit: Optimize Your Creative Ads With PaidAdvertising.Com

Enhance your Facebook Ads skills and get a free Facebook Ads Creative Audit for your business with Justin Lalonde from PaidAdvertising.com!

During this exclusive event, Justin Lalonde, a renowned Facebook Ads expert, will conduct a live audit of your Facebook Ads and offer personalized insights to help you improve their performance.

It's always nice to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at your funnel and give an honest, data-validated opinion on how to improve.

With years of experience in creating successful Facebook Ads campaigns, Justin will provide actionable strategies to help you achieve your advertising goals and maximize your ROI.

When we were first putting this event together with Justin, we wanted to make sure that it wouldn't be another "how to boost a post" sessions or some super-technical, incredibly confusing (for no good reason) "strategy sessions."

Whether you're new to Facebook Ads or a seasoned pro, you'll gain valuable knowledge and practical tips to improve your advertising results.

New Viral Creative Format Just Dropped: Fake Podcasts!

Best of Twitter

New Viral Creative Format Just Dropped: Fake Podcasts!

Years ago, King of Hustle Gary Vee said that the best content for any social platform is content that is native to the platform.

Taking that lesson further, the best ad content looks like the most engaging organic content of each platform. 

Savannah Sanchez is back at it again with incredible ad creative that feels like an organic post.

Podcast content is core to the Tik Tok experience.

(If you didn't know that, what part of Tik Tok are you on???)

Maybe it's a bit cringe for some, but done well, the "fake podcast" format hooks the audience in a way they are used to being hooked.

Critically, it allows you to set up the narrative structure of your product offer, benefits, reasons to buy, objection handling, and closing with the least mental friction for your potential customers.

We're cheeky in how we framed this creative format, but knowing Savannah and the scale her team works at, we know this is something worth testing ASAP

Build trust, reduce risk, create clarity in the mind of your buyers.

Weekly Big Idea

Build trust, reduce risk, create clarity in the mind of your buyers.

Social proof, as we mentioned above, can make or break your conversion rate.

Tl;dr on social proof --> ratings and reviews about your products and brand.

Not having social proof could prevent a sale from happening.

Have bad social proof, or worse, faked social proof could hurt your brand and take you down. 

Not sure if your social proof

Here's a great social proof framework from Logan Storti:

Does your social proof show results that your clients/customers have gotten (numbers are always best)?

Does your social proof handle objections that your ideal customer has?

Does it align with different segments of your ideal market?

To do this make sure you:
• ask people what specific results they achieved
• have them mention the problems they were experiencing before
• include social proof that handles objections (too expensive, not enough time, etc.)

Read the full breakdown on Twitter.

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