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Justin Wiley

Justin Wiley

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Starting with our "deep dives" podcast, Design to Convert, we spotlight Dale Wilson from Ad Quadrant. Dale has been in the game for 20 years, back when Yahoo Stores was the easiest eCommerce experience to set up. Listen to how eComm has evolved and how you can build novel customer experiences using data.

Check out Sendlane, the unified Email & SMS (soon Reviews!) platform for eCommerce. See how they're giving you "More Tech, Less Stack" by allowing you to create the multi-channel customer experiences so you can scale HARD.

In our Community Spotlight, check out the Twitter thread where Moiz Ali was blown away buying creatine gummies straight from a text message.

Mark your calendars for our Shopify SEO Audit this Wednesday, powered by QCKBOT. SEO is commonly overlooked by many brands, but this event will help you build a long-lasting moat in no time.

Activate the "SWAT Team of Growth" for driving incremental revenue using affiliates and partner marketing with our Agency of the Week, Paul Street. ️

Lastly, we have an offer you can't refuse. What if you could push a button, and out came one of your existing landing pages, conversion-rate optimized by the best in the game, ready for traffic? Get it with the CRO Bundle, from Oddit x Replo!

Better get your favorite pair of sunglasses ready - the future of your business is looking brighter than ever after you read this issue of Replo Weekly!


Design To Convert Podcast

Data To Design Unique Customer Experiences With Ad Quadrant's Dale Wilson

In this episode of the "Design to Convert" podcast, the host, Sanjay Jenkins welcomes Dale Wilson, the partnerships manager from Ad Quadrant, a paid media and creative agency specializing in helping eCommerce brands achieve growth. The conversation revolves around Dale's background and experiences in the industry. Dale shares that he has been in the game for nearly 20 years, starting as a media buyer at Yahoo. He emphasizes the shift from advertising to large swaths of people to advertising to individuals, creating a personalized and engaging experience for each customer. Dale also discusses the advancements in ad technology, particularly the impact of mobile devices and the increasing importance of data privacy. He highlights the opportunities for brands to own and leverage their customer data to provide unique experiences


Partner of the Week

Sendlane: Unified Email + SMS for eCommerce

Sendlane is an email + SMS marketing tool built for eCommerce brands that want to simplify their tech stack and start scaling faster. We met the brilliant Sendlane team this week at SubSummit in Dallas, and they showed us how their own histories as growth marketers and eCommerce operators shaped the product as it is today. There is a ton of competition in the space, but the Sendlane team showed us everything they do to make it a no-brainer for Shopify stores to switch or start sending emails & texts on Sendlane. With fast, human support, done-for-you migrations, and other features designed to help you convert more people with ease, Sendlane might be your new favorite eCommerce tool.

Moiz Ali

Community Spotlight

Moiz Ali Buying Creatine Gummies From A Single Text Message

Several years ago, Gary Vaynerchuck launched Wine Text, a service that allowed you to buy wine by replying to a text message. This week, Moiz Ali, founder of Native, tweeted about how he was able to experience the same type of checkout from a creatine gummy brand (TryCreate.co). You don't have to be world's #1 garage sale king to take advantage of a new way for customers to order your products. Check out the tweet and the tech behind it!

paul st.

Agency Of The Week

Activate Affiliates & Partner Marketing With Paul Street

Paul Street is a first-of-its-kind, strategic initiatives agency that drives incremental revenue for consumer brands through the power of affiliate and partner marketing. With your in-house partner marketing SWAT team, you’ll get: Partner Recruitment & Management, Campaign Setup and Reporting, Strategic Growth Advisory & Support, and Full Funnel Landing Page & Advertorial Development. Join your favorite brands like Hexclad, Goli, Viome, Solawave and more in unlocking new revenues through partnerships.


Events by Replo

SEO Audit Workshop with QCKBOT

Are you struggling to improve your website's ranking on search engines? Are you looking for ways to increase traffic to your website? Look no further than Replo's Live SEO Audit Workshop with QCKBOT! Join us for a unique opportunity to get a free, live SEO audit for your website.


Replo Offers

Push 1 Button, Get A Conversion-Optimized Landing Page Done For You.

Unleash the power of the Oddit x Replo CRO Bundle, crafted to turbocharge your conversions and rejuvenate your landing pages. Our approach is two-fold: Oddit begins with a comprehensive CRO analysis, redesigning 10 pivotal conversion points on your existing landing page. Then, a Replo Expert steps in, recreating your enhanced page on Replo, assuring you superior performance. As a pivotal part of this package, new users not already subscribed to a paid plan can dive into a 3-month free trial of the Replo Starter Plan. This unique opportunity lets you experience first-hand the effectiveness and versatility of our platform. So, don't wait! Elevate your landing page to unparalleled heights with this comprehensive package.

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