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Sanjay Jenkins

Sanjay Jenkins

Happy Monday Replo Friends!

Happy Monday Replo Friends!,

We're a week into August!

You're likely working hard to get ready for Q4.

It seems like everyone is slammed, back-to-back meetings, getting approvals, checking in with legal, revisions revisions revisions, and maybe you have time to eat a healthy lunch in between it all...

Take a moment to pause.

Take a deep breath.

Think about how far you've come.

Experience gratitude for the journey that's brought you here.

We're grateful that you're here, taking time out of your day to read our newsletter.

And we hope it'll help you crush the back half of the year and hit your goals.

Let's boogie.

Replo Case Studies

Replo Case Studies

Taking A Brand From $119k/month to $527k/month In A Year, Using Landing Page Testing

The number 1 question folks completely new to landing pages ask us is:

"How are other people using Replo?"

This question comes from wanting to know how to actually get value not only out of Replo, but of landers in general.

If you have this question, this case study is for you.

From making ad account fixes to ramping creative and offer testing aggressively, Badal Pandey of XLR Media was able to scale a client brand to over half a million dollars in monthly revenue using Replo Landing Pages.

Going from $1M to $5M a year is no small feat.

This is by all accounts, executive level business.

Read the case study and start building the pages that will take your business to the next level.

Using Replo to Build Landing Pages
Design To Convert Podcast

Design To Convert Podcast

The Surprisingly Simple Secrets To Scaling Your Agency to $10M+ with Jordan Ross of 8 Figure Agency

If you run an agency, are thinking about starting an agency, work inside an agency, or are even considering hiring an agency... listen to this podcast.

Jordan Ross of 8 Figure Agency breaks down the steps that agency operators need to take to get their business ready to grow to $10M and beyond. 

The steps are simple.

Simple, however, does not mean easy.

The process Jordan outlines is the type of work people need to do when someone says to "work on your business, not in your business."

Jordan's approach was special because he outlined how much depth you need to have in this work to actually make it work. 

Non-agency operators rejoice - the principles of growth are valuable to you regardless of the type of business you run.

In this episode, we move beyond our typical "how you got started" interview format and go deeper into the strategies and tactics.

All so you can grow to $10M and beyond, much sooner than you thought possible.

Watch the episode on Youtube.

Replo Templates

Replo Templates

Get The Best Performing Replo Template Of The Month!

To help you make more money faster...

We asked our customers which of our mobile-optimized, conversion-focused templates is working the best for them this month.

The responses came in fast, and the winning template blew the rest out of the water this month.

Introducing Replo Template of the Month!

Each month, we'll share the template that worked best in the past month.

As we grow our library, brands of all shapes and sizes will have more data and signal that ever before on how to get scaling wins quickly.

The best part? We completely redid our template sharing process so that you can use the winner in fewer clicks!

The first winning template was the bundle offer page.

The page is a masterclass in building offer value, showcasing tiered pricing well, and getting people to make the purchase with little friction.

Here's what one merchant said about it:

"We're getting 200 sales a day just through this page..."

On prospecting no less!

Get the Template of the Month today!

Partner Content

Partner Content

Zach Stuck's Arc Building An Agency Then Buying & Building Brands | EcomGold Podcast with Finn Radford

You hear it in the agency operator convos all the time.

"We want to eventually incubate and/or buy our own brands."

Zach Stuck did it, and he's crushing it.

In this EcomGold podcast, Zach breaks down:

1. How he moved from running an agency to running brands

2. Building multiple brands at the same time, including a brand started completely from scratch

3. How to finance growth

The secrets everyone wants when making the leap from running an agency to running brands... shared freely.

Stacked with our convo with Jordan Ross above, this newsletter is proving to be the masterclass for folks in the ecomm agency space looking for different paths to grow.

Watch The EcomGold Podcast On YouTube.

Disclaimer: We are not incentivized in any way to share this content. We think it's valuable content for you, our audience, and we wanted to share.

Replo Features Beta

Replo Features Beta

Apply To The Replo PDP Beta Program!

Replo's most requested feature is product pages.

Soon, you'll be able to have full design control of just about every page of your Shopify site without needing to code - especially your product page tempaltes.

Say bye-bye to the limits of your theme.

Say hello to increasing conversions easier than ever before... and it all starts with publishing product page templates (PDPs)!

If you're interested, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

Replo Events

Replo Events

Live CRO Teardown with Oddit - Hosted By Replo and Triple Whale - August 16th

Replo and Triple Whale are thrilled to host another Live CRO Teardown event featuring Shaun Brandt, the co-founder of Oddit.

During the event, Shaun will be sharing his decade-long expertise in designing digital experiences for the world's top brands. He will provide actionable tips to optimize your website, improve conversion rates, and build brand trust.

This is a unique opportunity to gain insights from a leader in the field and learn how to leverage Oddit's brand-first CRO approach, the power of Replo's high-performance pages, and Triple Whale's real-time data analytics.

All attendees are encouraged to bring their website's URL and a notepad to take notes. This is a golden opportunity to get personalized advice completely free of charge. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn from the best, and take your website to the next level. Sign up now and join us for the Live CRO Teardown!

Oddit is a service that provides robust, conversion-focused UX reports and design recommendations for e-commerce stores. Oddit offers expert advice to build brand trust and reduce friction in user experience. Their service includes analyzing your site, redesigning sections, and providing actionable recommendations to improve your site's performance and conversion rates.

Triple Whale
Triple Whale is the source of truth for the data that helps you make better decisions. From integrations with your most important platforms to ecommerce-training AI, Triple Whale helps you find the exact data points you need, with customization and personalization to fit your business.

Replo Events

Replo Events

Brand Innovation Unleashed: Navigating the Digital Landscape With VaynerCommerce and Obvi - August 24th

'Brand Innovation Unleashed: Navigating the Digital Landscape' will delve into the intricacies of e-commerce and digital marketing, focusing on how businesses can leverage innovative tools and strategies to optimize their online presence and drive growth.

The discussion will encompass key areas such as the development of high-performance landing pages, the use of analytics and attribution for decision-making, and the implementation of full-funnel growth strategies.

Nate Champion, the Co-President and Chief Growth Officer at VaynerCommerce, and Ashvin Melwani, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Obvi, will share their insights on how to effectively engage customers, increase conversion and retention, and maximize Lifetime Value (LTV).

VaynerCommerce is a growth and performance marketing company that specializes in helping businesses optimize their digital presence. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including full-funnel growth management, paid social and search, ad and creative production, email and SMS marketing, and conversion rate optimization.

Obvi, on the other hand, is a health and wellness company that offers a range of products designed to support weight loss, skin and hair health, anti-aging, and energy. They focus on providing high-quality, effective products that cater to the specific needs and preferences of their customers.

Triple Whale
Triple Whale is the source of truth for the data that helps you make better decisions. From integrations with your most important platforms to ecommerce-training AI, Triple Whale helps you find the exact data points you need, with customization and personalization to fit your business.

Replo Changelog

Replo Updates

Wondering what updates have happened on Replo in the last few days? You can now follow along with changes to Replo on our Changelog, which we update on a weekly basis or you can spot new features by following us on Twitter!

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