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Sanjay Jenkins

Sanjay Jenkins

Replo Superfriends!

Replo Superfriends!

It's the Monday after a holiday week, and one where the holiday was on a Tuesday.

I'll take "Things That Should Be Illegal for $400, Alex."

Many of you are in NYC for Grow NY, and if you are, DM us on Twitter or catch us at many of the meetups happening throughout the week!

Summertime in retail is always a challenge, and we know you're busy.

This week is a short letter, but filled with might valuable things

Let's jump in.

Events by Replo

Events by Replo

How To Build A 9-Figure Full-Funnel Creative Strategy: From Ad To Landing Page To Checkout & Beyond With High-Growth Cookware Biz HexClad

We shared this last week, but the event is THIS THURSDAY and it's a must-attend.

Here's why:

The best businesses grow the fastest when they make the experience from Ad to Landing Page To Checkout To Post-Purchase seamless and unified.

That level of coordination doesn't happen overnight, and it certainly doesn't happen by accident.

One company that understood the assignment and executed brilliantly against it is Hexclad - the 9+ Figure Cookware Brand making all of us home chefs feel like Gordon Ramsey.

Join us as Connor Rolain, Head of Growth at Hexclad, gives us the secrets he and his team have used to unreal growth while protecting profitability.

And hint, hint... the secrets are in his full-funnel creative strategy.

We'll walk through how he thinks about ecommerce growth, how he creates content+commerce journeys like What's In My Kitchen with Hailey Bieber, and how you can use the tools and processes he uses at Hexclad!

This is a can't-miss event... so don't miss it! Register early for it!

Design To Convert Podcast

Powering eCommerce Growth Using Affiliates With Mustafa Saeed of Paul Street

DTC brands need to affiliates more.

The hardcore direct response folks have relied on affiliates for years, but the DTC seems to just be getting into the space with enough ferocity to move the needle.

That's why it was so fun talking to Mustafa from Paul Street.

Mustafa shares how Paul Street is fixing the broken affiliate marketing landscape by connecting eCommerce businesses with high-quality traffic sources, such as top earning affiliates, agencies, publications, influencers, podcasts, and newsletters.

He told us how he used his experience working at the affiliate marketing platform Squaredance to help brands unlock the channel with the Paul Street agency.

Whether you're new to affiliates, been on the fence, or trying to find ways to improve your program even more, this episode is a great way to grow.

Watch DTC on YouTube.

Some Practical Tips To Acquiring + Retaining Customers In The New Economic Climate

Best of Twitter

Some Practical Tips To Acquiring + Retaining Customers In The New Economic Climate

Common Thread Collective has a history of doing deep data analysis on the big levers of ecommerce growth and they're back again with another banger.

Luke Austin continues to share the insights they are seeing across their client accounts and takes it a step further and offers tactical advice on how any brand can put that data to use.

Whether you're the lead media buyer at an agency or a brand founder trying to figure it out on your own, this thread will give you some firepower.

Be Our Guest

Design To Convert Podcast

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Want to share your growth tales from the ecommerce trenches?

We want to help you!

Design to Convert has had some incredible guests since we launched this spring and YOU may be the next one!

Answer a few questions and we'll reach out to schedule you if you're a fit!

In addition to the podcast on Spotify (listen here), you'll also get clips from the podcast, distribution across this newsletter, Youtube, and our socials, as well as access to the clips for you to use on your own marketing channels.

Here's the biggest thing - only fill out the form if you want to help operators in the ecommerce space grow and work more efficiently and effectively.

At the end of the day, that's all that matters.

And if you've got the stories that will inspire and help the others in the trenches - come onto the show and tell the world.

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