◢ Replo Weekly: Scaling Secrets From The Fastest Growing Brands, Billion-Dollar Templates, and CRO Without Lifting A Finger!

Yuxin Zhu

Yuxin Zhu

Replo Legends, time to run it back!

It's Monday morning, which means we're BACK AT IT AGAIN with another edition of Replo Weekly.

Somehow, we're halfway through the month. Is it just us or is this year speeding by?

Last week, we found ourselves among some absolute KILLERS in the space.

Brands like Hostage Tape, Henson Shaving, and Patrick Adair Designs, all in one room, telling us how they've been able to grow to 8 figures and beyond in a handful of years or less.

Want to learn from them? You'll find our biggest takeaways below.

In this edition, we're also getting you STOCKED UP on a few resources that will take your Shopify growth game to the next level.

You'll find a link to a new offer page template, an ecommerce-specific consumer confidence index that correlates to MER, and more.

Half of the year is almost over.

If you haven't already, it's probably time to start prepping for Q4.

Let's not waste any time and dive right in.

Replo Podcast

Design To Convert Podcast

Mastering eCommerce Growth: Insights from a Former Shopify Plus Expert with The Dojo's Arsh Sidhu

As people that build on Shopify, we spend a ton of time talking with other folks building for Shopify (apps) or on Shopify (brands).

Rarely do we get to talk to someone that helped build Shopify itself.

In this episode, we talk to DTC growth consultant Arsh Sidhu, who got his big start in the industry by helping build Shopify Plus from the ground up.

We get to hear about the unique challenges and areas of focus he and his team had while growing the platform, and how he took his growth talents to scaling Asystem, a clinically-tested suite of supplements and personal care products.

Builders build, and we love learning from them. Listen to Arsh's stories from the trenches on this week's episode of Design to Convert.

Watch DTC on Youtube.

Listen to the Podcast

Hello Tax

Partner of the Week

HelloTax: Simplify Your European Business Expansion with Expert Assistance

If you are looking to expand your business into the European market but are daunted by the complexities of VAT, customs, logistics, translations, and compliance, you can now breathe easy.

Our partners at Hellotax, Xtreme Power Brands, and Nick Penev have teamed up to offer an all-in-one solution for European expansion.

Their services, available in multiple European countries, include taking care of VAT compliance, product compliance, logistics, customs, translations, funding, and foreign exchange bonuses.

With a network of over 500 EU-based providers and discounts exceeding $3000 on the Expansion to Europe Package, this collaboration is designed to streamline the process and help businesses successfully penetrate the European market.

Get a FREE Expansion Consultation by clicking the button below

Get A Free Consultation

CRO Teardown

Events by Replo

Live CRO Teardown with Oddit!

We are excited to host a Live CRO Teardown event with Shaun Brandt, co-founder of Oddit!

A few weeks ago, we launched our CRO Offer and the demand was incredible.

Brands of all sizes signed up to get an existing landing page optimized by the geniuses at Oddit and then have that page brought to life by a Replo!

If you'd like more info, scroll down to learn more.

If you'd like a FREE CRO teardown, join our live web event where Shaun will give you the gold in real time.

During the event, Shaun will be providing expert analysis and actionable tips to help optimize your website and improve conversion rates.

All attendees are encouraged to bring their website's URL and a notepad to take notes.

This is a unique opportunity to get personalized advice from a leading expert in the field, completely free of charge. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn from the best and take your website to the next level. Sign up now and join us for the Live CRO Teardown!

RSVP For The FREE CRO Teardown!

Fastest growing brands

Best of Twitter

Everything We Learned From Some Of The Fastest Growing Brands in DTC

We were luck to be a part of Triple Whale's Blue Whale Group, an exclusive mastermind for brands doing $5+ Million per year in DTC sales. 

Here's what you need to know: Profitable Scale Is Real & You Can Do It Too.

Despite some of the wildest macroeconomic factors in the history of DTC, brands selling in every vertical possible were finding profitable scale today.

These brand operators opened up like never before, without ego, and shared what was working and what wasn't.

Read the 8 Key Lessons we learned from the $8+ figure brands that are only 1-2 years old on profitable, sustainable growth without burning out.

Read The Lessons

what makes a great offer?

Weekly Big Idea

You Are One Offer Away From Your Next Scaling Event


Ever since Alex Hormozi dropped $100M Offers, that's the only thing anyone seems to talk about these days!

For good reason, however - a truly irresistible offer can be the difference between going out of business and becoming the next Squatty Potty!

Level 1 ecommerce offers tend to be percentage % off discounts.

Ex. 20% off.

Level 3 is adding free shipping to the offer.

Level 5 might incorporate a gift with purchase on top.

But to get beyond Level 5, you have to dig deep and think through ALL the things that would make your product be the best thing to happen to your customer.

And to take it even further... building your offer can help you lower your Customer Acquisition Costs like never before and in ways you've never heard before.

It's such an important topic that we're coming out with an eCommerce Offer Building Guide soon. It will include some of the Jedi tactics to build offer value that only the folks in the deepest parts of the trenches are working.

In the meantime, see a great offer and all its parts, from the Video Sales Letter (VSL), landing page, exit-intent Free + Shipping downsell offer, and more broken down step by step by the legendary Danavir Sarria.

See A Killer Offer Breakdown


New Community Templates

Build A Bundle Offer Page Using Dollar Shave Club's Razor Set Template

Admit it - at some point in your ecommerce career you wished that you had created the Dollar Shave Club ad.

It was the perfect framing for a killer offer, wrapped in an engaging, funny, and infinitely scalable hero video ad.

And then it hit harder when they sold for a cool billion...

Maybe the ship sailed on being Dollar Shave Club... but that doesn't mean you can't learn from them!

We just dropped the DSC Razor Set Trial template into Replo.

Find it within the Community Templates inside the Replo Editor or by clicking the link below.

Add it to your site, swap out the content to your brand and offer, and get traffic to it.

It's time to scale!

Use The DSC Template

CRO Bundle Pack

Replo Offers

Increase Conversion Rates Without Lifting A Finger | Powered By Oddit x Replo

We've joined forces with the industry's finest for CRO! Check out the Oddit x Replo CRO Bundle.

Analyze and redesign critical conversion areas with Oddit's Quick Win 10-pack, complemented by Replo's LP Rebuild. Plus a 3 month FREE trial of the Replo Starter plan (only available to new users not currently on a paid plan).

This is one of the easiest ways to get a higher converting landing page without lifting a finger.

Oddit works their magic, and we take the improvements and bring them to life in Replo.

Whether you're a Replo legend or someone who has been on the fence, the CRO bundle is the "Easy Button" for increasing conversion rates for your Shopify store at an unmatched price.

Don't wait. Supercharge your conversion rate.

Get the CRO Bundle

Replo Changelog

Replo Updates

Wondering what updates have happened on Replo in the last few days? You can now follow along with changes to Replo on our Changelog, which we update on a weekly basis or you can spot new features by following us on Twitter!

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