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Justin Wiley

Justin Wiley

Heyya Replo Fam!

Get ready to dive into another power-packed week teeming with cutting-edge developments, innovative strategies, and invigorating interactions!

In the latest chapter of our immersive podcast, Design to Convert, we spotlight the trajectory of DTC success to ecommerce agency growth with insights from Ben Petraglia, a maverick in the industry.

Discover Motion, your performance creative hub, our partner in crafting the future of digital retail, bolstering your performance to outshine competitors.

In our Brand Spotlight, we give a shoutout to ELAVI, a brand dedicated to nourishing your wellness journey with their honest, nutritive products.

Mark your calendars for our Shopify Tech Stack Audit this Wednesday, an exclusive Replo event aimed at unlocking your ecommerce growth potential.

Hone your e-commerce prowess with the PurpleFire's CRO Incubator, an exceptional opportunity for DTC learning.

And ignite your conversion rates with our unique Oddit x Replo CRO Bundle, and let your landing pages soar to unprecedented levels!

So, strap in to navigate this week with full throttle, extending your ecommerce horizons further than ever before!

Design To Convert Podcast

Design To Convert Podcast

DTC Success to E-commerce Agency Growth: Insights with Ben Petraglia

In our latest episode of Design to Convert, Sanjay Jenkins dives into a candid conversation with Ben Petraglia, the Strategy and Paid Acquisition head at Accelerated Growth Studio. The discussion traces Ben's trajectory from his roots in the music blog industry, through his entrepreneurial journey with Solé, a DTC bicycle brand, to his current role. From leveraging the power of organic SEO, overcoming logistic challenges, to juggling college life and entrepreneurship, Ben shares insightful experiences that shaped his business acumen. His passion for innovation and creation echoes throughout, shedding light on his approach to his work at Accelerated Growth Studio.

Listen to the Podcast

Partner of the Week

Partner of the Week

Motion: Your Performance Creative Hub

Motion is a creative analytics platform that helps creative minds and media buyers instantly understand which ads are working and why. No more complex spreadsheets that take forever to make and confuse creative teams. Instead, Motion gives you powerful visual reports that guide your creative strategy. Now, everyone on your team can see your best creatives, the strategies that are working, and the best iterations to test next. Sign-up for a free trial below.

Free Motion Trial

Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight

ELAVI: Fueling Well-being with Honest Nutrition

This week's Replo brand spotlight falls on ELAVI, a game-changer in the health food sector. Their passionately crafted nutritionally trustworthy snacks will invigorate your day. Their standout product is the mouthwatering blue spirulina cashew butter that has garnered rave reviews. ELAVI's high-converting landing pages, elegantly designed on Replo, reflect their commitment to clean ingredients, no diet culture, and the belief that food should be nourishing. Check them out!

Check Out ELAVI

Replo Events

Replo Events

Shopify Techstack Audit: Unlocking eCommerce Growth

Don't miss out on the upcoming Shopify Tech Stack Audit event this Wednesday! Join us and Oliver Rhodes, the founder of Aalto Projects, who will share invaluable insights on optimizing Shopify tech stacks to maximize ecommerce success. Tailored for businesses aiming to streamline their online sales process and unlock growth potential, this event provides real-world examples and strategic enhancement tips. As a bonus, attendees can also get a free audit of their brand's tech stacks for personalized recommendations. This is your chance to learn from a leading industry expert and elevate your ecommerce game to new heights.

Register for Tech Stack Audit

Community Education

Community Education

Boost Your E-commerce Success with PurpleFire's Ecomm CRO Incubator

Discover this awesome DTC resource from PurpleFire: the Ecommerce CRO Incubator. They've taken the cream of the crop from over 1000 A/B tests and compiled an array of top-tier CRO hacks, all packaged neatly in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand landing page course. The best part? It's all accessible free of charge for now. Not only does this incubator grant access to the top 200 DTC Landing Pages, but it also provides a compendium of the top 250 CRO Hacks aimed at supercharging your conversion rate. Plus, there's a full Landing Page Course showing you how to build with Replo, and much more.

Watch the CRO Incubator

Replo Offers

Replo Offers

Turbocharge Your Conversion with Oddit x Replo's CRO Bundle

Unleash the power of the Oddit x Replo CRO Bundle, crafted to turbocharge your conversions and rejuvenate your landing pages. Our approach is two-fold: Oddit begins with a comprehensive CRO analysis, redesigning 10 pivotal conversion points on your existing landing page. Then, a Replo Expert steps in, recreating your enhanced page on Replo, assuring you superior performance. As a pivotal part of this package, new users not already subscribed to a paid plan can dive into a 3-month free trial of the Replo Starter Plan. This unique opportunity lets you experience first-hand the effectiveness and versatility of our platform. So, don't wait! Elevate your landing page to unparalleled heights with this comprehensive package.

Turbocharge My Landing Page

Replo Changelog

Replo Updates

Wondering what updates have happened on Replo in the last few days? You can now follow along with changes to Replo on our Changelog, which we update on a weekly basis or you can spot new features by following us on Twitter!

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