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Sanjay Jenkins

Sanjay Jenkins

Replo Legends

Replo Legends!

At times, last week felt... not real (like what that lady saw on the plane).

Between DTC Twitter Drama that made the Attribution Wars look like a schoolyard tussle, and all the events and learning from Grow NY and the other conferences around the world, while running brands, agencies, and SaaS...

Ecomm folks have been a busy bunch!

We're getting back to our regularly scheduled programming this week, stacking great partners up with some tactical guidance to grow your store.

New content, new features, and good vibes.

Can we ask for much more?

We're hoping that this edition of the newsletter gives you the tools and knowledge to get more done in less time, while making more money.

The dream.

As Drake said, "They say that life's about balance, baby, and the balance is in my account now."

And that's what we're trying to give you today.

Let's rip.

New Replo Integration

New Replo Integration

New Postscript x Replo Integration Just Dropped: Drag-and-Drop To Easily Create SMS Campaigns Through Your Landing Pages


We love coming out with new integrations for Replo, and we've been working on this one for a while.

If you use Postscript to power your SMS marketing, or if you're on the fence, this is a great way to unlock even more value out of the tool through your Replo landing pages.

Before we show you the docs, here are some fun ideas on how you can use Postscript with a landing page!

1. Product Drops --> Build a landing page for an upcoming product launch.

Embed the SMS form for customers to get on the pre-sale/launch list into your landing page that shows all the amazing benefits and features of the upcoming product.

Drive traffic to that page, get new SMS subscribers, and when it's launch day, send out your launch campaign to the most highly engaged, most-likely-to-convert customers and sell out in minutes.

2. Birthday Retention/Re-engagement campaign --> Build a landing page where someone can sign up to receive a unique gift when they give you their birthdate.

When someone fills out the Postscript form on the landing page, enroll them into a flow that fires off a discount or GWP on their birthday (can also do birth month or week).

This is a great way to re-engage customers who haven't engaged with your content in a hot minute while stimulating a future purchase on auto-pilot.

3. Lead Generation Pre-Sale Page --> If you're running any sort of lead generation campaign, embedding a Postscript form onto a Replo landing page is a great way to give away your lead magnet and grow your list.

After the potential customer submits the form, redirect to a more direct offer page to get them to buy ASAP.

These are just some of the things you can do with this new integration.

Click below to see the full tutorial and start growing your SMS channel revenue!

P.S. Did you see that Postscript bought Shopify cashback app Fondue?

Replo Events

Replo Events

Using Research To Increase Conversions: Facebook Ads Training With Justin Lalonde of PaidAdvertising.com

The best/cheapest/easiest time for media buying was some number of years ago.

The second best/cheapest/easiest time is right now.

That being said, it's still tricky to run ads if you don't have too much familiarity with it AND you're spread thin running all the other parts of your business.

Thankfully, we've got a great partner in the crew at PaidAdvertising.com.

On a regular basis, their CEO Justin Lalonde takes Replo merchants through ad account audits and shares the tactics and strategies that are working right now.

In this edition of Mastering Facebook Ads, Justin covers:

  • Using data to build customer personas
  • Mapping personas to different parts of your advertising funnel
  • Mythbusting UGC and how to get the most out of it
  • And so much more!

Watch the training on YouTube and sign up for the next one live on August 9th!

Solutions for Shopify

Solutions for Shopify

Finally, EDI Made Easier Than Ever Before With Crstl

When I (Sanjay Jenkins from Replo) was the Director of eCommerce for BuffCitySoap.com, the biggest pain for my supply chain team was building a custom EDI solution for our main 3PL.

I could sling hundreds of thousands of dollars of soap in a weekend, but we had several OOS events or delayed shipment periods because we couldn't get our raw material in time.

And it all came back to the manual work required to get orders through our raw mat. 3PL, develop the EDI to automate it... and once built, troubleshoot the heck out of it on a weekly basis when it would break!

If you're not familiar with EDI, it stands for Electronic Data Interchange.

It's equal parts a translation from one data system into another and workflow automation --> as you sell more stuff, you can automatically order and move materials and inventory through your systems and locations.

EDI is the glue that connects it all together and ensures data is accurate and fast.

That being said - it's a pain (and insanely expressive at times) to get set up.

EDI can be scary, so it's dope to see a company tackle this head on in a no-code, affordable fashion.

While we haven't tested it ourselves yet (gotta be honest), we're hearing some amazing things so far from brands who have tried it. 

Here's what the Crstl team has to say about their tool:

Crstl is the ultimate modern EDI solution for brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers of all sizes.

Bid farewell to the complexities of expanding into retail and online marketplaces, because Crstl makes it effortless to onboard, transact, and grow your business.

Coding, integrations, testing & certification, and timely customer support?

Yes, Crstl takes care of it.

Shipping labels, packing slips, hassle free pricing and no nickeling and diming?

You got it.

If you loathe your current EDI provider but haven’t found an alternative for too long, or looking to get started with EDI immediately as you are getting ready for your first trading partner, you can get started with the Crstl FREEDI plan today.

Best of Twitter

Best of Twitter

Real Creativity Diversity and How To Pull It Off For Your Ad Account(s) from DTC Veteran David Herrmann

David Herrmann has been growing businesses longer than Facebook Ads have been around and he's been generous about sharing his hard-fought lessons, the good, the bad, and the ugly, with a level of honesty and simplicity few operators can replicate.

He dropped a great visual explainer and tactical guide on introducing creativity diversity into your ad accounts.

Yes, we're telling you right now that just changing the headline on a duplicate static ad is not diverse enough.

To truly learn what scales your unique brand, you have to test a bunch of different styles of content.

From statics, gifs, UGC videos, and remixes and mashups of them all, every test gives you a bit more data on what your customers actually care about and resonate with... and what causes them to BUY!

Remove the mystery. Build ads with creative diversity in mind. Read how David thinks about it and check out his specific live ad examples below!

Design To Convert Podcast

Design To Convert Podcast

Be Our Guest: Fill Out This Form & Become A Guest on Our Podcast!

We're still looking for podcasts guests for season 3 of Design to Convert!

If you or someone that you know would be a great fit, no matter where they fit into the ecommerce ecosystem, sign up to be on the podcast!

Check out the podcast here.

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