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Sanjay Jenkins

Sanjay Jenkins

Replo Peeps!

Replo Peeps!

If you're in the US - Happy 4th Weekend!

We hope you're enjoying some time off (while frantically refreshing Shopify for the latest on your holiday promo performance in between Aperol Spritzes).

And if that's not relevant to you... uhhh... hi. Happy Monday!

Hopefully, you're enjoying a nice spritz too!

No matter where you are in the world, one thing is true: It's Q3!

And you know what happens after Q3...

Y'all better be gearing up for one of the wildest BFCMs and holiday seasons we've ever experienced as a community.

Over at Replo, we're committed to making this one of the best years in the history of your business and we're cooking up some MERCHANT MAGIC. 

Hopefully, this intro got you adequately HYPED because we've got a banger newsletter for you this week... 

We're going to kill your "I don't have time to make a great landing page" excuses - it's easier than ever to crush it for your brand in almost zero time.

We're sharing a copywriting hack that will let you cook up homepage headlines that will have site visitors turning into raving fans faster than a nicotine aficionado pops in a Zyn in the morning.

(okay seriously, is everyone using Zyn these days?)

Game-changing partners sharing their secrets, community coming in clutch, and Shopify leadership being cool.

Phew... the intro was nuts.

Let's crank, shall we?

Google's Universal Analytics... Goodbye, Old Friend. Here's LittleData Making GA4 An Easier Pill To Swallow.

Partner of the Week

Google's Universal Analytics... Goodbye, Old Friend. Here's LittleData Making GA4 An Easier Pill To Swallow.

Mark the date.

July 1, 2023. The end of Universal Analytics.

If you haven't already, now is the time to set up your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property.

Like, right now. Because we promise that your current Google Analytics setup isn't doing a darn thing for you if you haven't set up GA4 yet.

One of the most common complaints we've heard from merchants is GA4 dropping conversions or not pulling in revenue. Getting conversions to pull through has been a real challenge, and if that's you, you're in luck.

Our friends over at Littledata put together a free GA4 Order Checker app to see if your Google Analytics properties are correctly tracking e-commerce conversion data.

As Littledata says, "The GA4 Order Checker answers questions like:

Am I tracking conversions in GA4?
Does Shopify match GA?
Is revenue tracked correctly?"

And frankly... those are the most pressing questions to get answers to today.

Waste not a second more, even if you're already running GA4, do a quick spot-check for free, courtesy of our friends over at Littledata.

Design to Convert Podcast

Design To Convert Podcast

Getting A Brand Off The Ground For The First Time? Here's Product Testing On A Budget.

Woah woah woah - isn't there normally a podcast here?

Yes, yes there is. Not this week, we're trying something here!

Two of the common questions we get from folks early in their ecommerce journey are...

How the heck do I test a product idea? And how much do I spend?

Fear not, we've got the answer for you.

Replo's Sanjay Jenkins provides a framework for product testing that factors in the type of product that you might be testing... for less than $1000.

Watch the video on YouTube by clicking the big, beautiful, blue button below!

Shopify Special

Shopify Special

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein Supporting Merchants With His Money

One of the best parts about building and operating within the Shopify ecosystem is the leadership of Shopify itself.

Tobi, the founder, and Harley, President of Shopify - though imperfect - are some of the most human, thoughtful, and driven people in the whole ecosystem.

One thing that sets the Shopify community apart from other sectors of e-commerce... two of the key players are so invested in supporting the merchants that power their platform that they show it by buying their products.

What started out as a simple reply turned into a thread of threads of Harley buying products from brands we know and love, and brands coming up in the game.

All are built on Shopify, all trying to make the lives of their customers richer while providing founders with a better way to move through the world.

Builders build.

And it's humbling, energizing, and fun to see builders support builders.

Weekly Big Idea

Weekly Big Idea

Brave New World for UGC: Updates to The FTC Endorsement Guides - If You Skip This, You May Not Be Running Compliant Ads.

We're going to start by saying - please check with your lawyers on this.

Last week, the FTC dropped new Endorsement Guides, which are the do's and do not's for things like User-Generated Content/Influencer marketing.

Before, creators could put "#ad" in the caption of a Tik Tok ad post. Now, text that says "AD" must be superimposed in the video itself.

Just one of the many changes going into effect that will fundamentally change how we work with content creators AND how we run media ourselves.

Obviously, there is a lot of nuance here, which is why you should

1. Read the new Guides yourself.

2. Have your legal team do it.

This likely has greater implications to your business than GA4 migration does (is that even safe to say????) so don't drag your feet on being a compliant advertiser.

The FTC isn't messing around anymore.

Events by Replo

How To Build A 9-Figure Full-Funnel Creative Strategy: From Ad To Landing Page To Checkout & Beyond With High-Growth Cookware Biz HexClad

We've said it before... the best businesses grow the fastest when they make the experience from Ad to Landing Page To Checkout To Post-Purchase seamless and unified.

That level of coordination doesn't happen overnight, and it certainly doesn't happen by accident.

One company that understood the assignment and executed brilliantly against it is Hexclad - the 9+ Figure Cookware Brand making all of us home chefs feel like Gordon Ramsey. 

Join us as Connor Rolain, Head of Growth at Hexclad, gives us the secrets he and his team have used to unreal growth while protecting profitability.

And hint, hint... the secrets are in his full-funnel creative strategy.

We'll walk through how he thinks about ecommerce growth, how he creates content+commerce journeys like What's In My Kitchen with Hailey Bieber, and how you can use the tools and processes he uses at Hexclad!

This is a can't-miss event... so don't miss it! Register early for it!

And if you screenshot your registration and email it to sanjay@replo.app, we'll send you 2 free high-converting template sperfect for your next full-funnel campaign.

Best of Twitter

Time Is No Longer An Excuse: Build Landing Pages FAST

If we got a dollar for every time we heard "I don't have time to build a landing page..."

Here are 2 truths and a lie.

1. Every Shopify brand needs landing pages. Like, it's mission critical. (truth)

2. Replo makes it easy to build landing pages fast. (truth)

3. You don't have time to build landing pages. (LIE)

To prove to everyone that it's easier than ever to build a high-converting landing page, we built one for a COMPLETELY RANDOM BRAND in 10 minutes.

And what's even wilder is that if we had used Replo AI, it would have been done even FASTER!

Here's how it worked:

1. We found a random brand on Commerce Cream.

2. We pulled the best listicle landing page template in Replo.

3. We used ChatGPT to write all the copy. Here's the link to the GPT prompt you can copy and use for your own brand.

And that's it.

You could build the lottery winning landing page that unlocks your business forever, changes your life, gets you the dream house... faster than you pull up any report in GA4.

Weekly Big Idea 💡

Weekly Big Idea

The Homepage Headline Formula That Will Get You Raving Fans In 30 Seconds

Introducing the Magic Why, Simple How framework - a tactical homepage headline writing tool for eCommerce brands.

The Magic Why, Simple How framework consists of two parts: the Magic Why and the Simple How.

These two elements work together to create a compelling narrative for your brand. The strongest headlines have BOTH elements.

In 2 lines, you know:

WHO the brand serves (target audience)
HOW the audience is served (product offering)
WHY the brand serves these products (reasons to buy)

To deploy the Magic Why, Simple How framework, start by identifying your brand's core mission (Magic Why).

What is the unique value or belief that your brand brings to the table?

Next, determine how your brand delivers on this mission (Simple How).

What are the specific products, services, or actions that make your Magic Why a reality?

Said in more business speak, what is your value proposition?

Once you have your Magic Why and Simple How, combine them to create a powerful, compelling homepage headline.

This headline should resonate with your audience and clearly communicate what your brand is all about.

Replo Changelog

Replo Updates

Wondering what updates have happened on Replo in the last few days? You can now follow along with changes to Replo on our Changelog, which we update on a weekly basis or you can spot new features by following us on Twitter!

P.S. How is GA4 treating you?

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