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Sanjay Jenkins

Sanjay Jenkins

Hey Replo Fam!

One of the goals we have with Replo is to make building on Shopify fun.

We want to remove limits and give people an endless canvas to build the best customer experience for their store.

This week, we're continuing our theme of added speed to the journey of building the best customer experiences.

In addition to that, you'll learn some unique ways people are using Landing Pages that you should consider for your store!

Value, value value - that's what we want to give you.

Have any tips, ideas, or topics you want us to cover? Reply back to this email. We want to hear from you.

Replo Offers

Replo Offers

Make Your Replo Pages Even Faster With Rise Speed

At Replo, we take great care to make your landing pages as fast as possible.

We are, however, limited by a store's theme, content and tech stack.

That's where Rise Speed comes in.

Their team goes into your Shopify store and Replo pages, audits the content, theme settings, and apps, and optimizes your pages so they load faster.

If they don't improve your page speeds by a minimum of 30% in a week, you get your money back.

If you're ready to boost your conversion rates even more than you already have, take advantage of this limited-time offer from Rise Speed today.

Replo Features Beta

Replo Features Beta

Turbocharge your Landing Pages

We mentioned this note from Yuxin last week, but it's so important for us to share that it's getting play a second week in a row. We'll let the big boss take it from here:

Yuxin (co-founder of Replo here) here! Over the last few weeks, we've been talking to a ton of brands operating at the highest level. They've been asking about how to get higher conversion rates and what to do about A/B testing as Google Optimize is sunset in September.

If you'd like to work on us to bring sub-second page speeds, built-in A/B testing, and more crazy ideas to life, fill out the feedback form. Once you've filled out the form, we'll reach out within the next 24 hours and get a coffee chat scheduled to jam and see how we can work together!

If you believe that this could be a game-changer for your store, let us know and we can give you some special goodies as early as this week.

Partner of the Week

Partner of the Week

Improve your Meta Creative with a FREE Audit from Wallaroo Media!

You've heard it a million times - "if you're not constantly testing new ad creative, you're not using Meta as effectively as you could be."

The hard part: know what to test and being able to get it out fast enough.

Knowing what to make... and then making it.

That's where Wallaroo Media comes in. They'll take the guesswork out of the first part and show you exactly what you need to make.

Here's what they want to give you:

5-Minute Review Video of Your Ad Library: Wallaroo experts will review your active Meta Ad library and analyze each element, unraveling hidden potentials and identifying untapped avenues for performance enhancement.

Competitor Ad Inspo Board: Imagine having a tailored board showcasing your competitors' most successful ads. With this treasure trove of insights, you'll possess the knowledge to outshine the competition, capturing the spotlight in your industry.

Top-Performing Ad Concepts: The advertising landscape is dynamic, and what works today might not work tomorrow. The Wallaroo Meta Creative Audit will equip you with the latest insights into the most effective ad types dominating ad accounts right now. You'll be primed to harness these trends and turbocharge your brand's visibility, leading to unprecedented sales.

If you want to improve your Meta Creative game, grab this free audit this week.

Replo Events

Replo Events

Structuring A Funnel For your Ad Campaigns

Drawing out your funnel is one of the easiest, high-ROI activities you could do today.

Simply, it's mapping out every touchpoint your customer has from learning about your brand to buying your product, and everything during and after that process.

By mapping out each step of your funnel and taking an honest look at each of the touchpoints, you can start to improve each step to improve your overall website.

This is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) 101, but an exercise many people overlook.

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen, and you can make this happen.

Take an honest look at your ads, landing pages, website, emails, SMS. The timing of everything. Put yourselves in the shoes of your dream customers and think about how they would experience this.

To learn the details on running this exercise, check out our handy video!

Replo Masterclass

Replo Masterclass

Using Replo For More Than Landing Pages

Replo isn't just landing pages. We're the tool that helps you build the customer journey of your dreams.

Doing a big influencer push?

Spin up unique pages for each of your influencers that they can drive traffic to. Layered with an affiliate program, and you've got an acquisition machine that doesn't require ad spend.

Want to get customers to buy more of your catalog?

Use email & SMS to send past purchasers to a "Complete The Set" landing page that dynamically shows products and content based on what the customer previously bought, and then give them a great offer on the rest of the set.

Companies like HexClad do this to tremendous success (their page is shown in the screenshot above).

One of the most under-the-radar features is our Export to Sections functionality.

You can build a 2.0 section in Replo, and drop it anywhere on your site.

Create unique hero sections for your collections pages that better story-tell the product lineup.

Build that section for your homepage your current theme doesn't let you build, without having to write any code.

And soon, we'll have PDP support.

Calling our shot, but we believe we'll revolutionize how people build themes on Shopify for the better once we roll that out.

We are trying to sell you on using Replo, but before we can do that, we have to make the sale before the sale.

That is convincing you that the best customer journeys for your store are iterations or unique executions of what your current store is like.

And you have the resources, whether you use Replo or not, to create those journeys for your customers.

Take it up to 11.

And if we can, we'd be honored to help you do it.

Replo Updates

Replo Changelog

Replo Updates

Wondering what updates have happened on Replo in the last few days? You can now follow along with changes to Replo on our Changelog, which we update on a weekly basis or you can spot new features by following us on Twitter!

We also recently launched a new partner program! Earn up to $3000/customer you refer to Replo. You can signup for our partner program here!

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