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Sanjay Jenkins

Sanjay Jenkins



First, a reminder.

Builder's build.

Now, let's start the show.

This week, we're bringing more spice than an episode of Hot Ones.

A case study on two back-to-back 20% conversion lifts from a coffee brand you likely know (and love).

The tale of True Classics... and how you can use the same lessons that $150M/year brand uses to grow faster and mightier.

And a gift at the end... the secrets behind rip-roaring Shopify page speeds, ready for you to use today (FOR FREE).

Let's boogie.

Replo Case Study

Replo Case Study

Conversion Rates Popping Back-to-Back: How Jot Increased CVR by 20% TWICE Using Replo

We. Love. Jot.

For real. Avid users, we've been drinking it for a few years now.

So when we started doing some digging on brands using Replo and getting serious wins, and found Jot in the mix...


Jot is ultra coffee - not instant coffee - and they've been growing at breakneck pace, sustainably.

Holy grail moves. But how?

Testing, iterating, and being committed to giving their customers the best experience possible, as fast as possible.

Read the whole case study, but the tl;dr is that they:

  1. Built a landing page for new customer acquisition for their ads funnel and it improved CVR 20%.
  2. Decided to run it back and go even bigger by rebuilding their homepage on Replo. And run it back they did - another 20% lift in CVR.

And fun fact - 20% lifts may sound cool and all, but the best part about Jot's story is the lift on an absolute basis as well as the percentage basis - huge scale.

We've been collecting data and noticed that some of the fastest growing brands are using Replo for their home pages in addition to their landing pages.

Maybe you should consider it for your brand too.

Best of Twitter

Best of Twitter

Turning $3,000 into $150,000,000... in 3.5 years! How True Classic Bootstrapped To 9-Figures

If you're not fired up after reading this thread, we can't help you.

True Classic went from an idea to a brand doing $150 Million a year in revenue and being worth nearly a billion dollars in about 3.5 years... all without raising any money.

We're not going to spoil all the juicy details, but we are going to add a couple of key callouts to think about while you read the thread.

First, True Classic solves a real problem. T-shirts for men either suck a lot or they are so expensive that it isn't worth the trouble of trying to look nicer.

Building a shirt that addresses the key pain points of most of the products on the industry while keeping it at an affordable budget, unlocks the next callout.

Massive TAM (total addressable market). True Classic solves a key program a ton of people experience.

They can leverage Facebook as a channel for scale for a very long time and to a high revenue run-rate, without the need to diversify it's traffic sources.

But just because they can go after a large TAM doesn't mean they will do so. But they did. How?

Third callout: they connected with their TAM meaningfully. True Classic used comedy and ad formats fast growing companies like Poo-Pouri, Dollar Shave Club, and Liquid Death used to scale very quickly.

These ad formats, almost by design, force the brand to think about how to quickly resonate with customers in a memorable way AND makes them take an immediate action against a compelling offer (TC's was 20% off first order).

We're eager to learn about the other tactics and strategies they used to grow so big, so fast.

In the meantime, enjoy this thread!

P.S. True Classic is smart. They build on Replo. ;)

Replo Events

Replo Events

UI/UX Review Sessions: Tips & Tools for Improving Design With Matt Attalah of STEPLABS

This event focuses on best practices for structuring UI/UX - and provides actionable tips, insights, and advice for improving design and development workflows.

Attendees will learn tips and tools for UX / UI design. Additionally, the event will cover tools, plugins, and tips that aid Figma and web development workflows, with demonstrations of how these tools are used in real-life projects.

By attending this event, attendees will gain valuable insights to enhance their UI/UX design and improve their overall design processes.

Why We Love This Event: Audience participation. This isn't another generic training with no feedback. 

Matt tears shows you how to improve your design game AND shows you how to fix your specific UI/UX.

Actionable advice. Real time. From an expert.

Hard to beat. RSVP below.

Replo Partner Program

Replo Partner Program

Refer New Customers To Replo, Earn Up To $3,000 Per Customer!

We want to introduce you to the Replo Partner Program, a new opportunity for you to make money by referring Replo to brands and agencies that need landing pages for their Shopify stores!

It's super easy to get started.

To become a partner on the Replo website, create an account, and you'll gain access to your dashboard.

From there, get your unique referral link, track your referrals, see how much money you're earning, and even learn about the different tiers and payment terms.

If you're a fan of Replo and want to share it with your audience, friends, or clients, this is the perfect way to do it.

And don't worry, getting your payouts is a breeze too. Just enter your PayPal email in the payouts tab, and we'll take care of the rest.

This used to be reserved for agencies - now anyone can become a Replo partner.

Sign up for the Partner Program for free today!

Replo Education: Free Ebooks

Replo Education: Free Ebooks

Shopify Page Speed Secrets: Free Ebook To Help You Load Faster To Make More Money

If you're in ecommerce, you know how important time is.

Every second counts when trying to convince someone to buy from your store.

The hard part? Shopify is inherently slow.

Whether you are a Replo customer or not, our free ebook, Page Speed Secrets, teaches you how to think about page speed, measuring and using the data, and how you can make your pages load faster today.

And if you are a Replo user, good news - we've designed our page builder to be world-class in page speed, and we're constantly releasing updates to make it even faster. 

If you want to go fast, get this book today.

Best part? It's free.

Replo Changelog

Replo Updates

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