11 Best Shopify Product Pages

Noah Gilmore

Noah Gilmore

The product page is, without a doubt, the page on an eCommerce website where a customer spends most of their time. As a result, creating an engaging product page will increase your chances of attracting customers. They use the product description as the basis for their purchasing choice. That sale is already lost if there is something about it that they do not find alluring.

Customers take into account the price, the product's description, the product reviews, and the ratings. All of these belong on a product page. It varies depending on the type of thing they're looking for. But these are the main criteria on which people base their decisions.

What Is A Product Page In Shopify?

A Shopify product page on your online store lays out all the product details.

However, there is more to this product description page than just a long list of features. They must be persuaded to click the “Add to Cart” button. Think of it as a landing page for the marketing of your goods.

This product landing page, which was made with Shopify, provides information on the features, prices, and guarantees of the product and motivates your visitors to begin the purchasing process.A sale might be made or lost in the end.

What’s The Difference Between A Landing Page And A Product Page?

While your product page should be information-heavy, a landing page should be the opposite. Landing pages should only be used to convince visitors to take action.

In essence, you want the website visitor to be directed to a high-conversion landing page where they can be qualified as a lead or perhaps converted into a paying customer. How does that, though, relate to landing pages?

A landing page contains very minimal content. All potential distractions for customer attention are eliminated. The website is intentionally created to focus only one message on the consumer. That message contains a CTA or calls to action. Your landing page must be created with that action in mind since the CTA is essentially the action you want the customer to do.

Because of this, landing pages are crucial to your marketing strategy. Once the user is comfortable with your product or service, make them an offer they can't refuse. Your landing page is the part of your marketing plan that makes that offer to the customer immediately and without any other interruptions.

Building many landing pages is more effective than promoting various offers on the same landing page. Each marketing campaign ought to include a landing page, if not numerous landing pages, that are tailored to the needs of various buyer personas.

CTAs For Landing Pages Vs. Product Pages

What sort of action could a landing page ask you to take? Now, you might be curious. Don't overthink it; even seemingly insignificant activities can have a big impact on the marketing sector.

It's likely that the landing page in question isn't advertising a special offer that necessitates a purchase. Perhaps the landing page's main objective is collecting your contact information rather than generating leads. Giving things away for nothing is a really effective strategy to get information.

An example of this kind of strategy is a barter trade. Your company might ask for an email address in exchange for an ebook or another useful item. You use the ebook as a medium of exchange because you need the email address and you need the lead.

To encourage visitors to download the ebook, you would develop a landing page with a CTA, but you would also request their email addresses so that the download could go through. The same thing is possible when using free webinar tickets. The user's email address is required to send the tickets, even if they are free.

Once you have this information, you can create a database. These leads can get personalized marketing materials right away, like new goods or services, discounts, or promotions.

A buy one, get one free package deal, for example, can be the focus of the messaging if the landing page's objective is to convert visitors into customers. Your landing page would probably emphasize that this fantastic deal is only accessible for a limited time and focus the messaging on the opportunity to save money.

Landing Page vs. Product Page

Once you have this information, you can create a database. These prospects can get personalized marketing materials right away, such as new goods or services, discounts, or promotions.

A buy one, get one free package deal, for example, can be the focus of the messaging if the landing page's objective is to convert visitors into customers. Your landing page would probably emphasize that this fantastic deal is only accessible for a limited time and focus the messaging on the opportunity to save money.

What Should A Product Page Include?

A product page should include the following:

Product Details

With this layout, you may add more content to the dynamic, rich layouts that show up at the bottom of your PDPs.

Even though you can use these customization steps to create distinct layouts for each product, it's important to note that by default, the same content is presented on every page that uses the template.

There are still excellent ways to utilize this functionality without any customization with the inclusion of generic content:

  • Highlight the history and tale of your organization
  • Highlight your design methodology and resources using text and graphics
  • Include links to other independent informational pages on your website
  • Feature your finest blog entries

Images And Videos Of Your Product

It is important that you add videos to your product pages to give a better perspective of your product to prospective buyers.

Replo landing page builder makes it simple to integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos with only a few clicks. What better manner is there to showcase your product?

First, add a video element by dragging it onto your product page and then typing in the video URL.

Related Products Section

Activating the similar products option will encourage customers to investigate further items and may be done with or without the style options we've already discussed in terms of building dynamic product pages.

Take into account the following factors when choosing products to display in the related products section:

  • Remember that a customer looking at the present product can decide that it's not precisely what they're searching for. This is your chance to offer them additional possibilities that might be a better fit.
  • Displaying other product configurations, such as sets or multi-packs, is a viable alternative.
  • By recommending complementary or supplemental things, and related products are another excellent approach to boost your purchase totals.
  • Another option is to showcase items that are similar in style, color, or product type.

Recently Viewed Products

Another great content block is to add recently viewed products. Not only does this give shoppers a way to easily backtrack to a product they just saw, but it's a great way to personalize the experience for each shopper and add a dynamic dimension to your site.

Best Shopify Product Page Examples

Master & Dynamic

You may think of terms like "bold," "elegant," and "luxe" when you arrive at a Master & Dynamic product landing page. Images that focus on the brand's headphones up close and in detail illustrate their high level of craftsmanship. It begs the question of how they sound.

Now, this product page is distinct from other product pages. At first sight, there is only a recognizable product image and a brief description of the product; there is no “Add to Cart” button or any other specific product information. To access the main shopping cart, scroll below.

What Works?

The product pages from Master & Dynamic resemble experiences in many ways. As you browse, you learn more about the headphones' meticulous design, including their materials, cutting-edge functions, and control methods.

However, Master & Dynamic does not fully put conversion rate above design. The floating “Add to Bag” bar at the top of the page serves as a continual reminder that you may personalize these headphones without detracting from the experience. If you want to buy them, you don't have to go all the way back up and break the experience.


Like the previous example given, the beginning of the product page is pretty similar. You can see the typical concept with the image gallery on the left and the product description with the function to choose the product's variation and qualities on the right side.

Additionally, there is a link to the "sizing guide" above the CTA "Add to cart." The image quality is quite good and shows how seriously this Shopify merchant is taking user conversion. Let's scroll down to get additional product information, though. A small arrow indicates the direction for that.

What Works?

  • If you're selling products limited by time or stock, make them stand out on your product pages.
  • Provide diagrams and manuals that open on the same page.
  • Think about including various payment alternatives on your ecommerce website.
  • Create brief commercials and product promos using a video editor to show the product in use.
  • Utilize a third-party program, such as Olapic or Curalate, to curate user-generated content.
  • Use out-of-stock alerts and get consent before adding customers to your email list.


When optimizing your product pages, there is one thing you should never forget: everything you do must be consistent with your value proposition.

Consider what value you want to give your website visitors before you begin. Is it your quick shipping option, unbeatable satisfaction guarantee, a wide selection of products, use of natural components, or another factor?

Lush builds their product pages around their eco-friendly products and natural ingredients since they are aware of this.

They do this by including a thorough list of components beneath the descriptions of their products. Visitors to the website are both informed and educated about the company's offerings.

Additionally, the content they use furthers education. A "Related Article" section will appear as you scroll down the page. In this case, the business informs the readers about its ingredients and explains explicitly how and why it updated the product's recipe.

They employ badges and certifications that speak to their buyer persona in order to further strengthen their position as a mindful brand:

For their visitors, the product is made more solid and understandable in this way.

What Works?

  • Maintain alignment between your product pages and your value proposition.
  • Produce thorough and informative product descriptions.
  • Use material to inform your visitors and link to pertinent content on product pages.
  • To demonstrate how to use your items, use featured videos.
  • Complementing the product with content. Without being overly blunt, the content is skillfully wrapped around the information that customers need to know about the product. The material emphasizes how the product feels and smells. Instead of telling, it uses the effective strategy of "this is how our product is" to demonstrate why it is one of the best.
  • Consistent display. A constant list of more best-selling soaps can be found on the product page. The identical background and exact angle are used for all of the primary product photos. This gives the list a much neater and more unified appearance.
  • Identified ingredient. Lush is proud of the organic nature of its goods. Every product, which is truly a novel technique, has a specific portion to display the elements as evidence. So, those looking for products can look at this and choose the specific model they require.


If you're offering better prices than your competitors, make sure your visitors know about it.

Here's how Vinomofo contrasts their offer with the full retail price and focuses on how much you'll save when buying their product:

To set expectations and allay any concerns, the business provides visitors with an anticipated delivery date. Next, they provide free returns as a way to ensure client happiness.

You can notice that they also guarantee unbelievable pricing when you scroll further down the page. Vinomofo eases any worries customers may have concerning shipping, returns, and price with these minor adjustments.The remainder of the page demonstrates how Vinomofo sincerely wants to help its users.They provide recipes you can make and pair with wine rather than just suggesting food pairings:

They also provide you with an image in the "life union" area in addition to the "food union" portion. You now understand that when you purchase a terrific experience, you are also purchasing wine.

Finally, they choose a tune that complements that item so you may better appreciate those moments. It's a straightforward strategy that you can replicate on your ecommerce website, and it demonstrates your willingness to go above and beyond for your clients.

The secret is just being helpful to your consumers and demonstrating how they may utilize your items to the fullest.

What Works?

  • Focus on the savings by comparing your discounted costs to the full retail prices.
  • Give visitors a delivery date estimate.
  • Think about providing a price guarantee and free returns.
  • Offer advice on how to get the most out of your items.

Forever 21

You have an idea about your products when you write the product descriptions for your online store. You can imagine how a sofa would appear in a typical living room or how a piece of clothing would look on a typical person. However, you are not their client.

Customer evaluations may occasionally provide you with insightful information about your goods. What Forever 21 does with consumer comments on their product pages is as follows:

The business shows a dynamic "Fit Rating" for its products beneath the color and size information. In this way, their customers may make more informed judgments because they are aware of what to anticipate from the product.

Additionally, the ranking is updated based on legitimate consumer testimonials.

The company also lets you share the product on social media and via email in case you want to get a second opinion or make a suggestion. After the basic product information, you'll see a short section with the headline "Why did you choose this?"

Here, actual customer quotes are shown, briefly stating the rationale behind their purchase. It's a quick and easy approach to gather client testimonials for products and use them to influence future buyers.

What Works?

  • Update your product descriptions based on customer reviews.
  • Add buttons for social media sharing to the product pages.
  • Request a brief essay from customers explaining why they selected the product in question.


Some purchases require more than one visit. And some decisions involve more than one person. Make it simple for visitors to your ecommerce site to leave hints for their friends and family if you sell giftable items.

Here's how Pandora does that feat admirably; Pandora provides a "Send a Hint" option on their product pages in addition to using persuasion triggers, a size chart, and product ratings.

A form with prewritten text opens on the same page when you click the button.

Since Pandora is aware of your high level of interest, they take this opportunity to recommend further items you might like.

What Works?

  • Your product pages should have a "Send a Hint" button.
  • Make sure the form comes with pre-written text and opens on the same page.
  • Promote comparable items throughout the success step.


The majority of the time, whether they are buying offline or online, people want and need assistance. When you're in a physical store, you may just walk up to a salesperson and ask any questions you have. However, this is not the case while shopping online.

Fortunately, there are clever ways to replicate an in-store experience on ecommerce sites, and Nordstrom is a fantastic illustration of that. On each of their product pages, there is a video interspersed with images of the actual product.

You could initially assume that it is just another product video. But this is how it appears, Nordstrom simulates being in one of their physical locations by using videos of their sales representatives describing the product. The sales representative discusses the unique features of the product and styling suggestions.

In this manner, the business enhances its online purchasing experience by integrating it with a more conventional strategy.When you scroll down the product page, you'll see a section called "Looks.”

In order to inspire you, Nordstrom fashions the product using various pieces from their own inventory. You can choose the best choice that suits your style by using the shuffle button to receive a new recommended appearance.

In this method, the business promotes cross-selling on their product pages in addition to assisting you in styling the item.

What Works?

  • Record your staff discussing the product, then upload the footage to the images area.
  • To provide more product suggestions to visitors, develop a Connect with Visitors campaign.
  • Combine the product with other things on your ecommerce site to cross-sell.


Airbnb is a leader in the vacation rental space that allows people to list their homes for others to vacation at. The search bar feature lets you look for places based on time, location, and number of guests, but there is another feature of that to note. You can also search anywhere, any week if you’re looking for a quick getaway, not tied to a certain time of year.

Additionally, the filter feature is also quite robust offering users a chance to choose based on:

  • Price range
  • Type of place
  • Rooms and beds
  • Property type
  • Amenities
  • Booking options
  • Accessibility features
  • Host language

What Works?

Stunning photos. Simple design that lets the rental properties shine. It’s also a highly intuitive site that has features to explore different areas based on location. For example, you can look to stay in an a-frame home in the woods or a loft in the city. There are endless possibilities and the burden of searching for a rental is largely mitigated by Airbnb’s clever design and intuitive interface.

A great example of mastering dense offerings in a simple way. You can easily search and find for a specific property based on your preferences.

Until Gone

The goal of the website Until Gone, which sells a variety of products, is to give customers efficient and beneficial user experiences.

When visitors first arrive at the website, they are likely to get the idea that the page's owner values simplicity.

It combines simplicity and inventiveness. They created their own pillars by utilizing what is effective in product page design.

What Works?

Simple navigation: The page is simple to navigate, and the information it offers is easily accessible. To prevent readers from getting lost, the page has made its content, target, and intention apparent. Even the promise of safe shopping is made.

Guarantees that help to enforce trust: The prices of Until Gone's goods are fairly affordable. To encourage potential customers, the store makes promises. As a result, they provide free shipping and a "worry-free promise," but only for transactions totaling over $25.

Possible variations: In addition to posting beautiful images of their products, Until Gone also posts the same item in any additional colors that are offered. So, if the hue of a thing doesn't suit your tastes, you can purchase it in a different shade. Any item of your choice may also be paid for overtime in installments.

Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic, which began its adventure in Finland, focuses on hot and healthy drinks like coffee, cacao mix, smoothies, and more.

There are some misconceptions that need to be dispelled, and the product page does a great job of doing so.Viewers will think they are on a tour if they hover over the entire page. Sounds intriguing, don't you think?

What Works?

Out-of-package pictures: Showing plain coffee grounds without packaging or any other background decorations is a brave move. Once more, this creates a feeling of openness and genuineness about the product. If you take this course, you must highlight these images on the product pages.

Reviews from popular figures: On the product page, they have featured reviews from a number of celebrities in addition to reviews from their customers. Even though the reviews are sponsored, and not all of the celebs are A-listers, it doesn't matter.

Consumers may perceive that you sponsored them, but the fact that you spent money doing so demonstrates your commitment to your brand and encourages the consumer to share this commitment.

Multiple purchase options: This is a fantastic outlet for things that run out, usually food products. An excellent product page feature is having people subscribe to your product and receive discounts on their subscriptions.

Drop Bottle

Drop Bottle, though it looks like an everyday bottle, it's much more than that. It's an environmentally friendly bottle that can hold a variety of beverages, including detox water, juice, and tea.

The product website is plain and straightforward, with the clear goal of persuading us to use natural products and maintain proper hydration in our bodies.

What Works?

Color schemes chosen to complement the product: The product website is elegantly created to suit the bottle's rose gold gap. The product is taken into consideration while designing the page's backdrop, CTA button, and other colors. This demonstrates meticulous attention to detail, which could boost your client's trust.

Professional affiliations: The product page lists affiliations with well-known businesses, including Kiehls, L'Oreal Paris, and others. This gives the product more credibility and gives the buyer confidence in it even if they haven't read any reviews.

Picture-perfect reviews: The majority of reviews are written by customers who do an excellent job of describing the goods. It almost seems like the customers are the actual photographers! Not all customers will leave glowing reviews, but it's preferable to deliberately select those that do and display them first on the product page.

Final Thoughts: Product Pages That Convert

The creation of a high-converting product page requires a lot of effort and consideration. You will possess a conversion machine if you adhere to every example in this text. But don't worry; we’ve got you if this seems overwhelming and unclear to you, particularly for eCommerce landing sites like Shopify. It can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Additionally, you might not have the money for advertising to test landing sites.

In this situation, you can go to Replo and obtain pre-built Shopify pages. These landing pages were developed by professionals and tested for conversion. Simply change and input the details of your goods and services, and watch your conversion rate soar.

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