Adding pre-built Shopify Sections to your Store with Replo

Noah Gilmore

Noah Gilmore


Today, we're excited to announce support for creating Shopify Online Store 2.0 sections in Replo. We'll take a look at what Shopify Sections are, and how Replo users can create custom sections, without coding.

What is a Shopify Section?

A Shopify section is an essential building block towards creating the desired layout for your Shopify store. Shopify sections are made up of blocks that each have a unique function, like headers, text, single images, or links. By taking advantage of Shopify sections, you can design your store’s content flexibly, without needing to edit or write code. Each Online Store 2.0 (OS2) storefront template allows for up to 25 sections.

Usually, your chosen theme will determine which sections and blocks are available to you. To find out which blocks and sections are available by default in your theme, take a look at your theme documentation.

Creating Shopify Sections in Replo

Replo now supports editing Shopify sections for your Shopify store! These sections are building blocks that you create in Replo, and you can use them in any page your theme supports in the Shopify Theme Customizer.

To create a new section, locate the “Sections” tab in the left-side menu of the Replo editor. Next, you can click the “+” button to add a new section. After this step, you’ll be able to add a name for your section, which will make it easier for you to locate the section by search later on. You can click “Choose Template” to select a section template, then “Create Section” to start editing the section in Replo.

To publish a section, just press the “Publish” tab on the left-side menu. Once your section is published, Replo saves that section to your Shopify store’s current theme.

You can also export any component in Replo to be a section, by simply right clicking and pressing “Export To Section”. Once you export a section, it will appear in your sections tab on the left-hand side of your screen, where you can also go to create an entirely new section. Once exporting the section, you’ll be able to add it to any page in the Shopify Theme Customizer.

Using the Replo Section Library

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Replo also includes a Section Library, which has 100+ section templates for you to start from.

To add a section from the Replo Section Library, first create a section in the Replo Editor. Next, locate the Browse icon in the header. Once you click the Browse icon, the section library will launch, which is where you can search for sections you’d like to add.

There are many sections available for different purposes. You can look through all the sections and filter your search by section category, such as for product highlights or banners. When you add a section, it can be customized just like any other Replo component, and you can save it to your Online Store 2.0 theme using the Publish button.

Requesting a New Section to Add

If you can’t find a common section in the Replo library, let us know and we can add it for you! You can reach out to support@replo.app, or you can use the “Don’t See What You Want” form in the Section Library.

Using sections with Replo lets you design your Shopify storefront flexibly, without needing to edit or write code! We can't wait to see what you build with OS2 sections in Replo - get started by installing Replo for free.

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