The Power of Reviews on Landing Pages

Justin Wiley

Justin Wiley

Replo Review Integrations on Shopify

The Power of Reviews on Landing Pages

Review App Integrations with Shopify Product Reviews, Fera.ai, Loox, Stamped.io, Judge.me, Yotpo, and Junip

Establishing trust is paramount in a world where consumers are bombarded with endless choices on a daily basis. Landing pages are often the first touchpoint for potential customers, and reviews can play a critical role in immediately crafting consumer perception. Reviews serve as authentic voices, providing real-world experiences of past customers. These testimonials act as social proof, assuring potential buyers of the product's quality and the brand's credibility.

But it's not just about displaying reviews; it's about using them effectively. Strategically placed reviews can guide a visitor's journey on the landing page. For instance, a glowing review near the 'Buy Now' button can be the final nudge a hesitant buyer needs. Similarly, showcasing a mix of reviews, both textual and visual, can cater to different visitor preferences, ensuring a broader appeal.

Moreover, reviews can be utilized to address common concerns or questions. By highlighting reviews that discuss specific features or benefits, businesses can preemptively answer queries, reducing barriers to purchase.

With this understanding of the profound impact reviews can have, let's jump into Replo's integrations with various review platforms:

1. Shopify Product Reviews

Shopify's native review system is a straightforward way to gather and display customer feedback. With Replo, integrating the Shopify Product Reviews widget is a breeze. Whether you're looking to showcase individual product reviews or overall product ratings, Replo's intuitive editor allows you to drag and drop these widgets right where you want them. While most styling is done within the Shopify app, Replo offers flexibility in adjusting high-level design details like width, height, padding, and more. You can learn more about the Shopify Product Reviews x Replo integration here.

2. Fera.ai

Fera.ai takes reviews a step further by offering a range of widgets, including Product Reviews, Product Ratings, Store Reviews, and even a Media Gallery. Replo's integration ensures that whether you're showcasing individual product reviews or a media gallery, the process remains seamless. The widgets can be styled primarily within the Fera app, but Replo provides the tools to tweak design elements to ensure consistency with your brand's aesthetics. You can learn more about the Fera.ai x Replo integration here.

3. Loox

Loox is renowned for its visual product reviews, allowing customers to share photos alongside their feedback. With Replo, you can effortlessly integrate Loox's review widgets, rating systems, and carousel widgets. Loox also offers features like referrals, enhancing the social proof element on your landing pages. You can learn more about the Loox x Replo integration here.

Replo Reviews Integrations

4. Stamped.io

Stamped.io offers a holistic approach to reviews, with widgets tailored for both Product Reviews and Product Ratings. Replo's integration ensures that embedding these widgets on your landing pages is a hassle-free experience. As with other integrations, while the primary styling is managed within the Stamped app, Replo's editor provides the flexibility to adjust broader design elements. You can learn more about the Stamped.io x Replo integration here.

5. Judge.me

Judge.me is another robust review platform that seamlessly integrates with Replo. Whether you're looking to display product reviews or ratings, Replo's drag-and-drop functionality ensures a smooth integration process. The primary styling for these widgets is managed within the Judge.me app, but Replo offers the tools to make high-level design adjustments. You can learn more about the Judge.me x Replo integration here.

6. Yotpo

Yotpo offers a diverse range of review display options, from Star Ratings to Review Carousels. With Replo, you can directly integrate Star ratings and Review widgets by simply dragging the respective Yotpo component onto your page. For more advanced Yotpo widgets, like the Review Carousel, Replo supports HTML embeds from Yotpo. While the primary design and appearance of Yotpo widgets are configured within the Yotpo app, Replo provides the flexibility to adjust positioning, size, and even add custom CSS for further styling. You can learn more about the Yotpo x Replo integration here.

7. Junip

Junip stands out as a platform that not only collects reviews but also places a strong emphasis on authenticity. Recognizing that genuine, unfiltered feedback is invaluable, Junip ensures that the reviews showcased are from real customers, providing potential buyers with genuine insights into the product. You can learn more about the Junip x Replo integration here.


Replo's suite of integrations with leading review platforms ensures that ecommerce businesses can effortlessly incorporate customer feedback into their landing pages. Reviews not only build trust but also serve as powerful social proof, driving conversions and enhancing the overall customer experience. With Replo, businesses can ensure that these reviews are showcased effectively, resonating with their audience and aligning with their brand's aesthetics.

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