Ten Minute Tactics: Your First 3 Hacks

Sanjay Jenkins

Sanjay Jenkins

Ten Minute Tactics BY Replo

Welcome To Ten Minute Tactics From Replo: 3 Things You Can Do Each Week To Grow Your Shopify Store

Howdy friend!

Yuxin here! This is a new series we're running every Thursday called Ecommerce Tactics. Every week, we hop on calls with teams that are interested in learning more about Replo.

Inevitably, we stay on these calls to talk through their business, their strategy, and most importantly their tactics. Teichmann said, "Chess is 99% tactics", and so is ecommerce.

Tactics is about making a series of moves in your business which gives you a material advantage against your opponents and a leg up with consumers.

Every week, we'll spill the secrets on easy, low-hanging action items you can have (Replo or not) to materially improve your business. Here's the format, three "15 minute tactics" that will give you meaningful results with just 15 minutes of effort, no matter if you're running a $100K/year business or $100M/year business.

At the end of this, we'll offer a 30 minute free CRO jam with you if you're open to it (:

Here we go!

1️⃣ Spend 10 minutes researching keywords on FB Ads Library

We're always so surprised more brands don't know about this. https://www.facebook.com/ads/library

Don't look up your ads (that's basic), look up your competitor's and other keywords you can think of. https://ahrefs.com/ is an amazing tool for this, it helps you find commonly searched keywords on Google. It's absolutely worth the money if you wanna stay on track of your SEO/organic channels, and we're not sponsored. Google Trends is another useful tool.

Drop the keyword into FB ads library, look at the keywords that are in the same auction as you. What is the context your ads are appearing in? Are there new ideas you can get on how to position your products, demographics, etc? Is there a bundling opportunity with a related product or a new story you can tell on your own ad spend?

I've never spent more than 10 minutes on ads library and not gotten a fun takeaway or new experiment I can run for my next campaign. Try it out!

2️⃣ Check if your homepage has a CTA above the fold (i know)

It's 2023 (jk its 2024), and you'd be surprised at how many companies have a small tiny CTA on their homepage — we see it every day. CTAs (aka your buttons need to be full-width, at least 60px tall) If it's not, change it asap. You can pay $200/hour for a CRO "expert" to tell you this, or you can just check yourself. Go into the Chrome inspector and make sure it's above the fold on every device size (yes even on Android, and yes even on iPhone SE).

Above the fold means it's visible without scrolling.

If it's not, hire someone on Upwork to drop in a few lines of CSS to fix this. Should take you 5 minutes to check, and 10 minutes to start a job on Upwork and send out a few requests. Shouldn't take more than $10 to fix this, and it'll make a world of difference in organic conversions. Please do it, and don't let us catch you without it.

3️⃣ Buy your own product right now

ICP = Ideal customer profile. Who is your ideal customer? Who is your target market? Is it new parents, college students, board game fanatics?Put yourselves in their shoes and start from FB ads manager or wherever you're running ads. CLICK ON IT, walk through your funnel, and buy your own product.You'd be surprised at how often people don't walk through their primary channel every day. There's a saying, eat your own dog food — it's so important every day to walk the floor and act as your own quality control.

  1. Does the copy on the ad and every part of the funnel CLEARLY communicate what the product is to someone who has never seen the product? (A good test, if you removed the images, does the product still make sense? If you removed all the text, is the product still clear?). Would your mom be able to understand it?2. Literally, check for spelling errors and typos. You'd be surprised. Are there any placeholders, blank images hanging around? Are the CTAs above the fold on mobile. Look at it in at least 2-3 browser windows, and see what it looks like.

Makes notes of this, a lot of small issues can be solved pretty easily just by getting a contractor on Upwork to fix it for you. If you can't fix the issues, just move on — the more you get thru the better, and even if you improve it 5% better every time, the 15th time you do this, it'll be 2x better.I also recommend showing your website to your friends or even strangers. User testing is one of the greatest things that we do even at Replo, and it uncovers so many interesting details that you might not have ever thought about.

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