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Customizable Shopify products anywhere

Noah Gilmore

Noah Gilmore

A stylized Replo product component

Product data is a critical part of every Shopify store, and the Replo Product component is your one stop shop for showing off your products, without adding custom code to your theme. Here's why it’s important and how it works.

Showing off your product is an extremely common need for Shopify merchants - whether it’s a normal PDP or the 17th iteration of a CRO landing page, product data needs to be front and center. In Replo, you’ve got access to multiple templates to tell your customers about your product!

Replo product component in the Replo editor

To add the Product component to your store, just click the Section Library and search for product. The product section will get added with the data from your store, automagically ✨

Adding a product in the Replo editor

Rearrange the layout of the Product component all you want, add new components, or remove the ones you don’t need - with Replo everything is completely customizable.

Rearranging a product in the Replo editor

Plus, copy/pasting this component to another landing page for a different product is super simple - just change the product in the Config tab, and Replo’s dynamic data system updates the price, description text, etc.

Changing the product for a product component

More about the Replo Product component:

Get started showing your products in Replo, without custom coding:

About Replo

Today there are millions of e-commerce businesses built on platforms like Shopify, but developing websites for them is still a terrible experience. Marketing, design, and engineering teams all have to collaborate together to create content, but complex code and 15+ year old tech on platforms like Shopify create huge headaches for teams.

Replo is a new visual web development platform for high-performance, brand-driven teams on Shopify. Replo empowers brands and agencies to create beautiful pixel-perfect landing pages on Shopify - without developers. The product is an easy to use drag-and-drop editor that allows you to visually build React applications, starting with e-commerce. It’s backed by our super-flexible content management system and commerce APIs which integrate with 3rd-party platforms, including product, subscription, and user-defined data.

Replo is light years ahead of other page builders for customizability and page speed, and used by a ton of Shopify Plus brands and agencies. Replo’s template library has hundreds of proven landing pages and sections that anyone can use, as well as certified Experts that help build brand new landing pages in just a few days.

The Replo founders have worked together for 10+ years and previously held principal engineer + management roles at companies like Uber, Plangrid, Autodesk, and Yelp. Replo is backed by Y Combinator and folks in the e-commerce and open-source community, including the creator of NextJS.

Get started in minutes

Start in less than 5 minutes with one of our expert-designed templates or build from scratch. Incorporate unique layouts and assets without spending hours in code.

Performant and powerful

Replo’s high-performance pages don’t slow down the rest of your Shopify store. Saved sections and design systems helps your team create digital experiences that feel consistently on-brand.

Designed for Shopify

Replo pages are Shopify pages, so your analytics work out of the box. Replo pulls product data directly from your Shopify store, so you only have to manage things in one place.

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