Agni: Replenishing Women's Health with Pantry Essentials.

Agni is a Berkeley-based company with a mission to support women throughout their reproductive continuum with delicious and healthy food products...

Agni is an online store for food, drinks, pantry items, and tea. The company has implemented a number of strategies to increase revenue, optimize conversion rate, and acquire customers on their website...


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Agni Online Store

Agni is a Berkeley-based company with a mission to support women throughout their reproductive continuum with delicious and healthy food products. Founded in 2020, Agni offers an extensive array of teas, seasonings, and cookies that are designed to replenish vital nutrients and promote women’s health.

Discovering the Power of Herbal Teas

From their beginning, Agni has understood the power of herbal teas to restore balance and promote health. Their selection of teas includes blends made from organically-sourced ingredients like chamomile, lavender, peppermint, and ginger – all chosen for their natural healing properties. Whether you need to calm your nerves or boost your energy levels, Agni has a tea blend that can help.

Spices as Medicine

In addition to herbal teas, Agni also produces a variety of medicinal spices designed to nourish the body on a cellular level. From turmeric powder to black pepper oil capsules, these seasonings provide essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for optimal health. With each product comes an explanation of its benefits as well as recommended usage instructions – making it easy for customers to incorporate these items into their daily routine.

Delightful Treats for Nutritional Support

Finally, Agni offers an array of tasty treats that are designed not only to satisfy cravings but also provide nutritional support. Their cookies are made with nutrient-dense ingredients like oats and dried fruit – making them perfect snacks when hunger strikes between meals. Customers can enjoy the delightful taste while knowing they’re getting valuable nutrition at the same time!

Supporting Women's Health Through Food

At its heart, Agni is committed to supporting women through every stage of life by providing products that nourish both body and soul. By combining ancient wisdom with modern science, they have created a line of food items that not only taste great but also offer real nutritional benefits for those who want to maintain vibrant health during their reproductive years. So why wait? Visit Agni today and see how their unique selection of teas, seasonings, and snacks can make all the difference in your journey towards optimal wellness!


Agni's Conversion Game Changer: Justuno-Fueled Revenue Increase

Agni, an ecommerce brand in the food space, is taking its revenue to new heights with the help of Justuno ‑ Email & SMS Pop ups. This powerful conversion marketing and analytics platform provides retailers with essential tools to boost conversions through features like Ecommerce promotions, email capture popups, relevant website messaging, incredible design capabilities and more. By leveraging these advanced tools to engage customers, Agni has seen a significant increase in sales volume and customer engagement – ultimately driving up revenue numbers! With Justuno by their side, Agni can confidently take on any competition they come across.

Boost Your Tea Revenue with Agni's Store Design Solution

Agni, an ecommerce brand specializing in tea products, has implemented Covet Instagram Feed & Reviews technology to increase their revenue. This innovative store design solution allows customers to upload and share product reviews in the form of photos and videos on social media. It also enables Agni to run email campaigns that invite buyers to further engage with their products. With this powerful tool, Agni is able to monitor user engagement and approve reviews for their website - all helping them boost sales in the tea space.

Agni's Winning Strategy: Disco for Brand Partnerships

Agni, the leading ecommerce brand in the food space, knows that success is driven by staying ahead of the curve. That’s why they’re leveraging a technology called Disco for Brand Partnerships to increase their online revenue and grow their customer base. With machine learning capabilities and data from transactions throughout its network, Disco provides Agni with powerful new ways to target shoppers who are most likely to make purchases. With this innovative solution, Agni has seen greater conversion rates and improved ROI on paid marketing campaigns—allowing them to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing market. It's no wonder why Agni entrusts Disco for Brand Partnerships as part of their winning strategy!

Agni Taps Into Recharge Subscriptions for Revenue Boost

Agni, an ecommerce brand in the tea space, is taking advantage of a revolutionary new technology to drive additional revenue. Called Recharge Subscriptions, this cutting edge solution has enabled Agni to increase their sales by offering customers the ability to manage their subscriptions directly from the store. With its scalability and customizable features, Recharge Subscriptions allows Agni to create the subscription experience they’ve always envisioned while providing loyal shoppers with options that make it easy to maintain their purchases over time. By leveraging this powerful tool, Agni continues to see success in the ecommerce market as they strive towards increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.