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Andie is a women’s swimwear company with a mission to empower all women to feel confident in the water. Their collection of one-piece swimsuits, bikinis and other intimate apparel is designed to be functional and inclusive of all body types...

Andie is a company that focuses on creating beautiful and stylish clothing for women. They specialize in swimwear, lingerie, and apparel, as well as providing a unique selection of accessories to complete any outfit...


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Andie is a women’s swimwear company with a mission to empower all women to feel confident in the water. Their collection of one-piece swimsuits, bikinis and other intimate apparel is designed to be functional and inclusive of all body types. With sizing from XS to XXXL, Andie offers luxurious swimwear that fits comfortably and provides coverage, compression and support exactly where you want it.

Fit Experts Help You Find The Perfect Swimsuit

To make finding the perfect fit easier, Andie provides a team of Fit Experts who are available by phone or chat to answer questions about sizing, fit and fabric. So whether you’re looking for a one-piece swimsuit or bikini that fits just right, the Fit Experts can help you find the perfect style.

Try On Your Swimsuit at Home

Once you decide what style works best for you, Andie makes it easy to try on your new swimsuit at home with free exchanges and returns. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $50 so you can get your new suit delivered right to your doorstep without having to worry about extra costs.

Quality Materials for Durable Comfort

The quality of Andie’s swimwear is top-notch thanks to their use of high-quality fabrics that are durable yet comfortable. They have an array of options in both nylon/spandex blends and Italian microfibers so you can choose the fabric that feels best against your skin while still providing support when needed.

Designed By Women For Women

At Andie, each piece is designed by women for women with comfort and confidence in mind. From their flattering silhouettes to their chic prints and colors, every piece has been carefully crafted with love. So whether you’re hitting the beach or lounging poolside, Andie has something special that will make you look and feel amazing!


Andie Swims to Success with Amai PreOrder Manager Notify

Andie, an ecommerce swimwear brand, is tapping into the power of technology and increasing their revenue in the process. With the help of Amai PreOrder Manager + Notify, Andie can keep selling during inventory shortages and capture otherwise missed sales - avoiding customer disappointment when products are unpurchasable. This innovative approach helps gauge customers' interests for future purchasing decisions while creating a seamless experience for shoppers who want to get ahead on upcoming trends. By leveraging this cutting edge technology, Andie has been able to increase online sales and grow its presence in the competitive swim space.

Tech-Powered Ecommerce Growth for Andie

Andie, the ecommerce swimwear brand, has embraced technology to drive their growth. With Disco for Brand Partnerships, they have been able to identify customers and partners that are likely to generate high ROI in terms of revenue generation. Powered by machine learning and data from transactions across its network, this platform provides new ways to target potential shoppers through paid campaigns. This powerful combination is helping Andie increase their ecommerce revenue while gaining insights into consumer behavior.

Andie Increases Revenue Through Address Verification Technology

At Andie, a leading ecommerce brand in the women's clothing space, they use cutting edge technology to ensure their customers always get what they order. With Address Validator by AppHub, Andie is able to reduce failed deliveries and increase customer satisfaction. This comprehensive address verification technology quickly identifies any typos or errors made when entering an address, ensuring that packages arrive where they should with no delays. By reducing redelivery fees and decreasing the number of support tickets due to misdeliveries, Andie has seen an impressive increase in revenue from their online store. Thanks to this advanced technology developed by AppHub, Andie can continue delivering exceptional service for its customers every time.

Andie Increases Ecommerce Revenue with AI Technology

Andie, an ecommerce brand specializing in clothing, is using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to increase its online revenue. By leveraging Also Bought • Related products technology, Andie can provide customers with product recommendations that are tailored precisely to their needs. This innovative technology analyzes a store's full sales history and new orders in order to generate the best possible suggestions for each individual customer. As a result of this strategic move, Andie has seen significant increases in their ecommerce revenue. With Also Bought • Related products at their side, it’s no wonder why Andie is leading the way when it comes to fashion ecommerce success!

Andie Swims Up Ecommerce Profits with Countdown Timer Bar

Swimwear brand, Andie, is upping their ecommerce game using a technology called Essential Countdown Timer Bar. This innovative marketing and conversion tool helps to increase revenue by triggering FOMO and urgency among buyers. Perfect for flash sales, pre-orders, product launches and holiday sales, the timer bar encourages customers to act quickly while increasing overall profit margins. With this helpful resource, Andie can easily create scheduled dates or countdowns that will help them stand out in the competitive swim space!

Andie Increases Ecommerce Revenue With Innovative Store Design

Andie, a leader in the swim space ecommerce market, has leveraged innovative store design technology to increase its revenue. By utilizing Geolocation app, Andie is able to recommend the best country and language for their visitors based on their browser preferences and location. These recommendations are presented to customers through bars or popups that blend seamlessly with the brand's look and feel. Visitors can change their country and language selection at any time during their online shopping experience. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth user journey, leading to higher customer satisfaction levels and increased conversions for Andie.

Andie Boosting eCommerce Revenues with Loop Returns Exchanges

As an ecommerce brand, Andie is committed to creating the best shopping experience for its customers. To that end, they have implemented a technology called Loop Returns & Exchanges in their store management process which has been instrumental in increasing Andie's revenue and growing customer lifetime value. With this automated platform, shoppers can enjoy a hassle-free returns and exchanges experience from the comfort of their own home. Brands like Allbirds are already taking advantage of this innovative solution to save sales and retain more revenue - something that Andie is sure to benefit from as well. By leveraging Loop Returns & Exchanges, Andie is on track to make 2021 their most successful year yet!

Increase Ecommerce Revenue with Andie's Loyalty Program

Andie, the premier swimwear ecommerce brand, is utilizing a technology called loyalty, rewards & referrals to take their store management to the next level. This allows them to create a unique loyalty program that reflects their brand identity and incentivizes engagement from customers across their customer lifecycle. By offering reward points and incentives for repeat purchases, they're able to reduce acquisition costs while converting more shoppers into loyal advocates of their business through reviews and referrals. With this powerful tool in place, Andie can expect increased revenue growth and success as an ecommerce enterprise.

Andie Swims Up Revenue with the Right Platform

For Andie, an ecommerce swim brand, increasing revenue is top priority. To help them achieve this goal, they implemented Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals technology into their store management process. With 20+ out-of-the-box campaigns and detailed program analytics, Andie has been able to drive more transactions and engagement while easily understanding consumer behavior. By leveraging the agile loyalty platform provided by Yotpo, Andie was able to quickly launch their loyalty program without the need for any dev work. Thanks to Yotpo's innovative technology, Andie can now enjoy increased revenues in the swim space!

Andie Boosts Conversion with Yotpo Product Photo Reviews

As an ecommerce brand, Andie knows that using the right technology can make a big difference when it comes to increasing sales. That's why Andie has turned to Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews for help in boosting its online presence and revenue. This data-driven tool helps customers make more informed purchase decisions by displaying reviews directly on their site. With this app, customers have access to high-quality reviews which impact their shopping experiences and encourage them to buy from Andie's selection of stylish underwear. By utilizing Yotpo's powerful marketing tools, Andie is able to increase conversions and maximize its profits.