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Aura Bora is a sparkling water brand based in San Francisco that offers a unique twist on the classic drink. Crafted using herbs, fruits, and flowers, Aura Bora drinks are made without artificial or uninspired fruit flavors...

Aura Bora: Increasing Revenues and Optimizing Conversion in the Drink, Soda And Water Vertical

Aura Bora is committed to providing customers with the highest quality of drinks, soda and water that meet their exact needs...


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Aura Bora is a sparkling water brand based in San Francisco that offers a unique twist on the classic drink. Crafted using herbs, fruits, and flowers, Aura Bora drinks are made without artificial or uninspired fruit flavors. With zero calories, sugar, and sodium, it's the perfect way to refresh any occasion.

Refreshingly Natural

Aura Bora provides a range of craft sparkling waters with natural ingredients for an all-natural flavor experience. Instead of relying on artificial flavors or heavily processed ingredients, Aura Bora drinks are crafted with real herbs, fruits, and flowers for an earthly taste and heavenly feelings. With no added sugars or other unhealthy additives, Aura Bora drinks are free from calories and sodium so you can enjoy your favorite refreshment without any guilt or worry.

A Variety of Drinks to Choose From

Aura Bora offers several different types of craft sparkling waters to suit any taste preference. From fruity flavors like Pink Grapefruit & Lemon Verbena to floral options like Hibiscus & Rosemary - there's something for everyone. Plus, each one is calorie-free and contains 0g of sugar and sodium which makes them great for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying their favorite beverage.

Ready For Any Occasion

Whether you're looking for a refreshing drink after a long day at work or something special to enjoy during a special occasion - Aura Bora has got you covered! Their craft sparkling waters come in convenient six-packs so you can stock up in advance and always have some cold drinks ready when needed. Plus, they're also perfect for making mocktails as well as adding some pizzazz to your favorite cocktails! Aura Bora makes drinking fun again! If you're looking for an all-natural option that won't add any extra calories or sugar - look no further than Aura Bora's craft sparkling water selection! So why not order today and get ready to experience the heavenly taste of real herbs, fruits, and flowers?

Aura Bora

Aura Bora Reaps Rewards with Shoppable Instagram UGC

Aura Bora, an ecommerce brand in the store design category, is leveraging Shoppable Instagram & UGC technology to increase their revenue. This innovative solution turns Instagram, user generated content (UGC), and ambassador content into shoppable galleries for Aura Boras' online store, email campaigns, and Shop App. With Foursixty integration, customers are given a unique social shopping experience that inspires engagement and purchase intent while driving sales. Through this advanced strategy, Aura Boras' soda and water products now have greater visibility than ever before!

Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue: How Aura Bora Does It

The success of any ecommerce business depends on its ability to maximize revenue. And for Aura Bora, that's where Triple Whale comes in. This advanced technology helps the brand easily monitor and analyze their finances within the soda and water space – giving them a better understanding of store return on ad spend (ROAS) as well as Facebook ROAS. Moreover, it tracks subscriber growth so they can keep up with their progress over time. With all these insights at hand, Aura Bora is able to make smarter decisions that ultimately lead to increased profits down the road.

Aura Bora takes Revenue to New Heights with AI-Powered Partnerships

Aura Bora, an ecommerce brand focused on the drink space, is using a cutting edge technology called Disco for Brand Partnerships in order to boost sales and increase revenue. Leveraging machine learning and data from transactions across their network, this platform offers new ways of targeting high-intent shoppers through paid channels. This innovative approach allows Aura Bora to find future customers and build relationships with other brands – resulting in lower CPAs (cost per acquisitions) while simultaneously surfacing shopper insights that help drive collective growth. By embracing this modern marketing strategy, Aura Bora is able to take their business success to unprecedented heights.

Sell More Soda and Water with Aura Bora's FOMO Solution

Aura Bora is a leading ecommerce brand in the soda and water space, utilizing innovative technology to increase sales. One such tool is Social Proof & Urgency FOMO, which allows retailers to display recent orders, product reviews, customer behaviors, leads and more on their Shopify store. Through its 100+ app integrations, customers can be notified of live visitors, discounts or low stock notifications - all designed to drive conversions. With this powerful solution at their fingertips, Aura Bora has seen tremendous success using it as part of their marketing and conversion strategy. So don't miss out! Join in on the fun and get your hands on some bubbly happiness today with Aura Bora's Social Proof & Urgency FOMO tool.

Aura Bora Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Giftship AllinOne App

Aura Bora, an ecommerce brand in the drink space, is leveraging technology to increase their revenue. With Giftship | All‑in‑one Gift App, Aura Bora customers can easily send items to different addresses in a single checkout. This advanced gifting feature allows for automatic printing of gift messages and offers delivery date options that are auto-tagged on orders. The streamlined shopping experience ensures customer satisfaction while boosting sales for the brand. By utilizing this innovative technology from Giftship | All‑in‑one Gift App, Aura Bora has seen an impressive rise in their ecommerce revenue.

Aura Bora Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Analytics Upgrade

Aura Bora, an ecommerce brand in the soda and water space, is leveraging Littledata Analytics (GA4) technology to increase store management performance. With a combination of server-side and client-side tracking, Aura Bora can gain better insights into their customer journey and understand how marketing efforts are impacting sales conversions. This allows for more accurate attribution models, lifetime value data for each individual customer, and improved reporting capabilities across departments. As a result of implementing this powerful analytics solution, Aura Bora has seen a boost in revenue as well as other operational efficiencies that have resulted from increased visibility into their customers’ behaviors.

Boosting Ecommerce Revenue with Aura Bora: The Power of Loyalty Rewards Referrals

Aura Bora has always been a pioneer in the drink space when it comes to ecommerce success. Now, they are taking their store management to the next level by incorporating loyalty rewards and referrals that allow customers to engage more deeply with their brand. By offering points for purchases or referring friends, customers can enjoy discounts and other benefits from their favorite drinks. This strategy is helping Aura Bora grow its customer base while increasing revenue as well. With an innovative approach like this, there's no telling how far Aura Bora will go!

Boosting Ecommerce Revenue with Aura Bora and TrustSpot Technology

Aura Bora, a leading ecommerce brand on the drink scene, is taking its sales to new heights with TrustSpot's Product Reviews & UGC technology. This innovative platform helps Shopify brands generate authentic content from customers - including product reviews, photo reviews, video reviews, Q&As and more. With this cutting edge tool at their disposal, Aura Bora can curate user generated content for their online store and marketing campaigns, helping to boost ecommerce revenue in the process.

Aura Bora Boosts Revenue with Product Reviews Technology

Aura Bora, an ecommerce brand in the drink space, knows that customers need useful and credible information when they're considering a purchase. To help meet this need, Aura Borahas implemented technology called Product Reviews into their store design category. With Product Reviews, customers can easily consult reviews and check ratings of products to make informed decisions before buying. This technology has boosted customer satisfaction as well as increased revenue for Aura Bora's ecommerce business. Customers now have access to reliable feedback from other shoppers that helps them make more confident purchases. By providing the best possible shopping experience through product reviews, Aura Bora is able to maximize its potential revenue while improving customer loyalty and trust.

Aura Bora Boosts Revenue with Innovative Cart Technology

Aura Bora, a leading ecommerce brand in the soda and water space, is using innovative cart technology to boost its revenue. Slide Cart & Cart Drawer - TCC has enabled Aura Bora to replace their default cart page with an on-page enhanced version that can be accessed from anywhere on the site. The upgraded cart also features great design and a cross sell or upsell feature for customers who are already shopping. With this cutting edge technology at their fingertips, Aura Bora is now able to increase sales through improved customer experience and increased engagement. By utilizing Slide Cart & Cart Drawer ‑ TCC, Aura Bora continues to lead the industry with modern solutions that keep both customers and profits growing.

Aura Bora Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with POWr Technology

Aura Bora, an ecommerce brand known for its soda and water products, has recently implemented the use of POWr technology to increase their online sales revenue. This cutting edge technology provides powerful tools such as custom forms, galleries, countdown timers and more that allow Aura Bora to create engaging experiences for their customers. With this new solution in place, Aura Bora is able to easily customize the look and feel of their website while also providing a platform for increased customer engagement through targeted promotions and campaigns. By leveraging POWr's innovative solutions, Aura Bora is now better positioned to meet the demands of the modern consumer.