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Beavertown has been crafting delicious and award-winning British craft beer since 2012. With a range of easy drinking beers, ciders and seltzers in both pints and cans, they are sure to have something for everyone...

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Beavertown is a craft brewery that specializes in producing high-quality beer and seltzer...


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Beavertown has been crafting delicious and award-winning British craft beer since 2012. With a range of easy drinking beers, ciders and seltzers in both pints and cans, they are sure to have something for everyone.

A Brewery Built on Passion & Innovation

Beavertown was founded by Logan Plant, son of legendary Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. Inspired by his passion for beer, he set out to create a brewery focused on quality, sustainability and innovation. The brand has grown from strength to strength over the years, with their signature beer ‘Neck Oil’ becoming an instant fan favourite.

Award Winning Drinks For Every Occasion

The team at Beavertown are dedicated to creating unique tasting drinks that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From their light and refreshing Gamma Ray American Pale Ale to their intense Smog Rocket Stout, there is something for every occasion. They also offer an extensive range of lagers and ciders as well as seltzers made with natural flavours such as raspberry & lime or cherry & limeade.

Quality You Can Taste

At Beavertown they take pride in only using the finest ingredients in their drinks; from hops sourced from the UK’s best growers to malts imported from around the world. Each beer is lovingly brewed in small batches ensuring a consistently high-quality product each time you drink it.

Sustainability & Community First

At Beavertown sustainability is at the heart of what they do; from sourcing local ingredients where possible to using renewable energy sources to power their brewery operations. They also believe in giving back to the community through initiatives such as donating a portion of profits each year to charity organizations or hosting an annual music festival in support of local music talent.

Get Your Hands on Some Deliciousness Today!

So if you’re looking for some delicious British craft beers with an out-of-this-world difference then look no further than Beavertown Brewery! Discover their award winning pints and cans today and enjoy some tasty refreshment with friends - we come in peace, pints & cans!


Beavertown Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Giftship App

Beavertown Brewery has recently upped their ecommerce game by using the technology, Giftship | All‑in‑one Gift App. This app allows customers to send items to different addresses and print gift messages in a single checkout process, as well as offering delivery dates and auto-tagging orders for easy fulfillment. The features offered by this all-in-one gifting solution have enabled Beavertown to increase their revenue in the beer and seltzer space while providing customers with an efficient shopping experience. With Giftship | All‑in‑one Gift App, Beavertown is able to provide its customers with a convenient way of sending gifts, making it easier than ever before for them to purchase products from the brewery's online store.

Beavertown Brews More Ecommerce Revenue with Heatmaps Replay

Beavertown Brewery is making the most of their ecommerce revenue in the beer and seltzer space by using a technology called Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay. This store management tool helps them understand why customers are visiting without converting into sales, giving them insight into visitor behavior on their website. The comprehensive suite includes heatmap tracking, visitor recordings, chat capabilities, announcement modules, surveys and more - all designed to make Beavertown's online presence as successful as possible. With this solution from Lucky Orange, Beavertown can maximize their customer experience and capitalize on increased ecommerce revenue.

Unlock the Power of Personalized Shopping with Beavertown

Beavertown has found success in the ecommerce drink space by utilizing Quizify ‑ Quiz Builder, a powerful web-powered quiz builder technology. With this cutting edge tool, customers can now build interactive quizzes that provide personalized product recommendations for their shopping needs. Now, shoppers no longer have to navigate through endless choices without making a purchase decision; they simply get tailored options based on their individual tastes and preferences. This revolutionary approach gives them more confidence when buying from Beavertown's online store as they are able to make better decisions faster! As a result, Beavertown is unlocking new revenue opportunities and continuously improving customer satisfaction levels - all thanks to Quizify ‑ Quiz Builder.

Unlock Increased Ecommerce Revenue with Beavertown's New Helpdesk CRM

Beavertown Brewery, an ecommerce brand in the beer and seltzer space, recently adopted Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM to streamline their store management processes. This technology offers dynamic customer support and engagement tools including built-in FAQs, live chat, chatbots, web push notifications, status pages, surveys and more – all within a multi-channel and unified team inbox. With this intuitive platform, Beavertown is better able to meet customer expectations quickly while increasing conversion rates and revenue across its offerings. By leveraging innovative technologies like Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM, Beavertown has unlocked greater potential for growth in the ecommerce space.

Beavertown Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Subscription Technology

Beavertown, an ecommerce brand in the drink space, has found success by leveraging a powerful technology called Seal Subscriptions℠ & Loyalty. With this app, Beavertown is able to create subscription rules that enable them to generate recurring revenue quickly and easily. By configuring discounts and managing their subscribers, churn rate and cancellations, they are able to maximize profits while providing customers with added value of convenience. As one of the first companies to embrace this cutting edge tool for its ecommerce needs, Beavertown continues to see great returns on its investment into Seal Subscriptions℠ & Loyalty as it grows its business in the drinks market.

Beavertown Boosts ecommerce Revenue with On-Page Cart Upgrade

Beavertown is taking their ecommerce revenue to the next level by upgrading their cart page with Slide Cart & Cart Drawer ‑ TCC. This technology replaces the default cart page with an on-page enhanced version that can be accessed from anywhere on their site and looks great no matter what theme they are currently using. Not only does this upgrade provide a better user experience, but it also allows Beavertown to add upsell or cross sell features to their shopping process which in turn leads to increased sales for the brand. With this innovative tech solution, Beavertown will continue to stay ahead of the game when it comes to increasing their ecommerce revenue in the drink space.

Beavertown Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart

Beavertown Brewery is revolutionizing the ecommerce space in beer and seltzer by leveraging a technology called Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart. This cutting-edge tool helps increase revenue by displaying an add-to-cart button on every page, regardless of screen size. With this feature, customers can quickly select their desired item from any part of the website, simplifying the checkout process. To further boost conversions, Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart also comes with an integrated countdown timer for creating urgency. By implementing this innovative technology, Beavertown has unlocked new potential for digital sales growth.

Beavertown Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Selleasy

Beavertown, the ecommerce brand in the drink space, is taking its marketing and conversion efforts to new heights. Leveraging Upsell & Cross Sell ‑ Selleasy technology, Beavertown has been able to create high conversion pre purchase and post purchase upsell offers that bundle related products and accessories together. This increases their Average Order Value (AOV) and boosts revenue from their online store. What's more, this innovative tool supports multi-language and multi-currency Shopify stores so customers can shop the way they want. With a powerful technology like Upsell & Cross Sell ‑ Selleasy helping them out, it’s no wonder why Beavertown is seeing such success!

Beavertown's Gamified Ecommerce Strategy: Spinning Up Revenue

Beavertown Brewery has adopted a new ecommerce strategy that promises to "spin up" their revenue. Utilizing the cutting edge technology of Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups, Beavertown is transforming the beer and seltzer space by gamifying email and SMS lead generation. With customizable wheel-style forms, visitors can have fun while simultaneously generating leads for additional sales. This innovative approach to marketing and conversion has enabled Beavertown to increase its online sales in an efficient manner. By combining user experience with increased revenue potential, this unique strategy has quickly become one of the most popular options among brands looking to maximize success within their respective markets.