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Better Brand is on a mission to design a better future of food. Located in Santa Monica, California, they create low carb, low sugar bagels that are high in protein and made with plant-based ingredients. Their Better Bagel line allows customers to indulge without the guilt...

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Better Brand is a food company that focuses on providing healthy meal choices for customers. The company's website,, offers a wide range of products from pre-made meals to ingredients for home cooking...


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Better Brand is on a mission to design a better future of food. Located in Santa Monica, California, they create low carb, low sugar bagels that are high in protein and made with plant-based ingredients. Their Better Bagel line allows customers to indulge without the guilt. The company was founded by two friends who wanted to make it easier for people to find healthier alternatives when it comes to snacking. With extensive research and development behind their product line, they've created not just a healthier version of a classic snack but one that tastes great too.

Ingredients That Make the Difference

The key difference between Better Brand and other companies is the quality of ingredients used in their bagels. They use only natural ingredients like almond flour and coconut oil for extra nutrition and flavor. And unlike most other bagels you'll find on the market today, theirs contain no added sugar or preservatives. In addition to these healthy ingredients, each serving also provides 20 grams of protein – making it an ideal snack for those looking for an energy boost throughout the day or post-workout refueling options.

Fewer Carbs & More Protein

Not only do Better Brand’s bagels have fewer carbs than traditional counterparts but they also feature more protein per serving than most competitors as well. This makes them perfect for anyone looking to watch their carb intake while still getting enough protein in their diet - whether they're vegans, vegetarians, or health conscious consumers overall.
The company uses sustainable practices when sourcing their ingredients and is committed to creating delicious products that are good for both customers and the planet. Plus, all of their products are Non-GMO verified so customers can rest assured they’re getting only the best when they purchase from this brand.

Delightful Taste & Creative Flavors

Last but not least, Better Brand doesn’t sacrifice taste when creating healthy alternatives. They offer several different flavors from plain and sesame seed to everything bagel seasoning blend so there's something for everyone regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences - even those who don't normally enjoy eating vegan snacks can appreciate these tasty treats!
With delicious flavors that satisfy cravings without compromising nutrition values - Better Brand's protein packed bagels are sure to be a hit with health conscious consumers everywhere!

Better Brand

Better Brand: Unlocking Food Shopping Insights

At Better Brand, an innovative ecommerce brand in the food space, Loyalty & Rewards is used to increase revenue. This technology makes marketing easier than ever before with turn-key welcome and transaction email templates that are ready for use as soon as you sign up. With this loyalty program, customers can easily deploy a loyalty system and unlock insights about their shopping habits. The app is free to try out and grows along with your business – so you only pay for what you need. Better Brand has unlocked the key to increased customer insight and greater success in the food industry!

Better Brand Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with AfterShip Order Tracking SMS

Better Brand, the leading ecommerce brand in the food space, recently adopted a technology called AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS to revolutionize their orders and shipping processes. By using this AI-powered platform, Better Brand has seen an increase in revenue due to its world-class post-purchase experience that reduces WISMO tickets while providing branded tracking pages and shipment notifications. With integrations from over 1,000 global carriers, they are able to monitor carriers and identify shipment exceptions while improving on-time rates with actionable data on one interactive portal. Finally, the use of AI helps reduce buyer anxiety by providing updates regarding shipments through automated messages. The adoption of AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS has enabled Better Brand to become even more successful in the food space!

Better Brand Boosts Revenue with Intercom Store Management

For Better Brand, an ecommerce brand specializing in food products, the key to success is utilizing store management technology. By connecting to Intercom, they are able to increase their revenue and reduce customer inquiries by enabling customers to self-serve and check the status of orders from within their product. With a simple email or order number entry, customers can easily track their purchase progress without having to contact support reps for assistance. This helps streamline the process for both customers and better brand alike while increasing overall profitability.

Better Brand Boosts Food Ecommerce Revenue with Justuno Email SMS Pop Ups

The ecommerce brand Better Brand has found success in the food space by utilizing a powerful technology called Justuno ‑ Email & SMS Pop ups. This platform provides retailers with tools to increase conversions, such as ecommerce promotions, email capture popups, and website messaging that is relevant to visitors. With incredible design capabilities, robust traffic segmentation, conversion analytics and more, the use of this innovative technology helps Better Brand boost their sales revenue. Customers benefit from an improved shopping experience designed to maximize engagement and conversion opportunities.

Better Brand Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Wisepops Technology

Are you looking for a way to increase your ecommerce revenue in the food space? Better Brand has found success by implementing Wisepops ‑ Smart Popups & Bars into their store design. This innovative technology combines powerful conversion and marketing techniques into one app, allowing businesses to create website experiences that feel personalized. With this tool, Better Brand has seen an increase in email and SMS list growth, sales and conversions, as well as reduced cart abandonment. The long term results include higher customer satisfaction levels and better ROI. Try out Wisepops ‑ Smart Popups & Bars today to give your business the boost it needs!

Better Brand Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Smile Technology

Better Brand, a leading ecommerce brand in the food space, is taking their store design to the next level by utilizing Smile technology. This innovative tool helps customers express gratitude for products and services through emojis. By giving customers an easy way to share positive feedback, Better Brand has been able to increase revenue from its online sales. With this strategy, they have seen increased customer satisfaction while simultaneously boosting their bottom line. The ability to provide meaningful engagement with customers makes Smile technology an essential part of any successful ecommerce business's marketing plan.

Boosting Ecommerce Revenue with Recharge Subscriptions: Better Brand Takes it to the Next Level

Better Brand is revolutionizing ecommerce revenue in the food space with its implementation of Recharge Subscriptions. This leading subscription management solution helps brands convert one-time shoppers into loyal customers. With Recharge's scalability, customizable capabilities, and integrated solutions, Better Brand has seen a significant increase in their ecommerce revenue as they continue to offer top quality products and services that are accessible and affordable for customers. By leveraging this technology, Better Brand provides an easy way for customers to manage their subscriptions directly from store. The company looks forward to continuing its growth by providing exceptional customer experience through utilizing Recharge Subscriptions.

Better Brand Boosts Revenue with Yotpo Loyalty Rewards

For Better Brand, an ecommerce brand in the food space, success depends on how well they manage their store. With that goal in mind, they turned to Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards. This technology is designed to simplify customer loyalty and retention while helping brands launch quickly without needing any dev work. The platform also has over 20 out-of-the-box campaigns specifically made for driving transactions and engagement. Plus, it has detailed analytics so Better Brand can gain a better understanding of consumer behavior. In short, Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards allows Better Brand to boost revenue while providing a better experience for customers at the same time.