Branch: Home Furniture for NY Offices.

Branch is a premium office furniture brand that makes it easy and affordable to create inspirational home and workplace offices. From standing desks and workstations to ergonomic chairs, Branch provides quality furniture direct from the manufacturer, so you save time and money...

Increasing Revenue, Optimizing Conversion & Acquiring Customers with Branch

Branch is a home furniture company based in California. They offer a wide selection of modern and classic furniture to suit any taste...


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Branch is a premium office furniture brand that makes it easy and affordable to create inspirational home and workplace offices. From standing desks and workstations to ergonomic chairs, Branch provides quality furniture direct from the manufacturer, so you save time and money. Space planning, delivery and assembly are all included in their service.

Quality Furniture Made Affordable

For those looking for an upgrade from the typical home office setup of a desk, chair, and laptop, Branch offers an array of stylish options without breaking the bank. With everything from modern office chairs to adjustable standing desks, there is something to fit any style at a price you can afford.

Ergonomic Solutions for Working Remotely

With the rise in remote work due to COVID-19, many workers are now setting up home offices or expanding their existing ones. This makes ergonomics a key factor when selecting new furniture. Branch offers several products designed with ergonomics in mind – such as desks that can be adjusted to different heights to help alleviate back pain – as well as plenty of accessories like monitor arms and laptop stands that can help make your workspace more comfortable.

Professional Space Planning Services

Branch takes the hassle out of creating your perfect workspace with their professional space planning services. Their experienced designers will work with you to get measurements of your room and come up with layouts that maximize space efficiency while still accommodating all your needs. They’ll even provide 3D renderings so you can see what your space would look like before making any purchases!

Delivery & Assembly Included

Once you’ve selected your furniture, Branch will take care of delivering it directly to your door step (or workplace). They also provide professional assembly services so you don’t have to worry about putting together complex pieces yourself – just sit back, relax and enjoy your new home office!

Branch makes it easy and affordable for anyone to create an inspirational workspace whether it's at home or in the workplace. With their quality furniture selection direct from the manufacturer, professional space planning services, delivery & assembly included - they have everything you need for an organized workspace that looks great too!


Branch Furniture Boosts Revenue with Innovative Brand Partnerships Technology

Branch Furniture, an ecommerce brand in the home space has upped its game by using Disco for Brand Partnerships, a technology that helps increase their revenue. By leveraging machine learning and data from transactions across the network, Branch is now able to access shopper insights and target high-intent shoppers on paid platforms. This cutting edge approach to marketing has already seen great results in terms of conversions. With Disco's help, Branch can look forward to even more success in the future!

Branch Boosts Ecommerce Revenues with Affirm Pay-Over-Time Messaging

Branch, an ecommerce brand serving the furniture space, has implemented a technology called Affirm pay‑over‑time messaging to increase their online revenues. Founded by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, Affirm offers customers straightforward and transparent payment options over time without any hidden fees or charges. This allows Branch shoppers to purchase items when they need them without having to wait until they can afford full payment upfront. As a result of this smart move, Branch is experiencing higher customer satisfaction levels and increased sales. With no gimmicks like deferred interest, compounding interest, or late fees, customers are happy knowing that they can shop with confidence at Branch using Affirm pay‑over‑time messaging.

Unlock Ecommerce Success with Ad Compliance

For ecommerce brand Branch, success lies in the details. That's why they're leveraging Legal Protection/Ad Compliance technology to increase their furniture store revenue. This compliance is built specifically for marketers and helps ensure that businesses pass additional privacy signals to Facebook. Without these new signals, campaigns may be penalized or stopped from delivering entirely. By implementing this cutting edge technology into its digital marketing strategy, Branch is helping customers rest assured that their data remains safe while ensuring maximum reach for their digital ads. With Legal Protection/Ad Compliance powering their business decisions, Branch has a dependable way to guarantee continued success in the online furniture space.

Automated Enhancement for Ecommerce Revenue: Branch's Journey with CJN

For ecommerce brand, Branch, successfully converting consumers into customers is a top priority. To meet this goal, they’ve embraced technology like the CJ Network Integration – an automated tracking system that enhances performance and eliminates the laborious website integration changes of the past. With just minutes of set up time, Branch can join a global partner ecosystem of over 3,800 brands & 167K active publishers in order to gain access to powerful insights about their home space business. The result? An increased revenue stream that offers intelligent, scalable, and sustainable growth.

Branch Boosts Ecommerce Revenue with Gorgias Technology

At Branch, a leading ecommerce brand in the home space, customer service is key to success. By using Gorgias’ Helpdesk & Live Chat technology, Branch has been able to increase their revenue and reach new heights of growth. This powerful platform enables them to centralize every order, conversation, social comment and DM into one unified view. With dynamic Macros and self-service resources providing instant answers, shoppers have less checkout friction while also getting the help they need quickly. All of this leads to increased conversions rates and happier customers who come back time and again for more from Branch.

Branch Boosts Revenue With Smart Technology

As a leading ecommerce brand in the furniture space, Branch is using HubSpot to increase revenue and streamline store management. This integration allows them to connect their Shopify store with HubSpot's mid-market CRM software, giving them access to powerful analytics, product synchronization, contact data collection, and order tracking capabilities. By utilizing this technology they are able to maximize efficiency while still providing customers with an optimal shopping experience.

Boost Revenue with Justunos Conversion Marketing Strategy

Branch, an ecommerce brand in the home space, is no stranger to staying ahead of the game when it comes to marketing and conversions. To ensure that they are doing all they can to increase their revenue, Branch has implemented a technology called Justuno ‑ Email & SMS Pop ups. This powerful conversion marketing platform provides retailers like Branch with effective tools such as Ecommerce promotions, email capture popups, relevant website messaging and more! With incredible design capabilities, robust traffic segmentation and conversion analytics, Branch is well on its way to success by leveraging this cutting edge solution from Justuno.

Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue with Branch and Neat AB Testing

For ecommerce brands looking to maximize profits, leveraging technology such as Neat A/B Testing can be a game-changer. Branch Furniture is doing just that—by using the original and best A/B testing platform for Shopify, they are able to test pricing, copy, images, product page layouts and homepage layout to increase their conversions. With this powerful tool in their arsenal, Branch has seen an uptick in their ecommerce revenue, making them one of the top players in the home space. Don't miss out on your chance to unlock new possibilities and make your shop more profitable - use Neat A/B Testing along with Branch today!

Supercharge Your Home Shopping with Branch

Branch, an ecommerce brand in the home space, has taken its customer experience to a whole new level. By utilizing OrderBump ‑ Checkout Upsells technology, Branch is able to increase their average order value and generate more revenue from each purchase. With easy setup and flat monthly pricing, customers can now enjoy tailored cart conditions for added convenience. Whether you're looking for complementary products or just simply want to maximize your shopping potential, let Branch's OrderBump ‑ Checkout Upsells be your go-to solution!

Branch Boosts Home Sales with FormPopper Technology

Branch, an ecommerce store specializing in store design, is leveraging the power of technology to increase its revenue. With the help of FormPopper - a companion app created by Promeate – Branch has been able to create Google Forms/Typeform popups that allow visitors to complete feedback forms, surveys and questionnaires without leaving the website. This allows customers to easily provide their valuable input while also saving them time. Branch's use of this innovative tech has enabled it to boost sales in the home space and build a loyal customer base.

Branch Home Furnishings Uses Postscript to Increase Revenue

With the rising competition in ecommerce, Branch home furnishings has adapted innovative methods to ensure their success. In order to maximize revenue, they are utilizing Postscript SMS Marketing - a Shopify software for growing stores like Brooklinen and Dr. Squatch. With this technology, Branch can capture customer's phone numbers compliantly, create targeted campaigns based on historical data from Shopify, engage customers through two-way conversations, and ultimately drive more sales. Through its use of Postscript SMS Marketing, Branch is able to ensure that it remains competitive in the home space and continues to increase their profits.

Boosting Branch Furniture's Revenue with UGC Technology

Branch, an ecommerce brand in the home space, uses Stamped Product Reviews & UGC to increase its revenue. This powerful technology enables businesses to convert more customers by providing high-converting product reviews, NPS surveys, photo and video reviews, Instagram Shoppable Galleries, Community Q&A’s, Checkout Reviews and much more — all fully customizable to fit their desired brand. Additionally, this platform allows for moderation and commenting on user generated content. By leveraging such a comprehensive suite of tools offered by Stamped Product Reviews & UGC, Branch has improved its ability to drive customer engagement and conversion rates across various online channels.

Branch Furniture Boosts eCommerce Revenue with AI-Driven Shopping Experiences

As an ecommerce brand, Branch Furniture is utilizing the latest technology to optimize their customer experience and increase revenue. With Rebuy Personalization Engine, they are able to leverage proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms along with industry-leading integrations to provide customers with data-driven shopping experiences throughout their journey - from homepage, checkout, and post-purchase. By customizing merchandising rules and powering personalized recommendations for shoppers in real time, Branch has seen a notable uptick in sales since implementing this powerful tool.