ClHu — Clothes for Humans

ClHu — Clothes for Humans

ClHu: Clothing for Human Expression.

ClHu (Clothes for Humans) is an all-gender direct-to-consumer apparel brand and resale platform that connects a generation through the clothes they wear. The company encourages conscious consumption and self-expression, promoting the message that it’s absolutely OK to be yourself...

Increasing Revenue and Optimizing Conversion with ClHu

ClHu — Clothes for Humans is an online clothing store specializing in high-quality basics, leisurewear, and accessories. They are committed to providing customers with fashionable, affordable apparel that meets their needs...


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ClHu — Clothes for Humans Online Store

ClHu (Clothes for Humans) is an all-gender direct-to-consumer apparel brand and resale platform that connects a generation through the clothes they wear. The company encourages conscious consumption and self-expression, promoting the message that it’s absolutely OK to be yourself. ClHu offers apparel including basics, leisurewear, and more - all with the aim of celebrating the boundless spectrum of self-expression.

Conscious Consumption & Self Expression

ClHu has made it their mission to provide quality clothing that looks great while also encouraging conscious consumption and self expression for individuals. With no rules about how you should dress or what you should wear, ClHu allows customers to express themselves through their wardrobe in whatever way they choose. This concept resonates with customers who want to make sure their wardrobe is built from sustainable fashion sources without sacrificing style or personal taste.

Quality Clothing at Affordable Prices

In addition to being an ethical brand, ClHu also prides itself on providing quality clothing at affordable prices. The company utilizes a direct-to-consumer model which cuts out middlemen and enables them to offer competitively priced pieces without compromising on quality. Additionally, ClHu offers a unique resale platform allowing customers to trade in their gently used items for credit towards new purchases - making it easier than ever for conscientious shoppers to find affordable clothing options while still supporting the environment.

A Community Platform Dedicated To Self Expression

ClHu isn’t just a retail shop - it’s also an entire community platform dedicated to self expression and conscious consumption. Customers can follow along with the company's blog or join one of its many meetups around the world in order to connect with likeminded individuals and discuss topics related to sustainable fashion trends, male/female identity issues, gender neutrality and much more. This interactive community platform allows customers from all walks of life find support from those who share similar values in fashion as well as discover new ways of expressing themselves through clothing choices each day.
At ClHu (Clothes for Humans), you'll find high quality basics, leisurewear and more - all designed for any gender identity so that everyone can express themselves without rules! Whether you're looking for sustainable fashion sources or just want some stylish pieces that won't break your budget - look no further than ClHu!

ClHu — Clothes for Humans

ClHu Clothes for Humans: Optimize Store Design Increase Revenue

ClHu — Clothes for Humans is leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance their store design and increase ecommerce revenue in the basics space. Customer Privacy, a comprehensive app that allows customers more control over personal data collection while staying compliant with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, has been implemented by the brand to ensure customer protection as well as maximum efficiency when processing online orders. This innovative approach not only creates trust between ClHu and its customers, but also boosts sales figures due to improved store usability. With ClHu's commitment towards ensuring an optimized shopping experience through advanced technological solutions such as Customer Privacy, they are on track to becoming a leader in the basics category of ecommerce.

ClHu Uses Technology to Grow Leisurewear Revenue

As a modern ecommerce brand, ClHu – Clothes for Humans knows the importance of staying up to date with technology. To do this and maximize their ecommerce revenue in the leisurewear space, they have implemented Instafeed - Instagram Feed into their marketing and conversion category. This allows them to quickly add minimal and elegant Instagram content such as photos and Reels directly to their store in less than one minute. With this social proof, not only can visitors be converted into customers but it also helps build trust within the community. By utilizing Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed’s technology, ClHu – Clothes for Humans has been able to increase its overall ecommerce revenue while providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience.

ClHu Clothes for Humans Uses Technology to Increase Ecommerce Revenue

ClHu — Clothes for Humans is leveraging the latest technology to increase their ecommerce revenue in the leisurewear space. The brand utilizes Loop Returns & Exchanges, a store management category product that helps Shopify brands improve customer experience and optimize their returns process. This automated platform facilitates more sales by creating an enjoyable shopping experience even during the return process. As seen with leading fashion retailers such as Allbirds, this innovative solution has saved over $700 million in retained revenue. With Loop Returns & Exchanges implemented at ClHu — Clothes for Humans, customers can be confident in knowing that they have access to seamless online shopping experiences every time they visit the site.

Increase Ecommerce Revenue with Product Reviews

ClHu — Clothes for Humans is an ecommerce brand that understands the importance of leveraging technology to increase sales and conversion optimization. With the implementation of product reviews, customers are able to access useful and credible information about their desired leisurewear products before making a purchase. This extension creates detailed customer reviews which allows them to make informed decisions while shopping on ClHu’s website. By utilizing this powerful tool, ClHu has seen increased success in its revenue growth as more customers trust in their quality products and services. Take advantage of the power of product reviews today at ClHu – Clothes for Humans!