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Cora is a San Francisco-based company that provides organic, sustainable feminine care products for period care, bladder care, and body care. With a mission to provide accessible, affordable femcare products to every body, Cora offers a wide range of customizable options...

Cora Increases Revenue, Optimizes Conversion, and Acquires Customers in the Health & Wellness, Feminine Care Vertical

Cora is an innovative health and wellness company focused on providing quality products for women...


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Cora is a San Francisco-based company that provides organic, sustainable feminine care products for period care, bladder care, and body care. With a mission to provide accessible, affordable femcare products to every body, Cora offers a wide range of customizable options. They also provide health education and menstrual pads to those in need with every purchase.

Period Care Products

Cora offers a variety of period care products including tampons, pads, liners, cups, and underwear. Their line of certified organic cotton tampons are free of fragrances, dyes or chemical residues. Furthermore, their pads are made with ultra-absorbent materials that keep you dry and comfortable throughout your entire cycle. Additionally, their Ultra Thin Liners are perfect for light days or spotting between periods. For those looking for an alternative to disposable products Cora’s menstrual cups come in three different sizes and feature a unique leak-resistant design. Lastly they offer Underwear specifically designed with an anti-microbial gusset so you can feel secure during your cycle without worrying about leaks or stains on your clothing.

Bladder Care Products

Cora has created a line of products specifically designed for bladder care. Their Overnight Pads are longer than their regular pads to keep you protected all night long. They also offer Ultra Thin Panty Liners for light leakage as well as Discreet Panty Shields which are slightly larger than panty liners but still discreet enough to wear comfortably underneath clothing without compromising on protection from leaks or stains. Finally they have Longer Length Pads which provide extra coverage when needed due to heavy leakage caused by medical conditions such as incontinence or cystitis.

Body Care Products

In addition to period and bladder care products Cora also provides body care items such as Postpartum Pads which help reduce swelling after childbirth and Organic Cotton Wipes which are perfect for cleaning up after sex or wiping away sweat at the gym. The wipes come in packs of 20 individually wrapped wipes making them ideal for travel and easy storage at home or in your purse or gym bag.
By providing sustainably sourced organic materials, intuitive designs and convenient customization options Cora has become the go-to provider of feminine health and wellness products for people around the world. As part of their commitment to making period protection more accessible they donate menstrual pads to girls in need through partnerships with non-profits who provide health education programs globally. With innovative solutions tailored towards a wide range of needs Cora is changing the conversation around feminine hygiene and wellness one product at a time!


Cora Skyrockets Revenue with Conversion Tracking Technology

Cora, an ecommerce brand in the feminine care space, is leveraging Elevar Conversion Tracking to skyrocket their revenue. With this powerful store management tool, Cora has access to real-time event monitoring and integrations with leading digital marketing platforms such as Facebook Conversion API, Google Ads, GA4, TikTok, Klaviyo and Pinterest. Thanks to Elevar's data layer with server-side tracking capabilities that transform shopping behavior into structured events with accurate attribution, Cora can now guarantee near 100% conversion accuracy while increasing its ecommerce success.

Cora Leads the Way in Feminine Care with Innovative Personalization Engine

As one of the leading ecommerce brands for feminine care, Cora has harnessed the power of personalization to boost their sales and meet customer expectations. By leveraging AI/ML technology combined with modern software solutions, integrations, and fully customisable merchandising rules across their entire customer journey from home page to checkout and post purchase, Cora is able to offer an entirely new level of shopping experience that keep customers coming back time and again. With this cutting edge approach to marketing and conversion optimization, Cora continues to lead the way in the ecommerce space.

Cora Kicks Ecommerce Revenue Into High Gear with Recharge Subscriptions

Cora, the health and wellness ecommerce brand, recently adopted a technology called Recharge Subscriptions to increase their revenue. This subscription management solution allows them to scale their business by converting one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Customers are able to manage their subscriptions directly from Cora's store, as well as customize the experience according to their needs. With this tool in place, Cora is now on track for bigger profits and more success in the future!

Cora Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Zendesk

Cora, an ecommerce brand specializing in feminine care products, is leveraging the power of Zendesk's store management capabilities to maximize its revenue. By integrating this technology into their system, Cora has been able to provide customers with faster service and better support that helps increase customer satisfaction levels and keeps them coming back for more. Through use of Zendesk Support and Chat app, agents are provided with all the information they need without having to leave a conversation or toggle between systems. This allows agents to build relationships with customers quickly while resolving any inquiries efficiently. With improved customer service comes increased loyalty from current customers as well as new ones - all helping drive up Cora's ecommerce success.