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Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs

Discover Unique Resin Designs in New York: Dinosaur Designs
Home Decor

Dinosaur Designs offers a unique collection of homeware and jewelry pieces crafted from resin. Based in New York, the Australian studio is globally recognized for their luxurious, handmade resin homewares and jewelry...

Dinosaur Designs Enhancing Revenue Through Accessories, Home Decor, and Jewelry

Dinosaur Designs is making strides in the digital space to increase revenue, optimize conversion, and acquire customers in the accessories, home decor, and jewelry verticals...


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New York

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Dinosaur Designs Online Store

Dinosaur Designs offers a unique collection of homeware and jewelry pieces crafted from resin. Based in New York, the Australian studio is globally recognized for their luxurious, handmade resin homewares and jewelry. Whether you are looking for something to spruce up your home decor or an accessory to add some style to your outfit, Dinosaur Designs has something for everyone.

Luxurious, Handcrafted Resin Pieces

The artisans at Dinosaur Designs create one-of-a-kind pieces that bring together form and function. From the beautiful flow of curves in their resin collection, to the iconic rings and necklaces in their jewelry range, each piece is skillfully crafted with attention to detail and quality. Their signature aesthetic combines vibrant colors with bold shapes – all made from durable resin materials.

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Browse through the entire selection of homeware and accessories available on Dinosaur Designs' website. From statement vases and sculptures to necklaces and earrings - there is something perfect for any occasion or interior space. All products come with detailed product descriptions, so you can make sure you are getting exactly what you want before making a purchase.

Unsurpassed Quality & Design

Dinosaur Designs has earned its reputation as one of the leading luxury brands by creating premium quality pieces that combine form, function and fashion in perfect harmony. Every single item is painstakingly handmade from high-quality materials to ensure durability as well as aesthetic appeal. The end result is a stunning collection of timeless home decor items that look great in any space – whether it’s your living room or your wardrobe! So if you're looking for something special to spruce up your home decor or add some style to your outfit - then look no further than Dinosaur Designs! With their luxurious collections of handcrafted resin pieces, they are sure to have something perfect for every occasion or interior space. So go ahead and explore their selection now – you won't be disappointed!

Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs Leverages Technology to Increase E-Commerce Revenue

The iconic e-commerce brand Dinosaur Designs is no stranger to success - and now they've found another way to maximize their jewelry sales. By utilizing the technology called Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar, a store management tool in the data privacy space, Dinosaur Designs has been able to increase its e-commerce revenue with greater ease than ever before. This app offers an all-inclusive cookie consent bar that meets current industry standards for GDPR regulations. With this technology, companies are better equipped to protect themselves from potentially damaging audits or data breaches. In addition, customers will be more at ease knowing that their private information remains safe while shopping with Dinosaur Design's online store. Utilizing this cutting edge technology allows Dinosaur Designs' e-commerce business to flourish even further - a win/win situation!

Discover How Dinosaur Designs is Revolutionizing the Accessories Space

Dinosaur Designs, an e-commerce brand, has revolutionized the accessories space with its utilization of Hulk Code. This technology provides customers a one-stop shop for all their Shopify needs and increases sales opportunities for retailers through enhanced product visibility and efficiency. With automated features that allow customers to search quickly and easily find what they need, this platform improves customer satisfaction and boosts revenue for Dinosaur Designs. By leveraging the power of Hulk Code, Dinosaur Designs has been able to create an unparalleled shopping experience for its customers while providing reliable tools that increase overall efficiency. Experience how cutting edge technology can make your accessory shopping easier than ever before when you shop with Dinosaur Designs!

Boosting E-Commerce Revenue: Dinosaur Designs Leverages Shopify Inbox

Dinosaur Designs, an e-commerce brand based in Australia, is using a technology called Shopify Inbox to increase their online revenue. The tool allows for conversations between customers and the team at Dinosaur Designs as they shop across many channels - enabling them to access live customer data such as what products have been viewed, items inside checkout cart, and past orders. This has enabled the jewelry company to boost their e-commerce business significantly by providing personalized experiences with each shopper. With 70% of all Inbox conversations leading to sales, it's no wonder that this cutting edge technology is being used so successfully by Dinosaur Designs.

Dinosaur Designs Upgrades E-Commerce Revenue with PopUp Window Technology

Dinosaur Designs, an e-commerce brand in the jewelry space, has taken their customer engagement and marketing strategy to the next level with a new technology called Pop‑Up Window. This powerful tool allows Dinosaur Designs to easily add a professional looking pop-up window to its website that helps build its newsletter and mailing list or notify visitors about special sales or promotions. With this advanced technology, Dinosaur Designs is able to increase their e-commerce revenue while providing customers with more information on products, services and offers. By leveraging the features of Pop‑Up Window, Dinosaur Designs is ensuring they stay ahead of the competition and provide customers with an engaging experience when shopping online.