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Droplet is a True-based health and wellness company that specializes in creating all-natural drinks with adaptogens and superfoods...

Droplet is an innovative company focused on providing customers with drink, health and wellness, gut health, supplements, beauty, soda and water, non-alcoholic spirits, and sleep solutions. The company's mission is to make it easier for people to access high-quality products that promote well-being...


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Droplet is a True-based health and wellness company that specializes in creating all-natural drinks with adaptogens and superfoods. With their signature sparkling beverages, they aim to provide consumers with an easy way to reduce stress and enhance their gut health, supplements, beauty, sleep, soda and water, and non-alcoholic spirits.

Stress Balancing Adaptogen Infused Beverages

Droplet's products are crafted from carefully sourced ingredients that are designed to reduce stress levels in the body. Their flagship product is a unique blend of adaptogens and superfoods which work together to help the user maintain balance within the body while providing rich nutrition. The combination of adaptogens, superfoods, minerals, vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants and electrolytes helps to promote overall wellbeing by reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.

Enhancing Gut Health

One of Droplet's goals is to help people improve their gut health while still enjoying flavorful drinks. Their products contain prebiotic fibers such as chicory root which helps promote probiotic growth in the gut microbiome; this creates a healthy environment in your digestive tract that aids digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. They also feature vitamins C & E for antioxidant protection against environmental toxins as well as minerals like iron & magnesium for energy production. Lastly, Droplet incorporates electrolytes into its drinks to help replenish lost fluids caused by sweat or dehydration due to exercise or hot weather conditions.

Supporting Supplementation & Beauty Routines

In addition to providing consumers with balanced hydration solutions that support health goals like improving gut health or reducing stress levels; Droplet also offers products designed for people looking for additional support in supplementing their daily routines or beauty regimens. From collagen peptides for skin health & hair strength to turmeric extract for anti-inflammatory benefits; Droplet has something for everyone looking to unlock their best self through natural ingredients backed by science.

Non-Alcoholic Spirits For Relaxation

Droplet also offers beverages tailored towards adults who want a relaxing experience without consuming alcohol. Their non-alcoholic spirit range uses adaptogens like ashwagandha & rhodiola rosea along with botanicals such as chamomile & valerian root for calming effects without any hangovers associated with alcoholic beverages. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking for a nightcap without overindulging or compromising on taste!

Sleep Support For Better Rest

Finally we have Droplet’s sleep support range which uses natural ingredients like melatonin & magnesium glycinate to create effective yet gentle sleep aids that can help you drift off peacefully each night without feeling groggy the next day. They also incorporate calming herbs such as passionflower & lemon balm into their formulas so you can unwind before bedtime while still getting all the necessary minerals needed for quality restful sleep! Droplet's drinks offer a convenient way to get more out of your day thanks to beneficial ingredients thoughtfully blended into each beverage - providing consumers with balanced hydration solutions that support multiple goals ranging from stress management & gut health improvement through supplementation & beauty regimens - all without compromising on taste! Whether it's relaxation through non-alcoholic spirits or better sleep through supportive supplements; Droplet has something perfect for every lifestyle!