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Savor LA's Flavorful Sichuan Spices with Fly by Jing!
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Fly by Jing is a Los Angeles-based food pantry that specializes in flavorful Sichuan spices and sauces to pair with frozen dumplings made from natural and fresh ingredients...

Fly by Jing is a company that specializes in providing premium quality, small-batch sauces and seasonings crafted from the finest ingredients. The company has been working hard to increase revenue and optimize conversion on their website,


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Fly by Jing is a Los Angeles-based food pantry that specializes in flavorful Sichuan spices and sauces to pair with frozen dumplings made from natural and fresh ingredients. Established in 2020, the company has quickly become well-loved among both chefs and home cooks for their unique range of seasonings, sauces and oils.

Introducing Fly by Jing's Natural Sichuan Chili Sauce

Fly by Jing's signature product is their all-natural Sichuan chili sauce. Crafted in Chengdu with carefully selected ingredients, this sauce packs a powerful punch of flavor that is hot, spicy, crispy, numbing and deliciously savory. The natural chili sauce can be used as a dip or marinade for dishes like dumplings or noodles - it adds an authentic Sichuan flavor without sacrificing nutrition. What's more, it is also gluten-free!

Other Natural Pantry Products From Fly By Jing

Aside from the natural chili sauce, Fly by Jing also offers other pantry products that are sure to tantalize your tastebuds and power your food. Their signature Black Bean Garlic Sauce is made with fermented black beans that give it a rich umami taste while their Chili Oil delivers a bold heat that lingers on the tongue. They also offer Chinese 5 Spice powder which adds subtle sweetness to recipes alongside its aromatic blend of star aniseed, fennel seed, cloves, cinnamon and Sichuan pepper.

Make Every Meal Count With Fly By Jing

At Fly by Jing they believe that every meal should be packed with flavor without sacrificing nutrition - something they have been able to achieve through their all-natural products. Whether you're looking for a way to add spice to your favorite dishes or just want something new for dinner tonight - you can trust that Fly by Jing has something delicious in store for you!

Fly by Jing

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Fly by Jing, an ecommerce brand in the seasonings space, has tapped a conversion tracking technology to boost their revenue. This cutting-edge solution, Elevar Conversion Tracking, helps Fly by Jing monitor shopping behavior in real time and integrate it with various digital marketing platforms such as Facebook Conversion API and Google Ads. With accurate data attribution and near 100% accuracy guaranteed, this powerful tool enables the company to optimize their campaigns for maximum results. By leveraging Elevar Conversion Tracking's capabilities, Fly by Jing can reap tremendous benefits in terms of increased sales during peak seasons.