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Fur is a health and wellness brand based in New York, with products designed to help people hydrate their skin, soften their hair, and eradicate ingrowns from head to toe. Seen in publications like Vogue and Refinery29, Fur products are beloved by celebrities such as Emma Watson...

Increasing Revenue and Optimizing Conversion for Fur

Fur is an online retailer of skin care, health and wellness, personal care, men's grooming, feminine care, and shaving products...


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Fur is a health and wellness brand based in New York, with products designed to help people hydrate their skin, soften their hair, and eradicate ingrowns from head to toe. Seen in publications like Vogue and Refinery29, Fur products are beloved by celebrities such as Emma Watson. Whether you're looking for personal care or men's grooming, Fur has something for everyone.

Skin Care Solutions

Fur's range of skin care solutions provide users with the perfect way to keep their skin soft and healthy. From body wash to exfoliating scrubs, Fur has everything you need to maintain healthy skin. Not only do these products moisturize the skin, but they also help reduce ingrown hairs that are often caused by waxing or shaving.

Feminine Care Products

In addition to its general body care line, Fur also offers a selection of feminine hygiene products specifically designed for women's bodies. These include intimate washes formulated to keep the vaginal area clean while preventing irritation, as well as soothing oils that can help reduce redness and inflammation caused by ingrown hairs. All of these products have been dermatologist- and gynecologist-tested for safety and efficacy.

Men's Grooming Essentials

Fur offers a range of grooming essentials specifically tailored towards men's needs. From stubble creams that help soften facial hair during shaving to calming balms that soothe post-shaving irritation, there are plenty of ways to keep your skin looking its best. These products work together to hydrate the skin while reducing the formation of ingrown hairs on the face or other areas where regular shaving takes place.

Shaving Made Simple

Fur also provides an array of shaving supplies that make it easier than ever before to get a smooth shave without any irritation or razor burn. From pre-shave oils that prep the skin for a closer shave to aftershave balms that soothe any post-shave discomfort - there's something for every man in this line of products!
Whether you're looking for general body care solutions or specialized grooming products - Fur has everything you need for better health and wellness from head-to-toe! Their safe yet effective formulas make them ideal for all types of users who want softer hair and healthier skin without any additional fuss or hassle.


Fur's Furry Friends: Rewarding Loyalty Through Technology

With the help of technology, Fur is taking their ecommerce revenue in the personal care space to new heights. They have recently adopted Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards, a store management tool designed to simplify customer loyalty and retention. This agile platform allows Fur to quickly launch campaigns that drive transactions and engagement from customers with access to detailed analytics on consumer behavior. With this innovative program, Fur has tapped into a whole new way for rewarding brand loyalty that has proven beneficial for both them and their furry friends!

Fur's Feminine Care Revenue Soars with Bundle Builder Technology

Fur, an ecommerce brand, is using a powerful technology called Bundle Builder to increase its revenue in the feminine care space. With this innovative tool, Fur can create custom bundle pages and offer multi-product purchasing experiences that help boost average order value and encourage customers to spend more money. The versatile discount engine allows for %, fixed or tiered discounts which further incentivize shoppers to purchase multiple products at once. Thanks to Bundle Builder, Fur has seen significant growth in their sales. Shopify entrepreneurs have also found success utilizing this helpful resource in their businesses.

Fur Takes Ecommerce Revenue to New Heights with Justuno

Fur, an ecommerce brand in the health and wellness space, has taken their store design category to new heights thanks to the implementation of Justuno ‑ Email & SMS Pop ups. This powerful conversion marketing and analytics platform allows Fur to create engaging touchpoints like Ecommerce promotions, email capture popups, relevant website messaging, incredible design capabilities and more. Not only can they reach a wider audience than ever before but they are also able to track conversions through real time analytics. Thanks to Justuno’s cutting-edge technology, Fur can now effectively market their products while driving up revenue at the same time.

Fur's Sassy Shaving Solution: Octane AI Quiz Surveys

Fur, an ecommerce brand, is taking their customer experience to the next level with Octane AI Quiz & Surveys. This technology allows customers to answer questions and then be shown tailored product recommendations based on their answers which increases conversion rates for Fur in the shaving space. The personalization of this shopping experience has proven to increase sales, resulting in higher overall revenue for Fur. With Octane AI Quiz & Surveys, Fur can provide a unique and sassy solution that puts its customers first.

Fur Reaps Rewards from Improved Customer Experience

Fur, an ecommerce brand in the shaving space, has implemented Orderify technology to improve customer experience. This powerful tool enables customers to edit and cancel orders on their own before check out as well as quickly reorder previous purchases with just a few clicks. As a result, Fur has seen a marked improvement in its customer service costs while at the same time increasing order frequency and revenue. By providing shoppers with greater control over their shopping experience, Fur is able to provide seamless transactions that help boost sales.

Fur Grooming Revenue Soars with TCC Technology

Are you looking for ways to boost your ecommerce revenue in the men's grooming space? Fur has discovered a powerful way to do just that. With Slide Cart & Cart Drawer – TCC, an innovative technology from the marketing and conversion category, Fur has been able to replace their default cart page with an on-page enhanced version. This provides customers with easy access to the cart from anywhere on the site while also looking great on any theme. Furthermore, this technology enables Fur to create effective cross sell or upsell features around their shopping carts. As a result of this smart solution, Fur is now seeing impressive increases in their grooming sales.

Fur Reaps Revenue Benefits with Subscription Management Technology

Fur, an ecommerce brand, is investing in a technology called Recharge Subscriptions to increase its skin care revenue. This subscription management solution helps brands convert one-time shoppers into loyal customers and has the scalability, customization capabilities and integrations that help Fur maximize their profits. With this innovative approach, Fur can offer customized services tailored to individual customer needs while still ensuring maximum efficiency. By taking advantage of Recharge Subscriptions' powerful features, Fur will be able to grow its subscription business rapidly and reap significant rewards from the skin care market.

Fur Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Store Management Solution

Fur, a leading ecommerce brand in the health and wellness space, recently implemented an innovative store management solution to help increase revenue. Zendesk technology provides Fur agents with all the information they need when responding to customer inquiries without leaving the conversation. This allows them to focus on building relationships with customers and resolving issues quickly, instead of wasting time switching between systems. With Zendesk’s intuitive interface, Fur is able to provide excellent service while increasing their bottom line.