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Vet-Approved Grub Club: Eco-Friendly Dog Treats in London!
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Grub Club is a pet food company based in London that makes hypoallergenic dog treats using insect protein. Their mission is to provide truly sustainable and eco friendly dog food that not only helps the planet, but also helps dogs with itchy skin and food allergies...

Grub Club Is Leveraging Digital Tools to Increase Revenue in the Pets, Pet Food Vertical

Grub Club is leveraging digital tools to increase revenue and optimize conversion in the Pets, Pet Food vertical. By investing in its website, MyGrubClub...


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Grub Club is a pet food company based in London that makes hypoallergenic dog treats using insect protein. Their mission is to provide truly sustainable and eco friendly dog food that not only helps the planet, but also helps dogs with itchy skin and food allergies. The company has created a unique range of vet-approved pet food and treats that are both nutritious, delicious, and better for the environment than traditional pet foods.

What Makes Grub Club Different?

Grub Club understands that pets are part of the family – they have their own personalities, preferences, and needs. That's why they have taken an innovative approach to creating nutritious pet food by using insect protein as a primary ingredient. Insect protein is more sustainable than traditional animal proteins like chicken or beef because it requires fewer resources to produce. This means that Grub Club can offer hypoallergenic, planet-friendly pet food without sacrificing on quality or taste.

Nutritious Pet Food & Treats

Grub Club's recipes are designed to meet all of your furry friend’s nutritional needs – from basic nutrition to specialized diets for pets with health concerns. They offer a variety of dry kibble, wet canned foods, treats and snacks for cats and dogs in an array of flavors that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters. All products are free from fillers and artificial ingredients so you can trust that your beloved pet is getting only the best nutrition possible.

Environmentally Conscious Practices

Grub Club knows how important it is to protect our planet for future generations – which is why they strive to use only sustainable practices when producing their pet food and treats. They source their ingredients locally whenever possible in order to reduce emissions associated with transportation, and all packaging materials used are made from recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, paper bags, and biodegradable pouches. Moreover, Grub Club donates a portion of their profits each year towards organizations working towards environmental protection initiatives around the world.
Grub Club provides top-quality pet food made with premium ingredients while helping to protect our planet – giving you peace of mind knowing your furry friend will be happy, healthy, and environmentally conscious too!

Grub Club

Grub Club Leverages Technology for Ecommerce Success

Grub Club, an ecommerce brand, is using Recharge Subscriptions technology to increase their revenue in the pet space. With this powerful solution, Grub Club can scale up their subscription business and create a customized experience that customers will love. Additionally, Grub Club can take advantage of the integrated features offered by Recharge Subscriptions to ensure smooth management of subscriptions directly from the store. This strategic move helps put Grub Club ahead of competition while also driving long-term customer loyalty.

Grub Club: Boosting Pet Food Ecommerce Revenue Through Smart Tech

Say goodbye to inefficient customer service solutions and hello to increased revenue with Grub Club! The leading ecommerce pet food provider has implemented Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat in the store management category, allowing for a more streamlined shopping experience. This smart technology allows shoppers to access self-service resources that provide instant answers and reduce checkout friction, while also centralizing every order, conversation, social comment, and direct message into one ticket view. With this advanced technology at their fingertips, Grub Club is able to boost their ecommerce revenues and retain customers longer.

Grub Club boosts ecommerce revenue with Triple Whale Technology

Grub Club, an ecommerce brand, is leveraging the power of Triple Whale technology to increase its pet space revenues. With Triple Whale's comprehensive suite of analytics and financial tracking tools, Grub Club can easily track store ROAS (Ad spend/Sales) as well as Facebook ROAS - enabling them to make smarter decisions about how to best allocate their marketing budget for maximum return on investment. By quickly identifying profitable opportunities within their existing customer base, Grub Club has been able to expand their offerings and grow their business in the pets space. Triple Whale also allows Grub Club to keep a close eye on new subscriber acquisition each day - allowing them to capture more leads and drive additional sales. Thanks to this innovative technology, Grub Club is now better equipped than ever before to maximize profits while providing customers with top quality products and services.