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HiBAR is on a mission to help rid the world of plastic pollution, starting with personal care and beauty products. The Saint Paul-based company offers salon-quality hair care and skin care products made with clean ingredients, alongside zero waste and plastic-free packaging...

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HiBAR is leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) in order to increase their visibility online...


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HiBAR is on a mission to help rid the world of plastic pollution, starting with personal care and beauty products. The Saint Paul-based company offers salon-quality hair care and skin care products made with clean ingredients, alongside zero waste and plastic-free packaging.

A Zero Waste Mission

HiBAR takes its mission to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment seriously. All of their products are designed to be used without creating additional waste; they offer shampoo and conditioner bars as well as other eco-friendly items that come without single-use plastics. They also use eco-friendly shipping materials whenever possible.

Creating Sustainable Solutions for Beautiful Hair

The team at HiBAR understands that having beautiful hair doesn't have to come at the cost of our planet - which is why they focus on sourcing clean ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals or toxins. Their shampoo and conditioner bars are formulated with natural oils, butters, and botanical extracts to nourish your scalp for healthy, shiny locks. Plus, their range of zero waste skin care items will help you take great care of your skin while reducing your environmental footprint.

Making a Difference in Saint Paul

HiBAR's commitment to sustainability extends beyond their product offerings - they strive to create an impact in their local community. From upcycling materials whenever possible to partnering with local businesses, HiBAR is making a difference in Saint Paul one head of hair at a time.

Join HiBAR's Plastic Free Revolution

If you're looking for salon-quality hair care without creating more plastic pollution, look no further than HiBAR! With their range of eco-friendly products, you can make sure you look good while doing your part for the planet. So join HiBAR's mission today and help them save the world one head of hair at a time!


HiBAR Boosts Ecommerce Revenue by Leveraging UGC Technology

HiBAR, an ecommerce beauty brand, is leveraging the power of User Generated Content (UGC) technology to increase its online sales. Through a partnership with TrustSpot's Product Reviews & UGC platform, HiBAR has access to authentic customer reviews and feedback that are used on their site and in marketing campaigns. This helps create trust between customers and the brand, ultimately increasing conversions and revenue. By collecting product reviews, photo reviews, video reviews, Q&As and more from real customers, HiBAR can maximize its success in the ecommerce space.

HiBAR Boosts ecommerce with Powerful Technology

HiBAR, an innovative ecommerce brand in the personal care space, is leveraging the power of technology to increase its revenue. The brand recently integrated POWr into their platform—a powerful tool that's designed to make websites more efficient and effective. With this technology, HiBAR has been able to better manage customer service inquiries, display product recommendations, and easily collect payments online. By utilizing POWr’s cutting-edge capabilities such as automated custom forms and stunning visuals, HiBAR can now provide customers with a seamless experience while increasing sales. Thanks to this advanced technology, HiBAR is quickly becoming a leader in the industry.

Boost Your Beauty Business with HiBAR's Alert Me Restock Alerts

HiBAR, the leading ecommerce brand in the beauty space, has implemented a revolutionary store design technology called Alert Me! Restock Alerts. This game-changing feature allows customers to sign up for notifications when out of stock products are restocked - helping businesses stay ahead of demand and maximize profits. With an integrated form on product pages and collections, shoppers can be notified as soon as their favorite items come back in stock. The flexible system also ensures that there is no limit to how many customers can subscribe. Utilizing this cutting edge technology helps ensure that HiBAR remains at the forefront of today's ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.

HiBAR Embraces Technology to Unlock Hair Care Revenue

HiBAR, the popular ecommerce brand in hair care products and services, has embraced a technology that unlocks greater revenue potential. With Sezzle, customers can purchase now and pay later with interest-free installment plans - an attractive option for those who want to shop without breaking the bank. This modern payment method is helping HiBAR reach more shoppers by providing them with safe and secure financing options. The result? Increased sales and order values for HiBar! By introducing this exciting new technology into their business model, they have been able to maximize their profits while offering customers a unique way to buy their products. So if you're looking for a great deal on your favorite hair care items, look no further than HiBar!

Boosting HiBAR's Beauty Revenue With Automated Counters

HiBAR, an ecommerce brand in the beauty space, is using a technology called Sales CountUp to increase their revenue. This store design feature allows them to represent their brand and showcase how much they donate or spend on charity with highly customizable automated counters. It also helps them demonstrate their impact on nature by selling eco-friendly products and organizing crowdfunding campaigns that are sure to draw attention from customers. By utilizing this cutting edge technology, HiBAR can now more effectively measure success and deliver greater value for their customers as well as boost their own sales.

HiBAR Increases Ecommerce Revenue with Innovative Store Design Technology

For HiBAR, an ecommerce brand in the hair care space, leveraging innovative store design technologies is key to increasing revenue. With Stockist Store Locator, HiBAR has been able to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience that helps them find stores and retailers selling their products quickly and easily. By utilizing this searchable map feature on their website, HiBAR has improved customer satisfaction and reduced inquiries through increased visibility of local dealers. Additionally, customers can now trust that they are getting authentic HiBar products when they shop at these locations. Thanks to Stockist Store Locator, HiBar's online sales have soared as more customers discover where they can purchase the company's high quality items.